vacation on mallorca

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Holidays on majorca were great.Skaly height at least not reaching 30 meters where the nature was wild and kilometer further developed cities and hotels it has its charm but if you do not go there, nothing will reflect this view and climate. I loved it there below I will show you a few pictures that will show you a little when it is there I was great there two years ago and I can not remember how it was called the city, so I'm sorry. But there are nice views flying by plane over the mountains stretched for a few kilometers very nice impressions I was there for a week but if I could I would not come back most probably. Here's a picture of where I was nice to watch and recommend a trip there.



maxresdefault (1).jpg


cala antena.jpg02da1302df0a30cff53ad891fdb267d9.jpgmallorca-back.jpg


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Amazing place

Witam dalem tobie upvote i subskrypcje bede wdzieczny za to samo dziekuje 😊

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