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Swedish Christmas Cookies

in life •  last year

Early Eighties?!! 😨
I know, logically, that not all foods were available 'round the world, and there's lots of places that still don't have much imports... but it's still shocking just to really think about it 😅

Hrnn... the video isn't really working for me 😅
I'll try to watch it over WiFi in town later today 😋
Thanks for linking it! 🌟

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Well, you could get it if you wanted , but Nordic food is not traditionally spicy and definitely not hot, so most people didn't bother learning about such things. Remember that we have lived thousands of years from pork and ryebread.

Later chili became all the rage as Scandinavians like things that hurt... just look at the way we consume alcohol for example! Here is another video for you when you reach town-wifi. It is a Danish gastro-flagellant that actually has made a career of it.


Pork and ryebread??? +_+)
Nutritionists always act like you'll die young without a lot of variety in your diet... did people really used to eat such a basic meal LOL?

Ahh, the videos are neat, but I can't understand a word that either of them say XDD;;;
It was kind of amusing to hear him say the names of countries tho LOL
Also I have no idea what a gastro-flagellant is o . o)


Maybe they did. The North was a poor place in the past.

There was some subtitles on the last video, but all he says is -"this is good"