Sexual relationships are like a game

in #life3 years ago

The relationship between two sexes is like a game, we need to constantly compete and cooperate in the game, break through and upgrade, so that each other to become the one in the heart of their own.

1, the changes in society lead to our values also correspond to change, and want to live a healthy and happy life, the two sides need to constantly improve, matching each other's cognition and values.

2, learn to think differently, understand and respect each other. Each person is unique, there are differences in various aspects of the relationship between the two sides, we should learn to think differently, control their emotions, accept, understand and respect each other.

3, reflecting on oneself, when there is a rift in the relationship, you need to reflect on your own problems in the relationship, try to start from "I am the root of all the problems" and give priority to making changes.

4, diligent communication, all interpersonal conflicts are related to communication skills and ways, in the relationship between the sexes, the right communication can resolve many unnecessary conflicts.

5, the establishment of reconciliation mechanism, conflict is inevitable, both sides should set a good reconciliation mechanism in advance to stop the escalation of conflicts in a timely manner.

Want to treat gender relations correctly, we need to face ourselves first, acknowledging the differences in the way of thinking between the opposite sex.

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