My first dream blog

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I had several dreams last night that involved the same storyline. We bought a huge house in SC. I'm not sure where.. it wasn't on the beach. It had a postage mark on the door saying South Carolina, that's how I knew where I was! Lol. It had several staircases and a huge garage. They left all of there electronics, food, and enough wine and booze for a small bar. They even left there son, who I found living in a bedroom in the very back of that huge garage. Ha!!

We had many guests staying with us when we first moved in, helping to discover all of the nooks and crannys. I also seem to remember that they left all of there stemmed glass wear hanging from the ceiling. I was a little disappointed that their wasn't a sunroom, so to speak, but there was a covered area with an outdoor sink and a greenhouse, of sorts.

There was also a pool near by, but it wasn't our own private pool. I remember this because I struggled to find my bikini bottoms throughout this dream. Lol.

These previous owners of the house were so generous, that they also left a chef and bartender. If I had been in charge of this there would also be a maid! In my mind I guess these people had more than enough and left behind all of the excess. She even left behind some Kevin Aucoin makeup, which was very generous considering its expensive and I don't own any. My aunt was there making a pie and I accidentally got a preserved mushroom mixed in and we almost had to throw it away. My husband and I were making out in the kitchen, but had to stop because a friend walked in looking for food. Darn it!!
In reality, we just got back from vacationing in SC, at a house on the beach. It was nothing like the one in my dreams, but the owner did leave all of the things there we would need. There were a total of 10 people, 3 couples with kids, so that's probably where all of the visitors came in and there was a pool and beach nearby.
I have always been interested in the mystery of dreams. It's almost like we live in an alternate reality for a percentage of our lives, depending on how much you sleep, where there is no such thing as time and you can fly. Reminds me a little of an acid trip! I'm going to continue to write down my dreams, because I happen to have very vivid lively dreams, and I typically remember when I wake up, but of course they fade as the day goes on. Thank you for reading my very first dream blog!


Hi Piranhax - I've always wanted to visited the Old Tidewater South, especially the Beaches in S.Carolina.... Anyway, liked your post & thought you might like to read a recent post I wrote about my Near Death Experience

Take Care!

Thanks! SC is beautiful, low country! I'll check out your post!

I'm visiting South Carolina now. I like the idea of a dream blog. I have difficulty remembering my dreams, but I think if I documented them that this would be a great way to reflect on them. I followed you and look forward to your future posts. Sweet dreams!

Thanks! What part of SC are you visiting? We were on St. Helena Iskand.

I'm in Hilton Head.

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