Amazing and Wonderful Sister

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REMEMBERING MY MOST LOVING ELDER SISTER who was more than a mother to me...

As a younger sibling, she was fond of saying that I am very pretty. My mom always say that I am the 'ugly duckling' of her brood. Haha!

She always PROVIDED me with all my needs, be it cash or kind, even if I didn't ask for it. My 'doubting' mom always questions me for every cent I ask from her to buy materials for my high school projects. She thinks I'd use it for dating. Gosh! I never entertained suitors then! LOL

She was a doting sis and was always VERY PROUD of me. Am not sure if my mom was. She never showed it. LOL!

Truly, I am blessed to have such an AMAZING and WONDERFUL SISTER! But sadly enough she departed this life at 22. It pains me to think about her passing, much more to elaborate any further about it.

I do cherish the memories of living a much easier, happier and healthier life style with her. Healthier? Yes, you read it right. She loved food and never complained whenever and whatever I cooked for her. We were both OVER WEIGHT. Haha!

Since she passed, my life was never the same. I have to fend for myself now. Nonetheless, I am still THANKFUL that her absence taught me to be strong-willed to face any and all the challenges that life may bring.

Yes, I have survived 27 years without her and this month I'll be TURNING... Ooppps... GUESS MY AGE? LOL! ;-)


Kumusta sis happy 30 something... nasa bit kapa ba?

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TY 40+ na po haha pero mukha nga raw akong 10 years younger 😂 Nakalimutan ko password ko sa bit wala ako narereciv na email to reset, hinayaan ko na lang wala naman kasi ako sa mood magblog about AI na lang inaaccept na blogs

Awww. Kaka-sad nmn.

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