Webcam VS DSLR/Mirrorless for your DTube Videos? Real Time Comparison in Good Lighting Conditions

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Watch this to see the difference a real camera makes when you're presenting your DTube videos. I thought I'd make a video showcasing the difference the camera can make when you're making your DTube videos. It's real time and you get to see how the video quality is drastically much more appealing with a camera with a larger sensor. The audio isn't that much better because the room is very quiet (notice the echoing sound from the default audio mic). It would make a much bigger difference if there was ambient sound around. Let me know what you think or if you have questions on what kind of camera you should invest in :) happy to help !

I'm also making a video like this with a smart phone vs mirrorless in low-lighting conditions.

*** Try to set your playback speed to 1.25x, 1.5x - You’ll get through the information much faster :)

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DTube allows for source content so it's up to everyone to make best use of that. If someone has pure 4k content, they can add it knowing it won't be compressed. For ourselves, it just means we know the person is being serious about their content game and when that happens, that gives us a good reason to watch the content.

@DTube!!! YES! Thank you for supporting better quality content on our fledgling platform! DTubers, it's time to shine and reach for the stars! When newbies visit our site they will see that this platform has some amazing content creators with amazing quality videos and audio. I love DTube, I am GUNG HO about this platform, however to be honest, the first time I went on it, the first thought I had was "oh...this is like an amateur video site." not because the content wasn't GREAT. Content was AMAZING. However, not a lot of crypto lovers had the video knowledge to create good videos. I hope to be able to serve the community in that respect so if anyone has questions about photo/video please let me know! I'm here to help make your content better! We want to hear what you have to say! The world needs to hear what you have to say! Let's get your viewers tuned in! Thank you @dtube, whoever you are - you're fricken awesomesauce. I can't imagine all the hard work you put into reviewing content. We appreciate your diligence in helping the platform grow! Please thank the rest of the dev team and THE LEGEND @heimindanger - whatever you guys need from us to help dtube grow and reach it's potential, let us know. We're all in :D

Got my wife who is also a pro photographer and videographer going to be making some really cool content for girlpower too :D

Oh I totally understand what you're saying. So people have been talking about how they don't like that they can't view HD, but they can if they just click "source"

Wow, I really need a DSLR camera if I want my stuff to look that crisp and bright. x.x

Big difference right?

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Lol. in Oliver Twist-like British accent Thank you, sir. Most kind, sir. Good day, sir.

hahaha! Yo' welcome chap! :D here's another one for the road! upvote

It is very important to all people who want to create succeed video .

At the end you really made a very good and invormative video


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Thank you my brotha! That is right! I agree 100%

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The camera is so crisp, I am saving up currently to get a camera so sadly I still have to use my Web cam however I have bought a studio micso at least the sound projection is okay so slowly I'm building up what I can.

That's totally cool bro. What camera are you looking to get?

Canon camera im not farmiliar with its technical specifications but i want to get a canon

Canon is nice :) I use canon for my video. Canon and Sony. We use Nikon for our photos

Loved the post. Also loved the quality. Do you have any budget DSLR cameras you can recommend?

Awesome, thanks brotha.

What's your budget exactly?

I'm not really actively looking for a camera, but it is something I want. I guess i'm just looking for something that gives me bang for my buck. Sub $300, haha not sure what that could get me. Broke college student problems.

Hey bro, I feel for you. Been there!

Save up a bit and you can get some kind of mirrorless for less than $750 bro. Maybe even a used sony a6000 or a used sony 5100 would do you good if you want to start making vlogs and videos. For now, just do it on your back facing camera on your phone in good light and it'll be fine :) just don't do it in low light.

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