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RE: Webcam VS DSLR/Mirrorless for your DTube Videos? Real Time Comparison in Good Lighting Conditions

in #life4 years ago

Loved the post. Also loved the quality. Do you have any budget DSLR cameras you can recommend?


Awesome, thanks brotha.

What's your budget exactly?

I'm not really actively looking for a camera, but it is something I want. I guess i'm just looking for something that gives me bang for my buck. Sub $300, haha not sure what that could get me. Broke college student problems.

Hey bro, I feel for you. Been there!

Save up a bit and you can get some kind of mirrorless for less than $750 bro. Maybe even a used sony a6000 or a used sony 5100 would do you good if you want to start making vlogs and videos. For now, just do it on your back facing camera on your phone in good light and it'll be fine :) just don't do it in low light.

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