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RE: 10 Uncomfortable Signs You Are Actually Becoming The Person You Are Destined To Be..!!

in #life4 years ago

This is a great piece of writing! I cannot believe your posts get such little rewards... I am more than happy to nominate this post to my upvote giveaway and support it with my vote. Btw you might want to add the tag #oc next time, they love to curate top quality content like this ;)


Hi @Phortun it felt so good to hear from you. Glad you liked the concept of my writings! Thanks a ton for the upvote. And yes, i'll definitely add the oc tag next time. Thank you for the information! :):) You can suggest me more tags like these if any! :)

Well, #oc should work for any original content (hence "oc" ;) If you do travel posts too, then #travelfeed is your tag ;) Keep on steeming girl! :)

That's cool! Thank a ton for the information. Will keep up with my writings! Thank you for the support! :) ;)

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