10 Uncomfortable Signs You Are Actually Becoming The Person You Are Destined To Be..!!

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Are you feeling a little different lately? Like you are still you, but your attitude and behavior are shifting?

Yes, that shift in your life come all of a sudden, at the time when you have never expected that this would happen to you, yes some of these changes may seem uncomfortable to you in the beginning, but I bet that part of you is to let you find the real you, the person you were fated to become!

Despite what you might think for the sudden shift in your attitude, these changes are to make you find the better, no say the best version of yourself, and aren't the unpleasant things.

Look to these changes as an opportunity to break-free those bounded chains of the society and embark on a beautiful journey of discovering yourself.

However, no doubt, meanwhile, this liberating journey of yours towards life, you will find people who will not welcome these changes. And there will be others who will. But one thing is for sure:

These changes you are going through are to open you up to new experiences, make you more determined to embrace changes in life, give you enough strength to fight problems, a flashback of what you did wrong in the past, and opportunities to work on your mistakes. Don't let these changes upset or confuse you. Just go ahead.

So now, if you think all this sounds like you, here are uncomfortable signs a person goes through when they are on the path of freedom and becoming the person they were fated to be:

1. You do things on your own and feel isolated from others

At this stage in your life, I think, you give more time to the things that matter to you, instead of things that don't. You are clear with your goals and want to work towards them without letting any distractions come your way and ruin your journey on success.

You feel that you can do things by yourself and don't need anyone's approval or help to go ahead. When you have a crucial task to accomplish, you take responsibility for that, do not postpone it, or rely on others to get it done for you, instead, you take action yourself and put the best you can to fulfill it.

At this stage, you don't want to be anyone's burden in life, and you want to handle the more you can by yourself. You feel mature and are sincerely willing to help good people the best possible way you can, even if you are dealing with your own worst personal struggles in life. You want to thank people who help you at this time, offer them words of appreciation, and satisfaction that you've got something with their help.

No doubt, more often than not, under these circumstances, you feel lonely and isolated, but at the same time, you feel proud of yourself for being independent, powerful, and capable.

2. You know that you have some of your issues to deal with

On your journey to self-discovery, you find that you have some of your inner-outer affairs to deal with, and you acknowledge it. You work on yourself, places where you lack in life. No matter whether it's about your past mistakes, trust issues, lack of confidence, anxiety, bad habits, mood swings, or constant failures that are disturbing well being, you admit it, think of the ways to correct them. You also put in your best efforts to overcome them.

3. You don't hesitate a bit eliminating toxic people from your life

As time goes by, you start questioning your relations with other people, you realize who wants to stay with you, and who don't, which relationships are real, which are not. In all of your soul searching, you will realize that certain people are not appropriate for you, and you don't hesitate a bit, eliminating them from your life immediately.

Although you feel sad, disappointed, guilty, towards losing some of your long-held friends whom you loved from the core of your heart, but when you'll think in-depth and realize the negative energy created by them in your lives, you'll not think a second to let them go and get on with your life without guilt.

You'll find yourself brave enough to leave the relationships that emotionally abused your inner self, doubted your worth, made you feel down, and were toxic.

4. You don't easily trust people

After a time in life, you gain your intuition power, and then you have issues trusting people quickly. Like as compared to before when you had blind faith in almost every single person you met and didn't know how the real world looks and works. After being disappointed a lot of times by broken promises, deceives, and betrayals, you become more cautious about who to trust and not take people's bullshit easily. But, on the other hand, if you believe in some people, you will leave no stone unturned to be loyal to them and do anything possible to maintain that relationship till death.

5. You regret the mistakes you've made in the past

When you reach the most mature level of life, it's very natural for you to blame yourself for the mistakes you did in the past. You admit that you've made some bad decisions that made your path of life this difficult now. You want to go back in time and correct it all to how it used to be before. But, here, you also know that regret will take you nowhere, and you must learn from your past mistakes and move forward. Also, you know not to repeat the same mistakes you've done.

You realize the fact that every human being has flaws. You can't be perfect and flawless. There's no such thing as perfection. Even if you grow to be at the most high level in life, you can't be perfect, and there is something at which you will still be lacking. You only rise in life to make mistakes, learn from them, and grow higher each time to be better.

6. You think that your life is boring as compared to other people

Yes, if you are at that stage of your life where you are looking to get your life in order, finding yourself bored sometimes will be the most unusual thing that is likely to happen to you. The reasons being you have kicked off unnecessary drama and toxic people from your life who once you loved genuinely, the same routine work, and getting to the point that you can have some free time.

You do not feel content with your life, and there is always something you want to achieve. You want to grow each day and try new experiences in life. Though the sudden change in your life is for good, it may sometimes bore you to death. You always end up thinking about what is the next thing you are going to do with your life. You always strive for more. However, your life, here, is "boring" because you have eliminated all the unnecessary toxic drama from your life, which is a thing of pride.

7. You feel comfortable with discomfort

If you are reading this article and can relate to it, you'll be getting the point. As soon as you get aware of your inner demons and start working towards them, you become more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Yes, when you are on a journey to self-discovery and liberation towards life, discomfort doesn't bother you anymore. You are yourself willingly ready to step out of your comfort zone and do the things you need to do.

There is this problem with the majority of the human race - don't want to feel discomfort. But if you reach a point where being uncomfortable doesn't bother you anymore, you then can do whatever you want to do in life and achieve whatever you want to.

8. You know that every second of life is valuable

If you are one person who is in the process of evolution of the person you were fated to be, you know how your time is integral on Earth. You know how it is crucial to utilize each second. You can't have enough sleep, unable to take out time for yourself, and your near and dear ones. You don't even find 24 hours a day enough for you.

There will always be tasks you need to finish for the day, and sometimes you would even be too harsh on yourself to finish them. However, this is not something about which you need to panic. It says that you truly understand the value of time and have a strong determination to succeed in life.

9. You are too familiar with the feelings of sadness

At the times of your lowest points, life tests you high. There are days when you find a ray of hope around, but most of the time, you feel like you are hitting the edge, and there is no scope for more. You accept your situation as it is no matter if unwillingly. You know life is not always about stability and being happy. You have to get lost to find yourself. You accept failures, difficulties, disappointments, broken hearts, and feelings of sadness.

You admit that life has no sugar coats for you at the moment. You move ahead with all the pain each day but can bounce back again each time life throws a curveball at you and are mature enough to realize that whatever happened was a part of your learning process.

10. You are worried about the future but willing to go forth anyway

Whosoever asks you how you are, you reply with an "Okay" and a smile, though you are broke. Deep down inside, you continuously question yourself regarding your life purpose and what you need in life. You appear to be bold, but you know it's not going to be easy to have confidence in yourself.

In one little corner of your heart, you also know that it will all fall back to place for the better, but for the moment, you are unaware of how life is going to be because so many unexpected things happened. However, despite all the fears, insecurities, confusion, you manage to finish your tasks and responsibilities for the end of the day and move ahead.

When life is all hard on you, don't panic, don't rush, don't be sad, realize that you are no far from the turning point in your life where you'll be enjoying the most beautiful phase of your life and for that, you go through the toughest times in life. It's when life tests you to death, and you come out of it succeeding, that you have the best gifts of life waiting for you and the greatest blessings of Almighty!

So, just go ahead with the tough times! After all, what's most satisfying than becoming a person you've always wanted to be. And for becoming that person, you are required to go through various integral changes.

Hope you all enjoyed the post..

Much Love<3<3<3


This is really on point and beautifully written. Loved reading about signs of growth and affirmations of how to live a well-balanced life. <3 Much Love

Yes, the time when we feel like we are completely drowning in life and there's no way ahead, actually that time comes to test us, our potential. If we give up at that time, we lose in real life. On the other hand, if we keep calm, work hard, believe Almighty, and wait for a while to let things happen in our favor, we succeed in the way we cannot even ever imagine. We must always trust God. He always plan something beautiful for us, even more beautiful than what we think for us. So, we must always keep going! :)

Thank you for dropping by! :) Glad you liked the post. Much love to you too! :)

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Thank you @naturalmedicine for the support! :)

There’s wisdom, here. (We must die to our old selves, before we are reborn). Thank you, for sharing 🙏🏼

Yes, that time in our life when we are losing our old self is the time when we are coming close to our real self. Times are hard in the beginning but if we look to it in the long run, a lifetime of surprising happiness and quality living awaits us!

Thank a ton for dropping by! :)

My pleasure, keep up the good work 🙏🏼

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This is a great piece of writing! I cannot believe your posts get such little rewards... I am more than happy to nominate this post to my upvote giveaway and support it with my vote. Btw you might want to add the tag #oc next time, they love to curate top quality content like this ;)

Hi @Phortun it felt so good to hear from you. Glad you liked the concept of my writings! Thanks a ton for the upvote. And yes, i'll definitely add the oc tag next time. Thank you for the information! :):) You can suggest me more tags like these if any! :)

Well, #oc should work for any original content (hence "oc" ;) If you do travel posts too, then #travelfeed is your tag ;) Keep on steeming girl! :)

That's cool! Thank a ton for the information. Will keep up with my writings! Thank you for the support! :) ;)

I certainly enjoyed the post and I featured you In the @pifc week 95 contest good luck

Hi! Just read your entry in the @pifc week 95 content. I am overwhelmed by the way you described mine as well as the @scribbleit post in your entry. Can't thank you enough for the support! Thanks a ton! :)<3

So glad you liked the post! Thanks a ton for the support! ;)

Reach this post thanks to @brittandjosie and let me tell you that I liked this point a lot:
"I know that every second of life is valuable"

In my life, I no longer allow toxic people. Only people with good vibrate and emotions to the fullest.
Excellent post.

So glad you liked the post. Even I no longer allow toxic people in my life. I am happy if I have to just live with only 2-3 people, that's okay with me, but not toxic people anymore. :):)


It is best to stay away from people that give you negative energy :)

Yes, staying away from the people that give you negative energies is the best way to live life! :)

Thank you for dropping by! <3

I can relate to most of this, many thanks for sharing!

Congratulations on being featured by @brittandjosie in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

I am so glad you like my work! Thanks a ton for dropping by! :):)Also, many thanks to @brittandjosie for featuring me in the Pay It Forward Contest! Can't thank her enough too! :):)

Great lessons for sure. I think I agree with most of them.
I would just point out, however, that sources are extremely important here on Steem. Even if all the images were from Pixabay - or given permission by the artists themselves - they still need to be documented in order to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

I found your post thanks to @brittandjosie who featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation Contest. Keep up the great work!

I am so glad you liked my work! :) Also, thank you for this great information(Even if all the images were from Pixabay - or given permission by the artists themselves - they still need to be documented in order to avoid attracting unwanted attention). Will surely not forget the sources next time even if they are from Pixabay.

Thanks a ton for dropping by! Much Love<3<3

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