Why We Are Not What We Earn; Today's Dilemma.

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We live in a material world where everything around us often carry a price tag including ourselves, people associate income as the source of information with regards to their intelligence, character, and to some extent to being a good life partner candidate.

With the value placed upon on our monetary earning capability; It is not exaggerating to say if you do not make enough money, you almost do not deserve to exist.

Before we torture ourselves any further..

It is imperative to first find out the fundamentals behind how our wages are determined. Contrary to popular belief, wages are not determined by our value as a human being, it is simply the balance between the amount of people who wants something done vs the number of people capable of doing it.

Imagine having to spend many years of valuable time in your education, only to graduate and compete with thousands of graduates of similar discipline in an industry that is already brimming with the supply of freshies being churned out by tonnes of degree mills out there; does this mean you are worth less as a human being ? Definitely not.

If many people can complete a task; regardless of the difficulty: Scoring against Brazil in WC2014. Few dollars will be offered for it.

If few people can complete a task; no matter how trivial it is: Prime Minister of North Korea. Be expected to be paid a fair sum of ka-chings $$.

Now that we have made it clear that wages are not necessarily the true determinant of our value and that the measure is simply economics at work. We must not allow ourselves to be blinded by the society's perception of valuing others by the amount they make, we may not be able to change how people view each other, or how much people earn; but we can change our own deduction of earnings.

We should be able to assess that in our lives and in the lives of others, there are simply more than what modest or enormous amount of their wages.

Let us not discount easily that all the hard work, intelligence, empathy, dedication by the mere face value of their earnings.


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Very well said and this is very true. Sometimes it so happens that people who work hard do not reap rewards so quickly and hence their will be less at the start. But as and when they gain experience and good times start they do start earning more.

However wages should not determine the hardwork , intelligence and the perseverance of a person

Thanks for your valuable comment, I agree that wages should not be the sole determinant of what seems to be today's emphasis.

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