First day of China filled with exploring and great food - Coco I am back!

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China is so much more than just rice and chicken, sure that's staples of parts of their foodculture. But if you go to a megacity like Beijing, you can find anything you would like. You can find really good food of any kind. Since I have been here before we will experience a lot of different places and it won't only be Chinese style food but it will be a mix. Today Kim got to try her first Baozi, tuna and rice triangle from seven eleven, coco (Amazing) and what could be the best burger place in the world.

As you could read in my last blog post we did not sleep much

I slept at top 2 hours yesterday, most likely it was less than that. Kim had a few more hours of sleep, which she really needs, being pregnant and all. However, having a few more hours of sleep means about 4 hours in total, which is half of what we both try to get each night.

But we had tons of energy even though we lacked sleep

We spent the entire afternoon and evening going by subway and walking, in total we walked quiet a bit as you can see in the picture from my samsung galaxy s9.

Even though we used the subway to get to places with ease, we managed to walk quiet a bit.. And in comparison with how big Beijing is, we did not really explore anything...

COCO, I am back!

One of the best places in Beijing is for sure the Coco at Guomao. All the drinks they serve are amazing!
I am pretty sure we gotta get back there today, I had a lime kumquat drink and Kim had a Jasmine mango tea drink.

Must be one of the best drinks to cool down your body when it is as hot as it is in Beijing. Never checked the temp yesterday, but the day before it reached up to 36 degrees, and I think we were close to that. Spending 4.5 hour of active walking, having a cold drink is pretty nice.

We started to explore the area where I studied and lived 6 years ago

Which ment we walked around Guomao and then we went to my old hotel and the places around there. We ended up at one of the "small" shopping malls around Beijing. Did not take many photos at the places we explored... need to get better at that. But we did stop for some refreshing drinks at a Starbucks, Iced coffee.

The underground mall, well, parts of it is underground

I had previously told Kim about a big mall that is pretty much entirely below ground level, that's the truth with some modification. Because we do find a big mall, with a lot of stores below surface, but then at some points there are 5-6 levels of stores and restaurants above that. At this mall, below the ground, you also find a big ice rink where you see kids and grown ups skating, mainly trying to learn figure skating. We tried to find one of my fav cafés in that place, but it seemed to be closed.

The best burger in the world, you find in Beijing - Lets burger

That is for sure what I thought last time I was here, so finding the same place again was pretty damn cool.

Last time however, the burger was bigger... Guess most people can't finish a burger of that size. So this time around I had to settle for this smaller version of the same burger I had 6 years ago.

As you can see, it's kind of small with nothing on top...
It's blue cheese dressing, deep fried brie, cheddar, great veggies and more...
This restaurants also have a "few" dressings to choose from, simply to dip your fries in.
The dressings are in a buffé, so you can pick whichever you want and how much you want. We tried the following:

  • Black truffel (AMAZING!)
  • Honey & Mustard (Delish!)
  • Bluecheese dressing (For me, Loooooove it!)

Kim's burger was not as nice as mine, but she was happy anyways! Guess I hyped the place a tiny bit ;)
Guess we have to go back again so she can try another burger and get overwhelmed... However, being pregnant... she can't enjoy the cheesy one, guess that means: More for me!

We ended the day with exploring San li tun

Which is a small shopping/bar area, which had changed quiet a bit since my last visit. Which is expected from a place in Beijing for the duration of a few years. What we really did there was finding the Lets burger restaurant, as we did not look for a place to drink. Then we had a "short" walk back home, it was about 7,000 steps. We did not really know if we were going the right direction, but we managed to get back with ease. Guess it helps that I have been here before and even though I lost a lot of my language skills... simply being used to read characters and pinyin is a "tiny" assistance when trying to find your way.

The plan for today

Today my plan for us is to get to The forbidden city, wangfujin and perhaps the silk market. We will have to see where the day gets us. But yesterday we managed to get in a lot of activity and places to experience, with a lack of sleep. Today with over 9 hours of sleep, I think we will find ourself exploring quiet a bit.

Our feets are tired, but our bodies are happy.

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