Homemade Water Purifier

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This right here is a water purification system I've made with simple household items and today I'm going to teach you how to make your very own. Here's what you will need:
-water bottle
-small rocks (clean)
-sand (clean)
-coffee filter
-string/rubber band

Your going to start off by cutting the bottom of the water bottle off. You want at least 3/4 of the bottle available to add filtration so don't cut too close to the nozzle. Next your going to take a decent sized sheet of gauze and fold it up several times. Turn the bottle upside down and place the folded gauze right up against the nozzle on the inside of the bottle, this will act as the third layer of filtration. Next, pour your sand ontop of the gauze and fill it up about 1 inch, this will act as the 2nd layer of filtration. Then take a handfull of your small rocks and pour them over the sand about 2 inches high. Remember to make sure your rocks and sand are clean before you do this. Finally take your coffee filter and cover the outside of the nozzle on the bottle. Then secure it there with your rubber band or string as this will act as the final layer of filtration giving you the cleanest water possible. Now you have you very own homemade water filtration system. It's always good to know how to make one of these just in case your out camping or need clean water for whatever reason. It's hard to think about what you'll actually need in a survival situation until it actually happens. I personally would rather be prepared ahead of time and clean water is one of the most essential parts of survival. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!


Great project, buddy.

Thanks you! Glad you enjoyed

This is a great idea and could come in handy some day. Thanks.

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