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Once upon a time...

The first date I had with my wonderful wife Martha (AKA @wrladyhawk) was Saturday, April 26, 2003. We went to a musical production at the local High School.

So yesterday, April 26, 2018, exactly 15 years to the day from our first date, I took Martha back to the same venue for this season's musical. Last night we enjoyed the performance of "Beauty and the Beast."

Mr & Mrs Paradise Found @ "Beauty and the Beast"

It was an amazing performance by the students, and we had a wonderful time. Reflecting on 15 years together and being filled with gratitude for the blessing of our marriage.

Thanks for visiting, have an awesome day!!


Wow! Did you just say 15 years! However did you manage staying with one person for long?

I have been married to my husband going on three years and there are times i just want to strangle him. Other times, I wish he would take a trip to the desert and get lost there. Haha. Just kidding.

You guys make a beautiful couple and i hope my marriage stays as long as beautiful as yours.

Marriage isn't easy, you have to work at it and continue to learn about each other as you grow and change. A friend told me many years ago, "I don't always like my husband. But I still love him. Love is a choice not a feeling." I hope you have a long marriage - with a commitment to each other. wrladyhawk

I'm commited tomaking my marriage work and know my husband is too. Thanks for the kind words.

I hope you also have a long marriage with your wife too.

What a beautiful couple!

This is so cute and so sweet. What a great love story.
Happy 15th Anniversary of your 1st Date and many, many more to come.

Thank you - the musical was very good and we had fun.

Awwww that's so sweet!!! Happy First Date Anniversary!!!!

Such an inspiring love story!
It is so touching to see that even years passed by, the both of you didn't lose the sweetness that you had since your day 1.
Cheers to more years to come!

Thanks Pamela - I pray this love comes your way as well.
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

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aww this makes me very happy. You both look so beautiful together. I wish your journey continues to many many more years together. <3 love you both ...Hugs

Beautiful love story of two amazing people!
I wish you many, many years together filled with love and wonderful moments! <3


15 years and it looks beautiful.
Taking her down memory lane must have been fun too..
Marriages are indeed beautiful.
Weldone @paradise-found

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