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Why not, right?

As some of you have already noticed, sometimes @papa-pepper parents his @little-peppers in some slightly different ways. Today, I wanted to share a GIF with you all to help others understand why I allow my young girls to play with knives and fire. Hopefully, this will help others understand.



Eventually, children will grow. Hopefully, by the time that they do grow, they will understand some things and even have some skills. Since children can enjoy learning real life skills, we encourage them to participate in daily activities as they have the opportunity.

Recently, we decided to surprise @mama-pepper with a cheesecake. We had to work quickly to avoid detection, which required group effort. In a supervised setting like this, cutting some butter with a knife or heating a skillet on a stove are within the capabilities of our older children.

Making a simple desert like this includes a lot of education too. we have to READ instructions and follow them accurately. We have to MEASURE and COUNT, and do the particular tasks IN ORDER too. Best of all, if we accomplish everything correctly, we have a delicious result and reward for our hard work.

Okay, maybe this post wasn't exactly what you were thinking it was going to be, but I do hope that you understand my point. Cheesecake is good!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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GIF provided by @orelmely


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I understood you completely! If my parents didn’t let me “play with knife and fire” I wouldn’t be a foot cooker probably. Most of my age friends can make only sandwich... 😅 Unfortunatley “today’s parents” don’t let you touch nearly nothing. That is so sad 😢
I agree with you! Keep going 😊

P.s it was wrote by pedagog 😊


Thanks for the encouragement!

Parenting is just another investment and it’s clear you have your investments priorities in the right place...investing in your kids and their early understanding of tool/knife culture and investing in motivated people on steemit! No need to make either seems scary or elusive. Glad I finally got linked to your profile. Following along on your adventures with the pepper family clan. : )


What a cool comment! You're right about investments! Thanks!

I love this post. Thanks.

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It's so important to get them involved, if for no other reason than to get them out of your hair, my little one wanted to play waiter tonight and set the table and carried out the food and called me "chef", it was great. Much better than being called "pee-pee poo-poo head"


"Chef" does sound better.

please be more vigilant

@papa-pepper, wow man, that .gif is so dope! I suppose it couldn't hurt though to tell the youngins not to run with knives. Girls are generally smarter than boys, probably wouldn't even need to.



With the correct supervision, I do agree with you that knives and fire can be safely taught and practice with at almost any age (besides infancy lol).
The earlier that younger children are taught to use these dangerous essentials, the safer they will be if they do ever use them by themselves. Great educational post for mothers and fathers that do have young children @papa-pepper!

I'm sure the cheesecake was delicious too :)


The earlier that younger children are taught to use these dangerous essentials

There is wisdom in that comment. A small child can only do so much damage with a knife, while older ones may cut fingers off.

From when my daughter was very young she she was told, "A sharp knife is a safe knife." She learned to respect things like knives and fire from very young.

All that being said, they grow up too fast :) She's 16 now.


That's right! SHARP is SAFE! Thanks @buckydurddle!

Looks like you guyz had enjoyed a lot
Lots of fun there
God bless you

I think your heading didn't match the story body.

Why you allow kids play with knives and fire

Then end up surprising
Mama papper with a cheese cake

Bro although it cool, but please caution them on using it wisely, please they are still young , there are somethings

So, here I see a family full of warmth, but I am a little afraid to see your sweet knife selling :)

I'm intrigued with your post for sure, enjoyed it. Getting younger ones confident with elemental tools like this is crucial. I wish my dad had encouraged me more to play with knives. Keep up the quality parenting.


I wish my dad had encouraged me more to play with knives.


Lourve cheesecake!

I'm sure it was all well supervised. We did a bunch of similar stuff when I was a kid.

They will cut themselves, they will burn themselves, and they will learn about what that's like. And how to fix the damage, and how their bodies heal.

They will grow up understanding that you don't have to avoid these things. You just have to manage them.

You are a courageous father... with some talented children!


LOL - Thanks @otage!

Wasn't the story i was expecting to read... But, damn! I enjoyed myself!
Firstly, you have beautiful girls... Cuteness overdose :)

Secondly, its good they learn these things now, eventually when they are older they will appreciate your efforts even more!

You are a true definition of an idea parent... Thanks for showing us your home @papa-pepper


Wow! Thanks for that comment!

These are great skills to learn as early as possible! Here in Norway, kids are in kindergarden "barnehage" from ages 1-5 approximately. They spend a ton of time outdoors and many even get to learn these kinds of skills. One of my colleagues actually has his son in a barnehage that is completely outdoors.

It's a shame this isn't more common in the US, but if there is somebody to start a strend, I believe it's you @papa-pepper!

Crazy papa, crazy girls! You're the best :)

Right on! Just how it should be learning from life. I had and ex who's bro was not allow to use the cooker a 14 it was insane. I was cooking family meal at that age. Great parenting @papa-pepper 💯🐒


Awww, thanks so much!


Thank you for showing others how to do it ! 💯🐒

Knives and fire is a dangerous thing for children aged under age. because they have not fully understood how to use the bebda. but keep an eye on them in the right way..

Bon Appetit! :D

Cool that you spend time with your girls, but do you watch shameless? Allegedly people in Rusia keep their kids in the backyard on -40C so they develop immunity. They make my strict mom look like a teddy bear haha

Your children are amazing with great skills. They should be an example for us and our children.

I love cheesecake 👍🏼👍🏼

because they young girls are very intelligent and they know how to use knife and fire. @papa-peppe

I think now days most kids can handle more responsibility then what we as parents give them.
If you don’t expect it of them they certainly aren’t going to be any more responsible then they have to be.

It's good to see someone teaching their little ones life skills, so many people drift through life never knowing how to do simple things.


I agree, it is a shame.

Good plan
teach a child in the way it should go, and when it is grown it will not depart from it

Have to teach them young! It expands their pallet and allows them to be independent once they are older. Teaching them to cook also expands their knowledge of culture and promotes a healthy lifestyle. They can learn how to grow their food and realize how much better it tastes. They will also learn to save money! Your girls will not be stuck on chicken nuggets and fries all of their lives! This is dope! :)

Well, looking at the gif they aren't actually playing with fire, they are making use of it, its goid training. Because as a womsn which they are when they grow up, that's gonna be their main too.. So let them get used to handling them at early stage.. Btw your kids are too beautiful


Yeah, perhaps "play" wasn't the correct word, but they have enough fun with it that it could still qualify.

Wow..great nice a again post thank you :)

It was a terrific post. Pop and girls gonna make mom proud.


LOL - She loved it!

If they don't learn while young they will turn into those who never learn.


Adopted daughter was terrified of any knife or fire because she was pushed away from learning.

Smile, I never knew this how the story will end. Well-done any way


You are welcome, your story was really interesting.


You are welcome, I wish my vote can add reasonable value to your post.

Great cheesecake. I hope Mama-Pepper and the whole family enjoyed. Even Buddy-Pepper could take a little taste. Woo Hoo!


You are right, he could enjoy a taste!

There is nothing wrong with kids helping out in the kitchen or anywhere for that matter, especially when they are being supervised. You're right about them learning different and very important skills by helping out. I think its kind of sad that most kids can't even make themselves a meal when they've moved out nowadays and end up relying on fast food or prepackaged meals (which there is nothing wrong with per se, but not good to have every single meal of every day,) just my opinion of course.
Keep doing what you're doing. You're kids look very happy, healthy and they will thank you for it. :D
God bless you and the whole pepper clan. :D Have an awesome day my friend. :D


Thanks @frostyamber, thanks very much!


You're so welcome my friend @papa-pepper. :D
It not the same thing but I remember, I used to get flack from my friends because I never let my children win at card games or board games when they were little, they won or not on their own merits. I would say to them, "life isn't going to just let them win, why would I set them up for failure by make them think it would.", and my friends would look at me like I was beating my children.
I don't see how coddling or sheltering children helps them at all, they need to learn and doing something is the best way to learn, in my opinion of course. :D
Have an awesome day! :D

What a fun post! They look like they're having so much fun...and I love...

Recently, we decided to surprise @mama-pepper with a cheesecake. We had to work quickly to avoid detection, which required group effort.

Just the best!


Yeah, ideas need to manifest immediately to be pulled off sometimes.

I also have 2 daughters and I am doing the same thing, for them to understand the real life and how to handle risky thing while they enjoy on what they are doing and developing some skills that they can use it in future.

I was cooking at their age. Heck, I was helping Dad clean fish, building campfires, and cooking over a fire. Yes, I was supervised, but also was given a lot of opportunities to learn independently. I think so many parents shy away from these opportunities, when in reality the kids can handle a knife and kitchen appliances etc. just fine. I’m all for learning life skills young. And bonus is that there was cheesecake!

I thought since I was ten, my mum finally let me go inside the kitchen and helped her with some work. but for me, even now i have my nephew, as long as I am there and looking after him and make sure he is safe, why not then? I alway believe that is the best thing to learn from the parents. And as long as we are staying with the kids, it's a good company for kids too isnt it? Thanks for sharing your two cuties' pics. They are so lovely :)

Hi! I'm new to Steemit and I am glad I found your post immediately. I adore your family and your lovely kids! I have 3 kiddos too and my eldest (a girl) loves cooking at a very early age. She will ask her granma and aunts to teach her. I'll show her your post to inspire her more. :) And we loveeeee cheesecake! <3

Love this! So many great teaching moments! And these positive memories will make the 'lessons' stick more than any classroom assignment or textbook ever would. Awesome.

allowing them learn from bad thing,,,they differ which wrong and right thing,,,hahah

A loving and caring dad

An excellent teaching tool, cooking together! Kids are capable of using sharp things and fire at a fairly young age. No need to wait until they are teenagers! My boys can cook with the best of them. Kudos to you for starting young. I bet mama-pepper enjoyed the cake!

It is such a beautiful thing to offer children the dignity of risk. And....it is clearly reaping wonderful rewards (little ones making dessert! That's a sweet combo). When my oldest were young I taught them to make coffee in the morning (hey...they were up before I was anyways) and man did they LOVE making me coffee in the morning with the gushing thanks they would receive. Could it have led to burns? Yup. So can going out in the sun. And they do that too. It's great to see other parents focusing on common sense and investing in the skills their kiddos have rather than hovering and sheltering. Right on!

i see

Nice post!
I am looking forward to your posts: D
I follow you.

It’s a pleasure to meet you.

All the images are really awesome....amazing looks recipes tasty and yummy thank you for sharing and have a great day

Hello @ papa-pepper, I share your opinion, I think we should be sowing in our children from very young the skills that will serve you in your adult life, yes, always under supervision, excellent post, a hug