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Might this be one of the largest gatherings of steemians in the United States too?

For those of you who do not know, @mericanhomestead is currently hosting a week-long campout right now. You can find out some more at their latest post linked here. Soon, @mericanhomestead will be sharing even more about it, but after my visit yesterday, I had some great stuff to share.

This campout isn't a steemit meetup, but there happens to be a lot of steemians there. Though we were not able to attend the entire event, we did show up for a while yesterday afternoon, and when we did, many people there knew who @papa-pepper was already!

The fellowship and interaction was incredible, so much so, that we are planning on heading back again today. Between those that I have already met previously and the new ones I met yesterday, there are a lot of interesting people there.


Our dinner last night was a pot-luck style deal, complete with a roasted lamb. Not only was the lamb cooked over an open fire, but it had something special inside too!

No, it wasn't a pinata, but instead was filled with some apples, garlic, other foods, and even a few peppers! Yes, @papa-pepper approved!

@Mama-pepper, the @little-peppers, and myself enjoyed our dinner so much! It was a very delicious buffet!


When it comes to growing things, @mericanhomestead is a lot like @papa-pepper. Anything interesting that makes sense to grow might show up, as long as it can produce in our area. I wasn't sure what these ten foot tall plants even were when I walked by!

As it turns out, they are a type of Sugar Cane! I had never seen ones with the seeds on top before. I guess the varieties grown for commercial production don't usually produce seed heads like this.

Being as generous and kind as he is, @mericanhomestead even gave me a seed head to grow my own! How cool is that?

This stuff is a type of "Egyptian Spinach" which may be even healthier than Kale. I snacked on some and will have to get some seeds once they are ready. I had never seen this type of plant before. Speaking of plants I'd never seen before...

These are Achocha Fat Baby Cucumbers, which I had never even heard of previously. It was getting a little late in the year, but I still tried a few.

I'd definitely recommend trying them and I am hoping to grow some next year. Thankfully, @mericanhomestead even sells seeds for these online at their store. You can follow this link to check it out:

Anyway, between some great people, great food, great fellowship, and a great garden, I'm really looking forward to heading back. Make sure to check out @mericanhomestead in the coming days to see more about this campout. Also, does anyone know what the largest steemit meetup in the United States has been so far? I think that there may be more steemians here than most of the meetups specifically designed to bring steemians together.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:

[email protected]

Until next time…

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We been watching Zach's videos for several years. Hope to meet in person some day.

Cool! We've met up a few times now.

i much impressed this kind of food

wow a steady meal, and a garden full of plants.

A very enjoyable day. Success always for you @papa-pepper

delicious cuisine buddy.

I envie your possibilty to have and live from the land to know its ways and needs, so that you too may gain strength through it! I am a sailor and land is something we can but look at !! steemOn @papa-pepper and @mericanhomestead )

I've been following @mericanhomestead for a while online - before they crossed over to Steemit. Love everything they put out and they make great suggestions - like following you.

Good to see everything is going well in the Ozarks!

Awesome fellowship!

thats the homesteading spirit, embrace the spontanious and share what you can with others, That might be why the movement is really popular here on steemit (due to the sharing aspect)
Have a good time there and the greetings from Switzerland

I have been dying to go to this every since seeing it last year. I can only image the fun and fellowship.

Maybe next year?

That would be awesome. I just need to pencil it in now and practice not cussing, lol.

I am so happy to see the post @papa-pepper, many interesting things are still stored in you ...

Man this is awesome. I've always stuck to the "vanilla" plants I guess of green peppers, tomatoes, corn, and cucumbers. I'll have to do some research and see what else grows in the area I live.

I have a friend that's looking to start up a hydroponic system so I'll have to share this with him as well.

Didn't get the pleasure of meeting you at the potluck but did meet @mama-pepper briefly and some of the @little-peppers (great kiddos). Perhaps we'll get to chat next year. Keep us all posted on how the sugar cane and cucumbers do for ya.

good read...your posts are fun to read.

Wow. . It's an exciting adventure @papa-pepper . . You are very lucky to feel the pleasure, good work

Was it raining over there?

Wish I could be there!

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The food looked great! That is proper nourishment!

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Thanks for a great look at a good time. Amazing plant varieties and a sweet beard!

Sounds like a great gathering!! You really seem to have a lot of steemit folks in your area. Community on and offline - the best!

The roasted lamb looks very delicious. Drooling! Looks like you had fun in the camp-out. That sugarcane plant does look different. Have fun :)

So jealous!! ;-P

Going to check it out right now! I have family in AR....should I swoop down for a double dip visit? Will @mericanhomestead have me? Is there a fly in my soup? Some questions we may never know the answer to!

Glad you had a good time! Peace!!

It would be cool to meet you one day!

Sorry I didn’t get around to meeting you while you were there!

I am just a wee bit green with envy, wishing I could be there! I am too busy cleaning up after Nate's dump of water to go anywhere...We were lucky and didn't suffer as much damage as our neighbours. Been over there helping out yesterday and today. Always loads of work...