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It brings back memories, but it was worth giving up.

I've been looking for some digital documents lately for a project that I'm working on, and came across these photos. This was the house that we lived in back in Wisconsin, and our fourth child "Sweet Pepper" was even born in the living room of this house. In reality, it was never actually "our house," since the bank owned it the entire time we lived there, but such is common these days.

These photos were taken when we were selling the house ourselves, with no realtor. We did a great job and it went well, and of course the photos were "staged" and everything was made to look less "lived in" and more "Better Homes & Gardens." This house was a major stepping stone in our mental revolution and personal exodus, as many of our perspectives and visions transitioned while we lived in the house. You can see a few young apple trees and our old garden in the photos too.

I just came across these tonight, so I figured I'd share them. Enjoy!


Until next time…

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A nice size garage.

Pretty place and ...yes.... memories are the essence within' our journeys here in this life but l@@k at you now brother! One step after the other...............

Beautiful pepper house🌶🏡

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@Papa-pepper I Think you did Well to Move Forward in Your Life and Look Where you are Now. You have done Amazing Things in Your Life and I am Grateful I am a Friend of Bill W. as Well as a Friend of Yours......................

I am looking forward to the photos of you building your new home.
With bitcoin prices going where we all know they are going, you can afford anything you want.

So, when the sky is the limit, what is the correct size for the home you need?

Well done, You and Mama must have worked yourselves almost to death getting those photos.
Can't really see room for the sheep, chooks, etc in the backyard though, or room for all the "home improvements" you have been doing.

A beautiful home, however I much prefer your current homestead! So much more room for activities ;)

Fine stepping stone to were you are. :-)