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Here's the video from my livestream!

This was only my second time livestreaming on YouTube, and I seem to have made an error in the beginning. I thought some intro music was playing, but apparently only I could hear it. Skip ahead to 1:40 to begin the stream if you want to check it out.
Note, this post was edited to switch from a promo for the livestream to actually including the livestream after it finished up. Enjoy!


Until next time…

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So great!!! Sorry I'll miss it live, but I'll check it out later. Keep 'em coming!

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I was down in Hot Springs not long ago. Some amazing history there. We had a Rubin sandwich that was the the best I've ever eaten. My wife wants to go back for more of the soap and to refill some water jugs.

That worked quiet well, I think. So you have German/Polish roots? How far back does this go? And do you know from where exactly they came from?
And yeah, if you make it to Germany and have spare time, feel free to drop in. I'm not a homesteader or so, with a cottage, just a old fart living in a small flat in a city. But anyway...