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Any time we interact with someone else, we have an opportunity to appreciate them.

Now I know that not everyone seems likable or pleasant, but lately I'm not as concerned with how people look, how they act, or the words that they use. If I am in a situation where someone else is doing something that benefits or blesses me in some way, I like to show them that I appreciate it.

Lately I've been getting a lot of free or cheap things and I don't even have to the labor of loading them onto the trailer. When someone is hard at work with heavy equipment that makes the job only take minutes instead of having to spend hours doing it by hand myself, I like to tip them and show them I care. The tips aren't always even money, since an ice cold drink on a cold day can be very much appreciated too! For more, check out the vlog!


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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@papa-pepper It's always about the small things in life that make the world go round is what I like to try and remember :)
Also, I've just been curious, have you ever tried using dtube through the steemit platform? I suppose if you already have an audience in the YT community it wouldn't make much sense to switch over. Just curious is all!


Tried Dtube some months back and got one video up out of five tries, plus with them taking a cut whether they upvote it or not, I lean more towards YouTube at the minute, since I'm gaining some followers there and getting a few thousand views per day. Can't really introduce the Dtube people to steemit, but the YT people can get exposed to steemit because of my stuff, so I'm mentioning steemit in every video on YT.

In the summer we always keep water bottles in the fridge for the ups/FedEx/USPS folks. It's the little things. Thanks for the reminder.


Very nice! I like that and may have to implement it myself! That's awesome!

@papa-pepper Thank You for reminding me again today to be GRATEFUL. This post was a BLESSING in my Life and I like the fact that you shared how we can all make this place we live Better for Everyone.........


Thank you for checking it out! Without that, I wouldn't be able to inspire others very well!

Pay it forward.
Gratitude goes along way.
You set good example and we follow.
Positive mindset.

It's not a bad thing to show appreciation or to spread some kindness to people. Who knows what they're going through? You might just make their day, or even restore their faith in humanity or even God. Sometimes people just need even the smallest sign that someone cares.

Ha ha, "they're not going to siphon out the gas and give it back." So true.

I think you said it's a diesel truck, so hopefully you didn't put gas in it. :P


LOL on that last part! I didn't, and he won't be siphoning it out!


LOL on that last part!
I didn't, and he won't be
Siphoning it out!

                 - papa-pepper

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I am appreciative of everything that I am blessed with whether it be an act of kindness or a service someone does for me. I like to do things for people in return, like filling the gas tank after someone loans me a truck. I often buy people lunch or invite them over for a meal with my family. I have given away loaves of homemade bread or dozens of cookies. I do things for people not expecting anything in return. Having good neighbours and friends is a blessing that I cherish.

As always great stuff, and Thank You for blessing the rest of us, with your wisdom, awesome content, and support on Steemit.


Thanks @coinsandchains! It's nice to see so many of you enjoying it!

es correcto amigo @papa-pepper steemit nos ha permitido conocer lo mejor de cada uno de nosotros y siento que realmente une a mucha gente.

A great post, so many are so focused on saving any way they can and go for what they can get cheap but don't think of saying a little thanks or giving a tip as you say and its something I just don't understand.
A 20 to say thanks that aren't needed is just the right thing to do for me, its all about showing gratitude and respect to people,

How cool was that guy who checked you knew you had given him a $20.

Even if you cant afford to give them a cold drink or some cash people will appreciate if you take the time to say thanks and interact a little with them

Great video on how to show appreciation and to make someone's day a little better. I also agree that filling up a borrowed vehicle is an easy way to show gratitude and give back without the chance of refusal.

Excellent little ramble, I couldn’t agree more, There is a bigger joy in giving than receiving in my opinion too😉🌈❤️🦋💛🌴

Excellent example @papa-pepper I think this world needs to see more of this. People helping people and blessing them when they do! I appreciate the constant encouragement to the Steemit community. May the Father continue to bless you and your family!

ice cold drink on a cold day

Sorry my friend, I just can't help it. I imagine you meant to say hot day and not cold! Again saying it with respect and kindness! :-)

I love this man. :) Thanks for sharing. Imagine how much better off the world would be if we all treated others the way we want to be treated. If we were all just good, nice, decent people, and showed genuine appreciation for others. :)

Right there!

When someone interacts and feels grateful or thankful if I go out of my way, it certainly makes my heart happy to know that it was received in the way that it was given. Being kind takes so little effort and the benefits are so far-reaching. You get an opportunity every single time you interact to make someone's day.

*It's usually the small things that mean the most. Will that $20 make or break you or me? Probably not. But give it in a tip and you just upended their world. Because people have gotten selfish about tipping service people or anyone, in fact. To be fair, some people don't have it, but, just being kind is an act in itself.

The gas!? Right on, man! Yes! I always fill 'er up, because, like you said, it is hard to refuse. :) Yes! Gotcha!

Thank you for the inspiration. I come over here now for a smile a day.

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A great share man, i also top up the tank if i borrow a friends car. Something else i do too, is when shopping in op shops, when i need some new clothes, when i find a great deal, and pay a lot less than I expected, I'll slip a $5 or $10 note into the pocket of another piece of clothing on the rack. I'll never get to see the joy on the face of whoever ends up buying that item, but that's not why i do it.

I love this, and it’s so true. A little bit of courtesy, generosity, kindness can go a long way, and we have to be proactive and set the example.

Here on our little farm, anybody comes and helps us out and we feed them a square meal, or try to do or give something in return to say ‘thank you.’ It always amazes me how people, even in our agricultural community, are surprised by the offer. It shouldn’t be that way. Whether you believe in more New Age stuff like Law of Attraction, or more traditional values like tithing to your local church, the truth is there is always enough to go around. Operating out of generosity always, Always gives back. 💕