Wild Weather Hits Tassie

in #life5 years ago

Last night was a hell of a ride for Tasmania.

A freak weather system hit the state causing wide spread damage. Cars could be seen floating through the streets of our capital cities. Creeks become rivers as they burst their banks causing even more havoc.

I am currently sitting in my office looking at a car park that is mostly devoid of cars as staff throughout come to terms with the mess left behind and continue to protect themselves and their homes for the day to come.

It is hoped that the system will clear the Island at approximately 4PM this evening, but before then it is likely to continue and maybe get a little worse.

It has certainly been a worth night for us all.
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I was thinking about you this morning as I heard the news on the ABC. It's wet and wild here but nowhere near as bad. Glad you're okay.

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Wow, lots of water!

Yes it is indeed. That rivulet usually has a trickle of water not much wider or deeper then a ruler. hence why it has been spilling into the roads.

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