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RE: Direct to Vendor charity moves to support Micro Financing Business Investments and YouTuber Lionel Nation talks sex with minors...

in #life4 years ago

I just notice you got downvoted on your last post!! Why?? What happened??


One dude with 6-7 accounts did not like a self vote I did for $3. I am thinking of running for witness to change the code so up voting can not be done but at same time to stop guys like this that think they are a god cause they have a few digital gains.

I think that this has ended now, especially after the split. If you reduced the percentage of racism somewhat, and we hope that you will publish again, you are really special. And share some of them if you like it, and this is all a favor, not an issue @greenman

Yes sir, there are many people who do not upvote, just comment.

Yess!! Greenman as a witness, it'll be great, please go for it!!

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