Respect man ,you are real deal dude in this world. Peace mate

@greenman i really impres.. very best post

I Agree with us @freshstuff @greenman is real deal dude in this world.

Perfect idea Paul, I understand the joy of these women in the photo, because not every day they get such an opportunity to get this money, I'm sure this should help them in life. You are a great man Paul! Resteem

I believe they are getting this kind of money for the first time. Their joy is unspeakable

Resteem and upvote.

Amazing post Mr @greenman Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the facebook group And thanks for the catalytic support

I just notice you got downvoted on your last post!! Why?? What happened??

One dude with 6-7 accounts did not like a self vote I did for $3. I am thinking of running for witness to change the code so up voting can not be done but at same time to stop guys like this that think they are a god cause they have a few digital gains.

I think that this has ended now, especially after the split. If you reduced the percentage of racism somewhat, and we hope that you will publish again, you are really special. And share some of them if you like it, and this is all a favor, not an issue @greenman

Yes sir, there are many people who do not upvote, just comment.

Yess!! Greenman as a witness, it'll be great, please go for it!!

I will be opening conversation up in the next few months on being able to flag someone and out-weighing their voters up votes therefore shading their content out.

It's a conversation that needs to happen. But it's not just about the flags, there are so many voting issues that until you are effected by them or do a little research you just don't understand how bad they are. But the current system needs some work.

I was looking for your last post as I have you on autovote and didn't notice it in my feed. The shading out made me pass right over it I think.

Anyways hope that was a 1 time deal and this time around you don't run into that. We don't need to be censoring out someone that is giving back to the people in real life when there are spammers and self proclaimed experts everywhere on this platform raking in serious money.

Sad to see you are stopping the Direct to Vendor was a great one! If you ever start back up you will have my support again.

Will take a look at what @pattayaonline is doing and see if it's worth not only supporting but referring others to as I did the Direct to Vendor program.

Now I should probably put in a really obnoxious animated gif or stolen pictures from the internet to get your attention like all the spammers...what do you think? I have started downvoting all of those if they appear on my Pay It Forward Curation Contest posts. I ask nicely to delete the image and if not gone in 24 hours it gets a flag. Amazing how much easier it is to read comments without those in there. Had 244 comments on last weeks contest and need to be able to scan all the comments to keep finding the new entries.

Yes we plan to uphold the ideas and improve it further.

Right now we are waiting for some shared ideas. We would love to integrate more peoble in that process.

(put in a fency picture of your liking to feel attached to the post :) )

In my opinion it’s the largest issue on steem currently... bullying individuals and effectively hounding them into submission!

Unfortunately there’s not a lot we can do apart from be subjected to the abuse!

In relation to your initial comment, @greenman has been abused for supporting me; he has always been a great support and regrettably his last post was “obliterated” for no sensible reason!

You always carry the flag of peace
you are great @greenman
i appreciate this work
like a picture

Wonderful person and great post. thanks for sharing

Thanks @greenman
Have a great day

great post @greenman

resteem your post now

True Sir @ sallybeth23 is very good and has done great work. I thank him very much and I followed him


Excellent work friend. But what's the problem your last post?

one dude with multiple accounts downvoted me for upvoting mself, I will engage in that conversation and censorship on later posts...thx

sir,who use multiple accounts have to take strict action against the wire.

Thanks for your opinion.


This laugh is your blessings. It is very difficult to smile at a person's face and you can do the job well. you are great. Respect you.

Lionel's word of the day: Concupiscent. Who needs Reader's Digest when you can watch Lionel!

Yes man @shihabieee you are great right. Thanks for good comment.

@greenman Elsagate' may have been an algo introduced by Imran Awan and Hillary's Pakistani ISI hackers. Remember months ago when someone found his channel filled with elsagate related stuff? As a programmer, i had a fake yt channel for testing stuff i made for my workplace that had dwight shrute as my avatar; i think Imran's channel may have been a test account for deploying elsagate manipulations. Same thing was done to pass codes between botnet agents using fake twitter account. thanks for share dear.

sir,your comment is really great.

very nice comment boss

Welcome dear @greenman I always with you.

We need to always be careful.

@greenman, I'm to tally give big salute to you. You're the biggest kindness person in steem blockchain. Every your travel vacation try to help vendors. They have pretty smile after receive money. They want help to stand up. You gives best example.

sir, your comment is really great.

great initiative...

I just followed the great person @sallybeth23! and you too @greenman!
you both are doing great job!
I'm also resteeming your post.

Hopefully all these 'gates" are just a build up, preparing us.......for the biggest one of all, the currency gate.

Geeat posr @greenman

Thank you so much @Greenman.
Such a wonderful project. You are doing a great work. This project is really great. I like it, no no i love it.


So good you are helping everyone :) leading by an example

that's a great photography @greenman

Upvote And resteem sir

These are excellent works that show the human and human

Can these poor people have access to the Internet and they can also earn on our platform? Thank you for helping these people.

Lol. That's why I prefer cars with automatic gearbox :)) resteem

I love charity because it puts smile on people's faces. Well-done!

For your loving sister Greenman you are always real hero.
your work are so great
upvote & resteem

Carry on Boss!!!


@greenman you are GOD sent thanks for the good work love you GOD bless you

i respact your all post

real hero from steemit... awesome content

We're the humans. We must have better relationship with others. If someone sadness or down their life everyone come and forward to help themselves. I saw you came in front of and do the needful. Thanks and salute you @greenman,

Perfect idea Paul, I understand the joy of these women in the photo, because not every day they get such an opportunity to get this money, I'm sure this should help them in life. You are a great man Paul! ResteemDQmeUyxubnNewCkkoSKjKsBcL8c958JuC7Lcqv8NthJq3gS.jpg


I just followed the great person @sallybeth23! and you too @greenman!
you both are doing great job!
I'm also resteeming your post.

@greenman I sure wish he'd define the topics he's talking about. A lot of times I feel like I've just dropped into the middle of a conversation that had already been going on. good post.


The happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others.As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness. You are really great Mr. @Greenman. You are doing fantastic job. Hats of to man.

Thats great post sir. i really appreciates ur work on this community... Just salute sir or nothing to say about ur dignity & didication.😃

Great work done by you sir , keep helping shopkeepers for their development . And also agreed with you your decision for flag up to those commenters who comments many times on one post .

Amazing post Mr @greenman Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the facebook group And thanks for the catalytic supportDQmbveRqLumoxcBy47euVdKcBeHkwQRJRpGo57KbMtjEeoH.gif

Wow! Great and amazing post.
Beautiful photography sir. 🤗💚
You are so talented sir in this platform.
Your posts helped me alot when I came 1St time on this platform. 💚

I am so thankful to you and your support.

Nice content.
Very well articulated.

Thanks @greenman sir 💚for sharing this post.

Upvoted + resteemed your post.

#Salute Dear president,,,,,

crypto carrency never be stop ,growth all of crypto coin.

DQmWQMPqVhhoJxFUj4BcP8u4caNahtZ2jqLZ9AQZZTSJLSg.gif @paul colin

That is amazing article and photography.
For your post propagation.

Charitable work ignites happiness within us, as many studies have shown. ... Volunteering has two directions: you and your family can benefit you as much as you can to the cause you chose to volunteer.

good job @greenman!!

You are really doing good work. Respect for you. Your idea is the best idea.

good work @greenman


you are a great man sir, salute of you good work sir


really great photography...@greenman
i love to read it....

Hey @greenman in a short time you reached 3600 followers thats really great work.........................
images (4).jpg

excellent photography and nice life @greenman

A old artwork for you.
@greenman is the great man



hey boss @greenman
i like you everytime..
i like your any post..
you are great persion..
i love your post..
thanks for sharing boss..

Hello @greenman,

Extraordinary good work & wish to follow/support @pattayaonline project ideas.


wow that's a great life and excellent photography...@greenman

Hello Sir @greenman I am wondering why some whales removed your publication last week Do you love the good of people and you support people Renew this site

excellent @greenman


Resteem and upvote done.

Most Appreciated task by you @greenman
I prefer to see your donation work direct to the vendors.
Go ahead with steem.

its really a very informative post.....i mostly like your theme.....and your best of luck

Thanks to the team, They are doing good work for the third world countries

help-me-human (1).gif

Your help deserves a lot of respect for you and I say that you are well done and thank you @greenman


so informative video, thanks.

Amazing post Mr @greenman Blockchain is awesome resteemd and thanks for the catalytic support..U5dschQg38BYKNdD63aj2VYTmZJ8Cxw_640x480.png


you are the best greenman.......i hope you can do good work......your charity project is very helpful for the people.....
i like your all post and resteemed so people can read your post .........

@resteem and @upvoted your post,,,
you are so genius and generous too,,
salute you,,sir @greenman

crypto's are future, thanks for this information, have a nice day dear..

So beautiful photography.


Micro Financing is the best way to supporting them a now my brother back home has invested some of his money in a micro loans fund instead of donating to the red cross or something u invest directly to a person.
like if u just get them a money gift and not commitment but a micro lone in a job. It can change the future.
Now I understand the comment section. a was a bit confused
over all the gifs. a fell we small accounts are to hard on the big boys when a get one or 2 spam comment a gets irritated. is seen on ur post the cluster
fuck in the comment section. am sorry.

Wow very excellent art sir i love it

I love chrity.Reapect man.Really you are so kind in steem blockchain @greenman.

Nice post.I am proud of you to following you.


Great post

Amazing Your post @greenman
your all post is best,,,, any other blog,,,Thank you for Share this post

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Respected work for street vendors,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

images (18).jpg

I am impress to you are really great person..i like your responsiblity..thanks for sharing

wonderful post sir

Wow Very nice post ... awesome post really like your content

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote..

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Outstanding post and amazing photos. Thank you for sharing

You are really knowledgeable person .
awesome writing .
it's really valuable information .
thank you for sharing your information

amazing post sir i am fully impres... upvote and resteem this post

you are a great man sir


very nice post boss @greenman

awesome post @greenman

That's really great. Its always good to know that someone is trying to make this world a better & beautiful world.


Stunning post Mr @greenman Blockchain is great,

Resteem and upvote done

great respect to you dear @greenman sir
you are so true man no dout
its really fentastic mankind work

wow very excellent life information boss

#########salute boss.u are real hero in the humanity.

We rarely see anyone doing such acts thank you for your generosity

Amazing post Mr @greenman Always come to us with what is distinctive and useful thanks for the catalytic support

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