Ekson Reply

in life •  last year

And then, when I realized I have big limitation in my progress by not using camera with manual mode, I started learning and watching more about photography gear, bodies, lenses, tripods and so on.. So first and biggest decision was should I go with Nikon or Canon.. As some of people I know were using Canon, I went for it, but I dont want you to think that I hate Nikon or something, I dont have anything against Nikon users, every brand is good... After six hard months choosing perfect camera and lens combination, I finally found mine.. Canon 5D and 28-105mm lens.. I remember that thay as it was yesterday.. It was 26th June, my father picked me up from school with box in car.. I just ran into house, grabbed knife and started to open box carefully.. I was so happy, I cant describe that hapiness to you.. I still have photos from literally first day I have it.. They are nothing special, just photos from backyard.. You will see..

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