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in nature •  last year

![](https://steemitimages.comFrom there, nothing could stop me from further progress, I was just learning, reading and watching videos among going out and photographing whole day.. At that point, I started my Instagram account posting my work, but after some time I quit doing on Instagram I dont know why and that was big mistake for me but I am planning to start it again.. Biggest mistake in my career was that I started lot to watch about gear and I forgot most important thing, originality and inspiration.. I was just watching what to buy next, should I buy new lens, or tripod maybe.. But I am healing up from that period as I sold all unnecessarily stuff...At this time it was end of 2016 and I made lot of improvements as you will be able to see in next few photos/DQmXc4rq67qp2hAgpoDo8uitFM91JLvdf8kTatPzxzXo6Xf/image.png)

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