So Why Art?

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"The Real meaning of Art"

One comment in my last post cited the ‘real meaning of art’. I certainly don't know the real meaning of art, if there is one. :) Personally, I think of my brand of artsy madness as 'escapist self-expression.'

I escape into my head, then I draw what I see. Sometimes it’s girls (yes it's digital)
she - 1.jpg

Sometimes monsters

Other times it’s CENSORED with CENSORED CENSORED which is not to say that I CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED, or even tried CENSORED. Anyway, CENSORED.

But sometimes I escape physically to somewhere else, sit on a stone, and draw what I see in my sketchbook. I use a 9"x12" sketchbook usually, and just a fine point ink pen. In one of my next posts I’ll try and share the process of one of these.

For now though I’d like to say that I can drive very fast if need be, but I much prefer not to.

My friend Joe provided an unscripted and vigorous end to this little travel story of mine, and I couldn’t thank him enough for it because for the first time, I just happened to be making a silly little travel video. This happened in Rovinj, Croatia, which is in Istria in the west. I’ve spent nearly 4 months in total in Croatia over several visits, so I know a few things about it.

1.That Dubrovnik gets slightly more expensive every time. Did you go there last month? Good! Well, it just got more expensive now. But when I drew this, and before the Lannisters filmed Kings Landing there, it was a lot cheaper. But it’s still beautiful!


2.That Rakija, their brandy, should be consumed with great joy and also great care. Imagine your brain is an egg, and Rakija is a fist around it. One night in 2012, after enough of those, the fist shut. Then I spent about 10 minutes writing this note to my host, and another 4 minutes trying to slip it under their door.
dubrovnikDrunkNote - 1.jpg

3.That there’s a Tim Hortens (not a typo) in Zadar. How I found it doesn’t matter (really, don’t ask), but to the fundamentalist Canadians who understand the gravity of this, listen to me: there is nothing for you there. You will find no donuts there. You will find a little bit of coffee in very, very small cups, and you will find rakija (see note above).

4.That many cities have a Stari Grad, which means ‘old town’, the oldest part of the city. But on Hvar island, there’s a whole town called Stari Grad, because it’s one of the oldest towns in Croatia. And here on one side of the narrow bay is a restaurant owned by a Czech lady, which used to be a quarantine house several centuries ago. She told me that a ship approaching the bay would be forced to stop there, its occupants kept in the quarantine house for some time and observed for symptoms of mild ailments like the plague. They would then be allowed passage into town if they appeared healthy. How did they stop the ships, you say? An underwater chain the entire width of the bay of course. How would you do it?0113_stariGradSketches-1.jpg

You can actually find the various centuries of stone work if you look carefully, the newest addition being the bike with the child seat, c. 2011.

Fun note: I always start a study like this one by staring at the subject and at the page for a while and imagining I've already drawn it, which might sound a bit like having sex just by looking at a woman, but anyway. I imagine its placement, and I measure every element on the blank page in my head (I'm using ink, so I can't make any rough marks). Then I pick a corner (if it's architecture, it's always a corner - they're easier to check against) and start.

On this particular one I picked the corner of the right window. I drew the window and its window frames entirely, then I cursed and turned the page and started again. I realized the lampshade on the far left wouldn't fit the page.

But that was a different trip! We were talking about Joe. Joe who made me drive faster than I like.

(Apologies, the video was shot on phone and for phone, so its vertical. Yeah, it’s slowly becoming a thing!)

In case you missed them, here's my first post and second post :)

Take care and Keep it Steeming :)


i love art but i don't have art skills but you share this post with us thank you for that.

Loving art is more than enough, not many people do it.

@tayyabhussain1 I'm happy you enjoyed the post! @vinilobabe indeed! I even appreciate it when people love art because not all people do.

Very good posting. Thanks.

The girl is very beautiful and sexy!

@craftsman252 Thanks! She is, isn't she? Plenty more in my head. You should take a trip in there one day hehehehe.

For some people art is life and for other it is the way how they see world or express it in their mind.
There are some things which you can't say in front of everyone or you can't just use words to express them as words are not enough for that so they draw it.
I always say, art is the most beautiful thing.

Really well said!

Workmanship can influence its observers from multiple points of view, so it isn't amazing to see diverse responses to a similar bit of work. In any case, in the event that we are to characterize what genuine workmanship is, it is something which the craftsman makes for his own fulfillment, without contemplating what the world would say in regards to it. In the meantime, genuine workmanship is something that ought to have the capacity to associate the observer with the general vision of the craftsman, despite the fact that the translation won't not be right on target. No big surprise, Don Ellis once stated, "To be a genuine craftsman you need to play the way you feel - not the way others figure you should feel".

MIC DROP! Exactly how I feel about creating things :) Nice one, @mirzaaliimran. Very very true.

@suf1an. That's a very nice way of saying it, your first sentence. And, I once wrote a book, and one chapter I didn't know how to write, so I drew it instead. It turned out to be the best idea!
Thanks for commenting!

O really? Wow, I didn't know that. Thank you so much.

Very good art work.

Thank you, @leggy23! Happy you like it!

very beautiful life with art, I love it

It is @ijoel. I'm glad you like it, thank you!

Very beautiful drawings, back ground and history. I like the harbor and boats. Art is free for interpretation and helps others see one's view of the world. Art is beautiful because there is nothing wrong or right!

Thank you! I'm glad you like them. Yeah, no wrong or right with art. Isn't that interesting, how similar it is to 'play'? :)

for me the real meaning of art is beauty and concept

Could be, @teenovision! Could be :) Thanks for checking it out!

Very unusually beautiful!You have talent @oneminja !I wish you new masterpieces and good luck!


Nice work!

In my opinion "ART" should in a way reflect the momentum in time in which the artist lives.

That means that art that meets this criterion, will last a long time, because it has a historical meaning that way. It wil become a part of the culture of that particular moment in time, and become ART!

Why do we consider the works of Andy Warhol as ART?
I think because it reflects exactly the culture of that era; the consumer society.
Even if he paints ( or rather let others paint it ) just allready existing soup can pictures, it is considered ART.

In the same period, the 1960's there were probably 1000's of people painting landscapes in a very traditional way, with great craftsmanship.
Paintings that Andy Warhol could not make at all.
Oil paintings, water color etcetera.
Probably 99,9% of these paintings ( which are the result of technically superior crafmanship, made by people who completed one or more art academies) are not considered "ART".
They are nice decorative paintings, decorating walls in houses.
People like these paintings a lot, but they do not represent the culture of the moment.

But when these painters would have painted something that had to do with the culture of that moment in time, it would be much more meaningful as a reflection of the culture and made a change to be considered as ART later on.

Art is cool... and I love your expressions.

Thank you, @arnel! I'm glad you like them.

this is the best read i've come across on this platform PERIOD. you sir are an excellent writer i was engaged informed and entertained. i wish i had some crypto to share with you i would do so gladly. do not ever stop writing!

Dang, @riverofsight. Your words warm me to the core. Thank you so much. :) I'm VERY happy you feel that way. I just posted this other piece, if you like you can have a look. It's got some writing and some very strange art ;)

Thanks so much!

As a tattoo artist, I love the fact that this art is permanent and will remain a lifetime. It's such a beautiful devotion and expression of ourselves. Art is part of my life and now of my body. Your drawings are really inspiring, thank you for this post!

Thank you very much, @sayasix! I have great GREAT respect for tattoo artists and art. And fear of it :) Specifically because it's there forever. I wonder what would happen if someone had to have a limb amputated, and that limb had a tattoo that to them meant everything.

ok, I have to write that short story. :) I'll reference you as inspiration when I do, if you don't mind.

This is such a FUN journey my Friend! Your writing and art is BEYOND impressive! So many details in your artwork. I absolutely love how you include your magnificent art in your travels. I have a small request. Maybe you can possibly draw a couple of us green guys LOL! That would be VERY cool! I have never been to Croatia. I absolutely loved your video! Thank you VERY much for bringing Croatia to the GREAT STEEMIT COMMUNITY! Crabs are VERY elusive LOL! I also caught the food that looked like a pizza. Looked delicious! ABSOLUTELY love your sketches! You are making art the coolest thing on Planet Earth my Friend! I'm VERY proudly resteeming, commenting, following and upvoting! Your Devoted Friend and Fan! @extraterrestrial :) P.S. The video came out GREAT my Friend! We are REALLY enjoying it and appreciate it! :)

@extraterrestrial maaaaan, I'm happy you love the art, the video and the stories. Veeryy happy :D:D:D:D Super happy! Thanks so much for checking this out and for your awesome(!!!) comments, they always put a big fat smile on my face! I'll draw you a green guy just for you soon! :)

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ALL MY FRIEND! IT IS MY PLEASURE! :):):) I can't wait to see the green guy! You're the BEST! Your Devoted Friend and Fan! @extraterrestrial :):):)

Art is expression and we all need to find a way to vent. Your wonderful drawings tell your travels, where you have been, what you have seen and what has remained in you from those places, and that for me is art.

I started to take up the drawing a year ago and the more dreams are born in me, the more responsibility I feel we should have with our art. It is important to continue publishing content like this, thanks.

I really agree, @ahugehug. :) I actually find that to me it's non-negotiable. I'm writing a book right now, actually, and sometimes my brother asks me "So you don't know how you're going to market it yet?" And I always tell him that to me, it just needs to be written. :) That's usually my main priority. To get the art out of my head.

Thanks for writing your thoughts 😄

Awesome Artwork @oneminja
Nice trip on the Balkans' Adriatic coast I'd love to go there one day...specially visit the Old Ragusa(Dubrovnik) and Zara(Zadar)

P.S. vertcial video might be becoming a thing, I do still believe is a really terrible way of shooting video, you lose like 50% of what could have been a nice view

Check out our Discord Channel

Hey @melooo182. Thank you! You should visit it, so much to see there. And great vibe and seafood (and lamb, GOD!!)

Actually technically you don't lose anything with vertical! :) You only allocate more of the view in an up-down axis rather than a left-right axis. If it catches up, when it catches up, it'll be because fewer and fewer people view content on their computers and rather view it on their phones. And for the same reason that hit mobile games tend to have a vertical layout (you can play with one hand while holding on to your sandwich on a bus) vert video will fill that need. What's missing is the platform to share it, as people still (expect to) share and view a lot of content on the computers.

Essentially a mobile-only video platform, an Instagram/Vero for videos.

Good evening I loved your post and the definition that you give to art and I agree that art does not have a real deficion since art is any mode of artistic expression that a person can take, since it focuses on his creativity and concept to see things therefore can not have a basic definition having a wide field of creativida to exercise

@lordantoni, I'm glad you like the post! Yes. I even think that some (or all, in fact ALL) of nature is art. Not even necessarily meaning that it was created by someone, but in itself creating itself, the results are artistic over the functionality. Because I think nature has done itself up expressively.

"That Dubrovnik gets slightly more expensive every time. Did you go there last month? Good! Well, it just got more expensive now." Haha great to know! And I don't have to imagine my brain is an egg... because it's definitely an egg.

Your drawings/ artwork is amazing!!!!!!! You have a phuk ton of talents, my friend.

Hehehe... Yaay, eggs!! Wait. Will it hatch? :) Thanks for popping by, @nomadicsoul! And I'm glad you like em!

rock on brother art is literally just what you said, the intangible from the head, electric thoughts nerve endings that you can't see firing; making your hand move and draw from the subconscious allowing you to render those virtual thoughts in your head ;) HEHE having sex just by looking at a woman that's absolutely hilarious dude BUT COMPLETELY TRUE its that quantum virtual visualisation i'm talking about amazing sketches btw - love from the UK

Hahaha. Whoaaa.. Quantum virtual visualization, I'm getting some virtual tissues ready!

Rockin' comment! Haha. Love it, @blockchainyouth. Good man for popping by :)

I have seen many storms in my life. Most storms have caught me by surprise, so I had to learn very quickly to look further and understand that I am not capable of controlling the weather, to exercise the art of patience and to respect the fury of nature.suntzu1.jpg

Now that's an interesting definition of art :) A GREAT definition of art. It makes me think that this is nature's definition of art. Hmm, I must think more about this. Thank you, @mdjoni!

wish I could draw what was in my head. such a cool gift.

Thanks for the kind words, @dahlsom ! I try and keep my gift sharp.

@oneminja. Thank you for sharing it, it is something that is perfect, I will continue your journey.

My friend, I'm in the contest, support me in my new post.

Thank you very much @alhidayat. I'll pop by and visit!

Thank you my brother.

I think the real reason we create Art and Beauty is to elevate ourselves to a higher state of humanity. And this process is not limited to figurative art, but also to other ways of expressing art, such as Philosophy, Science, Music, etc. After all, I think the only thing that defines us as human beings and superior to any other race on the planet, is precisely that of creating culture.

Indeed @cryptomavro! In fact I think we create art because we can't help it, because there's a sort of culture inside us and around us, even with cave art, possibly even the beginning of language might have been artistic. Expression rather than function. Some creature said "FUCCK!!" And that was the spark. So for me in fact it's a bit of a chicken and egg question. Art or culture, which came first? :)

Mmmmhh hard to tell, i think that culture came and comes from a creation of art, and also other things. So, maybe i will say, art is what makes culture :)

Art is us, and we are art.
Every line, every contour, every curve.
Thank you for this...

A good definition, @maureen541 :) I'm glad you like the post and thank you for the thoughts!

Hola Oneminja!! Creo que arte es una palabra que engloba mucho, por mi experiencia como dibujante ha sido parte de mi propia vida. Siempre cuando estoy hablando con alguien mentalmente comienzo a delinear sus cejas, su nariz hasta su boca, la dibujo sólo con la mente, sin necesidad de un lápiz o pluma. El arte es para mí una necesidad, así como lo es comer, dormir y respirar.

"El arte es para mí una necesidad, así como lo es comer, dormir y respirar" Gracias, @laextraterrestre! This is very true for me also. I have said as much before! I'm happy you feel the same!

I like your drawing where the boats appear.
For me, art is that which comes from the spirit, it is a mixture of what we bring from our ancestors and how we understand the relationship between our inner world and others.

Oooohh that's a good thought @tiempoyesp. A very interesting thought indeed. Because then in a way we create the art of our descendants just being being ourselves.

it is true we can not separate ourselves from the influence of those who walked the path first and left their learning and relationship with the world imprinted.

Art can have different meaning depending on how we look at it. For me, art is something that tells a story without using words. These art of yours is definitely a good story I would love to look into.

@gvincentjosephm I agree! I love the small stories hidden in art and sometimes I try to deliberately put questions inside it. I find some music is similar.

Thanks for checking it out and i'm happy you like it :)

you post and photography.. wowo excellent story art oneminja

Thank you, :) Thanks very much!

art means heart beauty

You know what? I can agree with that :)

I am glad that we are of the same opinion. Thanks

you might have seen many storms in life. Most storms must have caught you by surprise, so you have to learn very quickly to look further and understand that you are not capable of controlling the weather,
So you exercise the art of patience
art that you show with pictures , sketches as well as the post
has no limit on imagination, and everyone will discover what they believe
for me, i see patience

That's a really good answer, @shahran7. It's funny, I tell people that the only thing I do that's close to meditation is art. Because as I'm working on one of these, I don't realize time passing, and I'm both alert and very relaxed.

And very patient :)

Awesome sketches. The descriptive stories accompanying them are just as good if not better.

And the video is awesome too!

Just one question for now:

Which is it:

sen·sor [ˈ/sensər/] noun: a device [or person] that detects or measures a physical property and records, indicates, or otherwise responds


cen·sor [ˈsensər/] verb :examine (a book, movie, etc.) officially and suppress unacceptable parts of it. "my mail was being censored" synonyms: cut, delete parts of, make cuts in, blue-pencil, redact;


HAHAHAHA! You caught me! :) It's censor. Damn it! Gotta fix it now ;) Thanks, @hrissm. I told you I need help with the writing.

I'm glad you like the art!

the interesting thing is. that what you do is highly sensory. by your use of your senses and by evoking reactions of other people's senses. so perhaps it was a Freudian slip, as they say. or just a coincidence that could have worked with either homonym that you finally use(d).

Art is just wow.. I like your work @oneminja

@kun-benjamin Thanks! I'm glad you like it :)

I sure do 😁 and you're welcome.. Keep up the good work 💪 @oneminja

1st one is really a art? i am very impressed on that. what a fablous art this. vriliant artist.

Hey @rubelrahman :) Yes it is. I used a graphics tablet to paint it on photoshop from scratch. I'll put up some process videos in later posts about how i paint some of these!

that's great buddy. you are multi talented. i like your attitude.

Hey, thanks! Appreciate it, @rubelrahman :)

There is no real meaning to art. To say there's a real meaning to art is like saying that we know the meaning of life. Guess what, we don't know the meaning life. Same goes for music, there's no real meaning for it. Music is also an art, so there's no meaning anything unless you put your own meaning to it.

Mic drop! :D

Yup. Meaning of art is like finger prints. Everyone's got a different one for themselves. Either way, any excuse for me to draw buildings, monsters, strange things and girls :)

Thanks for checking the art out!

Hey, @oneminja !!! Nice Post.
I always Expecting such type of lovely post on your blog.

I tell individuals that the essential concern I do that is close reflection is craftsmanship. For me, the true blue centrality of workmanship is flawlessness and thought. Craftsmanship is cool... moreover, I worship your appearances. This quality of yours is clearly a not all that awful story I would love to inquire about. The captivating stories running with them are in like manner as extraordinary expecting more unpleasant. I utilized a depictions tablet to paint it in Photoshop starting with no outside help.

Hahah thank you! I'm very very happy you like viewing and also like reading the work. Keeping checking, there'll be more to come!

Art more.jpg

Hehe, nice one, @steemecity! Thanks for checking me out :)

verry good . Hi @oneminja

so i want to share a quick story as a young man i hated ART always sees are a waste of time but time i learn Art is image of life without art world would be very much incomplete.
now i am 35 and visited few art galleries and the calmness i feel looking at amazing art like yours calm my brain with sense of calmness.
keep doing your thing my man amazing work i will follow you to see more of your work thanks

Such a valuable journey and change of heart you have had, @ychaudrys. I'm glad you appreciate art now and I'm glad I can contribute a little to that! Thanks for visiting! :)

all good my man again talent like you needs to be on steemit this platform deserves you so please never stop and keep doing your thing i try to take differnt pics to explore my inner art

Good art ! Impresionante @oneminja :)

Thank you very much @alejoclawful!

Awesome post and blog content , though art definition can be found in books, web, or any other sources. For me there's no exact definition of art. Because for me Art can be everything . It depends on the person on how he see things, on how he see what art is, through his own understanding and interpretation

Agree 100% @jeeuuzz :) Maybe art is in the interpretation our hearts make of what we see, not necessarily the thing we're looking at.
Thanks for checking it out!

It's will always be my pleasure @oneminja, I will always check your post, I'm fan of you and your artworks.

I like your definition, "escapist self expression". I agree with it.
My art involves me writing about my life and what i expect or what has happened and it helps me to purge myself from toxins.
Nice post!

Hey @the.talkative. Great that writing helps you that way! It's similar for me. For me it just needs to be done :) Like, someone needs to get these weirdo things in my head out of my head hehe, and the best person for that is me.

I'm glad you like the post!

Really nice post, i believe art is life...

@yirez.. It is for me too :) Thanks for the comment!

art is very cool and amazing, its beauty is impressed me.

@saafir, thanks for checking it out! I'm glad you like it.

Indeed art is never finished. A real painting and a painter. Good work oneminja.
Will one day draw and paint nicely as you do.

@blackjew thanks again! :) Yup, it's never done and I'm gonna keep doing it.

I'm sure you'll do even cooler work than me one day!

I like your work👍

your blog is very good, it makes sense you get a good achievement in steemit .. i have to follow you ,,

@aajal, thanks man! Appreciate that you like it!

yes it is true, besides that art is everything beautiful seen and heard, and without regard to its intrinsic and intrinsic elements. especially if it is a fine art ..

Agree, @zahrulakmal18 If it's impression leaves a fulfilling mark on the viewer/listener, whatever fulfilling means, yeah it could be art :)

Thanks for checking it out!

Wow!! Lovely as usual.
Nice work @oneminja. Please teach me digital art ☺

Hey @luxx. Thank you! Hehe. I hope the stuff I share little by little gives you tips on digital art :)

Art , thats were true beauty lies, where everything makes sense, where the soul geats connected to the inner spirit through painting. And that's art

@refilwe, I like your view on art very much. I'd say it's not just through painting, it could be through music or even dance, whatever makes that connection you speak about :)

Thanks for checking it out!

Awesome post and video @oneminja.
You’re a very talent artist and I enjoy your work. It’s sad to hear Tim’s is misrepresented in Zadar, they may never know the joy of rolling up a rim to win.
What do you use to edit your travel videos?

HAHAHAHA rolling up a rim to win! Oh man, hehehehe. That gave me a gooood chuckle. Shit, @antonioscore. That's a snorter, that is. Yeah, I' prefer to say 'alternately represented.' Turns out the owner lived a few years in Canada and loved it, came back and opened this place up. Even the logo is the same, except the letter 'O'. But imagine explaining the Timmy Ho lotto to a guy in the bar. "But, no, wait... How you roll up glass of rakija?"

I use Premiere.

Thanks for checking out the post! I'm glad you like it :)

LMAO ... "what do you mean there's a car in the coffee??"
Thats interesting though I'll check it out if I ever find myself in Zadar.

Keep up the good work my friend :D

Wow ! what a beautiful art.

Thank you @sagar-explores :) I'm glad you love it!

............studying in the University, I always found myself deliberately or otherwise in the Fine Art department just observing the ingenuity of artists in their works from pencil sketches to sculptures to wire works to painting, it's always a new experience each time. This post just relished those experiences in me. Thanks for sharing @oneminja

Very amazing i read your all artical best and know about art and some new things art is best

Thank you @farhan12! I appreciate the compliments!

i like this picture..amazing

Thank you very much!

oh, what a nice photo and article, please more :)

it seems to me like computer graphics ......


Thanks for commenting! Is that your work? It's quite nice!

thank you :)

your consept is very well & the all art pictures are very well. i really enjoying when i see this amazing art. best wishes for your future.

Thank you very much, @aarbi. I'm happy you're enjoy it! Best to you as well.

Art is subjective, whatever it means to that person is an individual thing. Look at Munch, Picasso or Van Gogh etc they have injected their own personal traits into their own work as individuals. Personally i think if you like something you see initially your first impressions tell you if it has some connection with you.

@readmetoday, I agree! There are some arts I just don't understand, but it doesn't mean it's not necessarily art, or that it's bad art. I just don't get it :) And that's a personal sentiment. And there are some that I LOVE but some other people don't get it also.

So yes! Thanks for commenting and coming by!

My friend you may have visible many storms in existence. Most storms ought to have caught you by wonder, so you need to learn very quickly to appearance similarly and remember the fact that you aren't able to controlling the climate.

Haha. Always ready. Always nimble :) Thanks for checking me out!

oneminja (56) well come

Very cool. How long did the first picture take to finish? Also, is that a dragon on her lap?

Suck an amazing talent.

Oh, God.why comment delusional.I understand it is going to speech about some violence or pornography ,but we are talking about the art .every 10 people are talented in this business!I love manual work myself!art must evolve further if it is degraded,the world will be grey,dirty,not pleasing to the eye.let's say as here video-games-monochrome-street-horror-spooky-ruins-infrastructure-alley-darkness-urban-area-black-and-white-monochrome-photography-ancient-history-106314.jpg1a4db797ca28d5183b6106cf1185a821.jpg616467926.jpg Oh, God.why comment delusional.I understand it is going to speech about some violence or pornography ,but we are talking about the art .every 10 people are talented in this business!I love manual work myself!art must evolve further if it is degraded,the world will be grey,dirty,not pleasing to the eye.let's say as here 25POP.jpg15-548.jpg1a4db797ca28d5183b6106cf1185a821323.jpg

Oh what a stunning piece of art

Art is indefinable… it’s like trying to dance with water. We may ascribe our “opinions” of Art’s purpose – but then, “opinions” are not quantifiable facts… opinions are really just feelings.

My personal opinions: The samples of your work shared in this piece, and your travel tale are engaging. Lovely. You’re very talented.

True and true @momzillanc :) I'm glad I engaged you! Thanks very much for the kind words!

You’re very welcome.

I love art so much, your work are amazing and your post made me understand many things as an artist that I'm too. Nice work!

Thank you, @paulavg :) I'm glad you understood some things. I'll have to come see your art on your blog!

good post!! ^^

finally i got true art it,s very interesting i love this sculpture kindly tell me who's artist (name)

Art is the best form of expression that exists. The only limit that exists is that of your mind. regards

Indeed! A nice thought :) Thank you for popping by!

wow...i like it very much...than ..i vote you...ok! reply vote me....
give and take.............okay!

Thanks very much! I'll be sure to pop by!

Those drawings look so realistic! Your drawing skills seems really good, it captures a lot of details but it looks really clean, not messy at all. It's so nice that you share your vision of what art represents to you, because every artist have a different vision ^-^

Hey @m-mary. I'm glad you like them :) Yeah, everyone's got their own 'stank' to art hehe... And I'm glad everyone does. Otherwise it will all be so boring to look at wouldn't it?

I totally agree with that :')

@oneminja - I imagine art as fractal with many twists and turns! One moment it's escapism the next it's self discovery, just as you find yourself, inspirations runs dry and batteries run low and from the bottom of despair, one catapults to new highs. Art is a crazy roller coaster ride!

@rlt47 it's true. It's a chicken and egg question, which comes first, the escape or the art? :) Hehe... And I also think fractals run everything everywhere. Everything!