Learning to Draw Was Easy

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Surviving it was hard.

Before you watch the video at the bottom, I'll explain. About this Journey I mentioned in my last post, mine started 37 years ago when a doctor slapped my brand new ass and I said thus, “My good man, whatever it is you think you're doing, I'm not quite sure I like it.” Of course to everyone in the room, that sounded more like:



Art-life still whacks me on the bum and makes me spill my coffee. At work, for example. Usually I found myself working on something I had heard of but had never tried or learned. Then, just when I almost got the hang of it, someone would throw me work that was not even in the zip code of being heard of.

Now, I have a facial twitch which gets rather violently out of hand when I'm thinking hard, like when the fan in your laptop gets excited. It's like watching Samuel L. Jackson scream at someone just as the DVD starts to skip.

“Er...You ok, Pete? Can you handle this task?"
And of course I lied. “Pfff! Yeah yeah I can, come on, piss off.”

Then I’d go home and under the cover of darkness chew my nails and make sure I could handle it.

But it’s been a great, kaleidoscopic Journey. Honestly, sometimes the earlier days weren't fun. Learning to draw isn’t as easy or as glamorous as it sounds. For my part I was always broke, I ran to doctors for panic attacks, there were days I painted for 15 hours (not counting going to class) and got double vision, and I slept 4 hours a night daily and lived on caffeine pills. It’s a beastly task and sometimes the results are frustrating.

It’s like this. If you’ve ever

  1. walked up to a girl at a bar
  2. realized when you got there that you’re a lot shorter than her
  3. noticed all your friends are watching
  4. and she gave you the viking look of death


And you still tried to pick her up? Yes, it’s a bit like that, and also like ice skating uphill.

But. It’s worth it. If you’re thinking about learning it, it’s a terrible idea and that’s exactly why you should do it! :)

Ok, now watch the video! It's a short summary of some of my work from college up to recent. I hope it's encouraging or inspirational, or at least a bit fun. I made the music too. Oh. And there’s a tiny ass-slap moment in there. Look out for it.

Take care, and Keep it Steeming.


good writing

It also takes some imagination and creativity. Definitely left-brain activities!

Agreed @sirstacksalot! Lots of imagination and creativity. Maybe fearlessness, now that I think about it. :) Those two qualities exhibit a lack of fear.

I met an interesting fellow in Spain once and after a LOT of gin and tonics, he asked me "What are you afraid of???" And I said, "Except spiders, bungee jumping and a couple other reasonable things, not that much." And then he said, "Then Do. Something. Bizzare."

And my mind splattered itself inside my head.

All of us can draw but it needs extra skill to draw good painting. Some were born with inherent skill in painting but others acquired it through constant training and experience.

Pero otros la adquirieron a través del entrenamiento constante y la experiencia", estoy de acuerdo contigo en esa parte.

@jedagonza. Exactly. I've met both, those with some natural skill and those who came to class with less. Honestly? The guy who draw the BEST in my class came out of nowhere. hehehe. We were all, like, "Where the F did you come from??" But he worked really, really hard.

@elizahfhaye Thanks for watching and commenting! Yup, constant training and experience makes everything better.

Yupp..I do agree with you.

Well done, creativity
I liked your style .. Painting is the first art
Thanks for sharing

Drawing is not an easy task I remember during my school days how difficult it was.

i m agree with @teenovision that drawing is a very difficult i want to be an artist i wish that sketching but still could not.

There are two things most people require to be a strong artist.

  1. The right lessons. Think of it this way. There are good habits and bad ones when learning to play basketball, cook local dishes, play guitar, even talk to the opposite sex. If you get the right lessons on the good habits, then that's part 1.

  2. Devotion. Not practice. Practice is a little bit of work here and there. Devotion is doing nothing else until you're as good as every person you admire in that field.

That's the path of being an artist, my friend. :) It's a hard path, but a good one!

sometimes it is not....it depends on the subject

I remember you telling me many years ago that to be a strong artists, one must also learn (1) how to look properly, as in really SEE, and you taught me some techniques of seeing light and shadow for example, which was completely different from how I used to look at things as lines and shapes (2) how to train your hand to move properly and express what you wish accurately and not draw weird shit :)

@teenovision No it's not. :) But as you get the hang of it it's a pretty fun task!

I sorta have to agree with @teenovision. You can do anything you set your mind do but we are born with certain talents that allow us to be better at some things than others. Our brains are slightly differently wired after all. Without talent, you're more likely to be less motivated, too. The less motivated you are, the less you practice. But even if you're not good at something and you practice the hell out of it to get better, you won't get as good as someone who has a 'talent' for that thing you're trying to excel at.

All I want to say is that drawing needs lot of patience, research and creativity it is not child's play

Wow these artworks are incredible! Keep up the good work!

Hey @pasie15, thanks for the compliments, man! I will. I swear it! On all the old gods and the new. (Watch Game of Thrones?)

No I dont, but i just enjoy seeing amazing quality work like this, your welcome :)

These are awesome!! You are the man @oneminja.

I love that second comical drawing up there - the colours on her are really nice.
Keep up the good work!!

Nice one night, you killing it. Keep it up am loving your work already

Thank you @apiprincz :) Appreciate the love!

Always welcome @oneminja, will love to see more of your work

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I think your life gets easier and happy but your art skills are quite interesting and your video is quite funny ..thumbs up man...

Thanks @ranjeet196! Kind words. You know what's funny, yes, life gets easier.

But the goals/targets get harder :) Used to be my goal was to just, PLEASE be able to draw a woman who doesn't look like a man. hehehehe. Now I'm trying to write a novel which is both fantasy and sci-fi, but set in the current time.

But also, the tools to manage the goals are better understood. So, life gets easier in general, but harder also, and more interesting. :)

I know exactly what you mean about making a woman, "look" like a woman. Mine seems to turn out to be guys with woman parts.

Some people like that kinda thing, @kenwood ;) You should call those "Customers" hehehehe.

I am waiting for ur novel @oneminja .hahahh

Bloody hell, so am I, @ranjeet196. So am I. hehehe.

I like your drawing, I hope I can learn some skill from you. :)

@sweet-jenny8, I hope you will! Soon I'll start making posts that have a bit of process/workflow. Thanks for watching!

Very nice post your friends

I learned a lot in this post friend, thanks.

I'm glad you did. Thanks for having a look!

Nice post. You wrote about drawing lessons.
Beautifully uploaded a video.
I liked the picture as well.
The pictures highlighted the drawing industry.

Thanks for coming by @tanvirhossain22. I try to make the pictures match the text a little bit. I have lots and lots so, usually they fit something I'm trying to say.

I really love your drawing skill, I can only draw in manga style in black and white. I suck at coloring.

Thank you! Almost all things can be learned by almost all people, my friend :)

Hey brother @oneminja thanks for your comment on my article thanks to which I found you. I watched your video- is all the work in it yours? Deep bows of respect if so. And your writing is excellent too. Funny and witty. Upvoted, followed and put on my "check that asshole often" list :D Keep on rockin bro!

HAHAHA. "Check that asshole often." Sounds like a dog's ToDo list for the day. hehehe.

Thanks for the kind words! Yes, all the art there is mine. Traditional and digital, though mostly digital nowadays. I don't have an apartment anymore, I live in different places and I own about 14 kilos of belongings in one bag, total. :) I'm a lightweight asshole.

Shit man that's inspiring as F. Where abouts are the places you nomadic self migrates these days? I might join you one day not too far away. Been having itchy feet and a company of a creative light-weight asshole like me might be fun!

Oh man, a few places.

On this particular trip I left Vancouver, Canada a little over a year ago. Mostly Thailand but about 9 other countries so far. Croatia was one of them (again), northern Romania was one of my favourite places to be for a month, Montenegro was nice and a small quiet island called Kalymnos in Greece was great to disappear and work. No distractions there, and VERY cheap. :) Like, HAHA cheap. 280eur small apartment for a month!

Next stop is Vietnam!

Welcome to join! hehe Dare you to put your big motha-canvases on a budget airline. "What? It's flat! You should thank me for the spare wing!" hehehe.

WOW! I see.. it's unique! I like the first but I loved the second one <3 That skills thoughhhh :D

@lainelovinit Thanks so much. I'm glad you like them. Just keeping on keeping on.

Good morning turkey tufi

Haha. Good morning, and thanks for checking out my post.

Yes. Thanks

I like this post and story. Good job my friend

Thank you @ozzyrocket. Will keep it up for sure :)

Basically,i wonder what life would have been without art.Art is talent,it requires passion,art is life....check out this newest work,it was done at home though

Good job @kemkris. Keep it up, make more and more and more :)

I actually think art isn't talent. I think art is expression, just like speaking. There are people who know how to speak better than others, and it's not because they're better than others, but their personality adds itself to a skill of speaking that they have been taught and practiced over and over. They learned and remembered and practiced more vocabulary, more speaking styles, so on and so forth.

To me this is talent, when the passion pushes you to work so hard at something (anything) that it becomes your right hand. Then art is just one of the many ways to express that passion.

True sir,got points from that,hopefully will be doing a finishing touch on my latest artwork,believe you will pay a visit and drop a comment.I will be glad you did

You are unbelievably talented! Art has always had a special place in my heart and I just love your work. I also really enjoy the style change in that video. You can really see how your original style shines in every one of your pieces! I know from experience drawing isn't easy (it isn't exactly my strong suit!) but those pieces makes it seem like the ideas and inspirations come effortlessly!

Thanks so much for the kind words @annemariemay. :) Yes, it isn't easy to draw. And there's a degree of effortlessness that I have, so long as I keep up the practice (which I haven't. I've been writing instead).

But I do believe in the appearance of effortlessness. Like a swan. Look how effortless they look as they glide on a pond. But you know what's happening underneath that graceful white bird? "Paddle. Paddle, Cedric, Paddle! Paddle!!! Paddle!!!!! PADDLE!! DON'T STOP FRIGIN PADDLING!!! KEEP PADDLING, CEDRIC!!! GODDAMNIT, CEDRIC, PAAADDDLE FOR YOUR LIFFFFEEE!!!!" hehehehehe.

buscando cosas hermosas me conseguí con este post, me llamo la atención y no quede defraudado cuando lo ley y observe, me gusto su contenido y me hizo recordar a mi hija con su talento de pintura le felicito por entusiasmo en esta materia tan hermosa, estaré mirando sus post este es interesante.

Muchos gracias, @limberlinares! No hablos espanol, but I used Google to translate what you said. Thank you so much! I hope to keep you interested and I hope your daughter does well!

Excellent work my friend. Did a friend make the video for you, or are you one of those annoying super multi talented people?

Thank you, sir.

Yes, I'm one of those people. Sorry. :) I made the video and the music for it too.
So sorry.

I knew it! But i hadn't even considered the music! Damn, man. Damn.

@oneminja WoW such a great share :) Keep on Steeming <3

@splendorhub, thanks for reading and watching! I'll keep it steaming.. er... steeming for sure :)

Thanks for sharing this man. Drawing is really such a good skill!

Pleasure, @jacksongroves! Thanks for checking it out.

Hola!! Fantástica la apropiación de la Monna Lisa, te invita a sonreír con ella!

Hola! Muchas gracias @laextraterrestre :) I don't speak Spanish but I Googled a translation and say thank you! hehe... Ai, My Mona Lisa horrors :)

Hola Oneminja, I do not speak English either, just like you are using a translator, I would like you to see my drawings.

truly awesome art. in the video. and the video itself is well put together. in my humble opinion.

unfortunately the video didn't help learn how to draw. i still have few years left tho. haha


@hrissm Haha.. Ahhh, shit, then it didn't work, this video of mine.

Well, little by little fills the pot, as we say in Kenya. But thank you very much for loving the work and coming by :)

@oneminja Great post! Btw, welcome to Steemit :) Best wishes on your journey.

anybody can draw...........but all cant show the real meaning of art.

Hehe. Thanks for commenting, @sharminwadud I think anybody can learn to draw, yes. But I also don't know if anyone knows the real meaning of art. People have argued about that for ages.

I certainly don't know the real meaning of art. :) I think my brand of artsy madness is a tiny little corner of art that I can probably call 'escapist self-expression.'

In a line the world is united, with a line the world is divided, drawing is beautiful and tremendous.

Those are beautiful words @adrianav :) Thanks for viewing and sharing!

😘 you're welcome, sweetheart

Holy shit I love the baby one

Haha @aldentan, thanks! :) Glad you like it.

suwatu kejadian yang aneh. Kawan.lukisan kou sangat menarik saya.saya folo kamu terimakasih

Thanks for visiting my post, @streetfotografi! Though I don't understand ... Malay? :)

I'm drawing since I was 3-4 yo, I always had a big passion to put something from my mind on paper, computer, whatever... I just wanted to materialise it. Everyone can draw, but some people just don't feel it. Amazing post, btw!

Hey @jantomic! Thanks for checking out my post. That's awesome that you've been drawing since you were a kid. :) Yes, I think there's a difference between people who draw and people who express themselves in a drawing. A very interesting difference.

Fantastic! I love your arts and I can say that you gonna be a true inspiration here.
I know that I can draw but I don't find a lot of improvement in my drawings in 22 years because I don't bother to learn. But since I was here in Steemit, inspired by many talented artists in this platform, I managed to overcome my laziness to start learning. And it's not easy to learn, sometimes I feel like I should just quit because I don't really draw for a living, but I keep trying. It's more than a month since I started learning just by watching videos and tutorials from Steemians and youtubers, I think I improved a lot!
Thank you for people like you, keep inspiring me and my fellow Steemians!

hi @atikahnoh :) Thank you for stopping by! Great to hear that you started learning again.

Yes, it was a bit of a joke, my title for the blog entry. But as you read further, you notice it was actually hard. I find the lessons were not the hard thing. For example it wasn't as hard as understanding Chemistry in high school for me. THAT was hard.

The hard part about drawing for me was like the gym. It's easy to learn to lift a dumbel or to learn how to squat or run the treadmill, it's not chemistry lessons. BUT.. the hard part is not being ashamed, shy, discouraged, and instead being motivated and fearless. So I hope you can do that :)

this is a really great posy. i loved the video. i want to be an artist myself because in my family, all of them are attistic but the problem with me is whenever i try to draw, people would laugh at my works so i stopped drawing.

Hi @yagurlali. Thanks for the kind words!

Now I have a question for you. Would you stop speaking if people laughed at how you speak? I hope not. :) If you still want to, I encourage you to get back to drawing, at your own pace and in your own time. And if people laugh, it will help. I'll tell you why:

Anything we start learning looks funny in the beginning, like riding a bike. You know when a baby walks, falls and we giggle at it? The baby doesn't care and keeps trying, and so the biggest challenge is to act like a baby, not just ignore it but learn to channel it into motivation to get better, instead of discouragement.

Which, and this is important, will help you deal with yourself. Because every good artist, EVERY good artist, hates some of their work. And the ones who take this 'hate' and turn it into motivation to do better, this helps them to get even better. Does that make sense? :)

And, also it's really fun to look at some of those works after a few months or years. ;)

thank you so much for all that you’ve said. it inspired me to get back to drawing again. i feel like we all should not give up on something we used to love instead we should fight for it!

You make a good video, i believe that drawing is an art a gift from God. As You sayd is a lot of work behind a beautyful painting

Thanks @doinita! Yes, it's a gift as much as singing or dancing :) But it needs a lot of learning and work to make it look like a gift hehehehe.

That is true what you sayd, need a lot of work. Thank You so much for reply me 😃, have a wonderful day, You got a new follower me

Hi Bro, you are a genious. Upvoted and followed ;)

Thank you, @sticats! Much appreciated :)

Great read, and awesome video!

You definitely have some of the most interesting content on Steemit.

Ah thanks @jaclavet! I'm glad I can keep you interested :) More to come!

muy bonito,te felicito te sigo, te invito pasar por mi blog

Thank you @gladysob! I'll be sure to check into your blog!

Confidence is the key to make better drawings. I have problem with my confidence and I should remove it. That problem haunts me since I was a little, crybaby boy.

@ilhamifneh That's very true, to a point. I find it a chicken and egg question, which one comes first, the confidence or the skill. Like, riding a bike. Do you get confidence to keep trying it, or do you get confidence as you get better? :)

dude it's not easy just admit you my friend, just a [email protected] gifted!!! AND KNOW HAVE A SUPER POWER

@toresto. Hahaha.. Best comment ever! Thank you!

Amazing work, you are a true artist.
I have to vote your work.
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you @antonella! I really appreciate it :)

Nice post! Makes me want to draw more.

I'm glad it does! I hope you do! :)

WHAT a fucking COOOOL Video with great drawings , WOW ...
Man - your one of the most notable artist here on Steemit....
show more of the art you draw and Workflow -
Superb doing Video
Resteemed & follow :-) :-)

(Thought I replied. weird!)
Thanks @yoogyart! I'm glad you like. I will show workflow sometime soon. I swear :) I've gotta get through a couple more posts first. Believe it or not, I have a plan.

Sigh. Or maybe not.


Duuuude...I love the progression of this video. Starts with sketches, ends with those awesome animations.

Is it all chronological?

Thanks @makanicreative! It is. The sketches were college drawings, stuff for art classes. The animations are about a year old now. Been a while :)

Very interesting

Learning to paint is not as easy as I think @oneminja, I have learned to paint in a very long time. but, painting is an interesting art (in my opinion), by the way, I have finished making digital images, i need your comments and suggestions about my results. Do you mind? because I am still an amateur so I desperately need some kind of guidance @oneminja.
Hope you like it

Hey @iqbalzr! Thanks for having a look :) Yup, not easy, but worth it and fun when you get the hang of it. I'll have a look at your work in a little bit for sure!

Yes I got it my brother @oneminja, You are the best. by the way, I have created a drawing, I hope you like it. This is my first time drawing.


OMG, I'm in awe of your talent and skill. A true master of our time! Your writing is totally addictive too 😵

Dang, sir. These are big words. I can't live up to big words. Use smaller words, please. I can do mistress of our time, maybe... Maybe.

But thank you!

Hahaha... funny!! Love you creativity too! Haven't met an artist with such a refreshing and inspiring way in a long time!

That's a pretty kick ass video man. Props for putting it all out there. I tried about a decade ago to teach myself to draw. But I realised pretty quickly that I didn't have what it takes. Pushed on for a while, then let it dwindle for other things.

It's an amazing talent to have, and one that takes years to master. Well done for posting about that side of it before showing the evolution.

@steemboat-steve! I like the name, reminds me of the first Mickey Mouse, Steamboat Willy! :)

And thanks for the kind words, man. Yeah, it can be frustrating but yeah. I knew it was for me for a long time and I've got a head like lead so, gamma rays couldn't kick me out of my decision to learn it, so I stuck to it. Hehe... Also wanted to send the message that it's not all about 'Oh he's so talented.' Phew.

You definitely have your own style. That's what draws me in to work. I won't compare your influences and style. But it reminds me slightly of this guy:
In so far as you just do what you want.

I'll check out more of your stuff

Great video man! I’m a graphic designer for a living. Every time I get a new commission my nerves shoot to the roof. I can’t sleep, eat or think about anything else but the work in front of me. It’s terrifying and torture. I have a love hate relationship with my work. I hate starting a new project but I love creating something new. When the work is done I have this great feeling that lasts until I have a new commission.

@manny80. Haha. Yes, I know that feeling well. I have some curly white chest hairs from similar experiences. No, really. Look at me. curly white. Curly. White. Chest hairs.

It's happened! :)

Haha. I’m in the same boat. I have white hairs on my head.

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Really cool and useful info, i hope i can some day can reach to level 60,

@wicca. Thanks man! Haha. Level 60 in drawing? ;)

Of course, how much is yours? :)

Wow! This is a wonderful art work you gat here!

Thanks @chijiokecj! Appreciate the kind words

nicely written and your paintings are creative, funny, and showcase talent :)

@letstalkaboutsex Thanks very much! I try to entertain. More to come

Wow, Your artwork is so cool, you have your own style, I'm a self taught artist, and I hope I may find own unique style too. Are you some kind of a animator too?

Thanks @jeeuzz! I animate once in a while, but not much professionally. It's more a hobby of mine to tell stories with moving pictures.

Find your style! Best is to get the fundamentals well understood, then the style will come naturally :)

Wow, thanks for the words of wisdom. You should be working somewhere with your animations right now, coz it's too good
I'll be working with my fundamentals right now. 😄😄😄

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this is sooo good. you never fail to bring smile in our face.

@michellpaila Why thank you! I'm glad I do. :)

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Woaw. Nice art work ...
Keep up the good work. 👍

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hats off!

thanks @lilbaws! Now you need to buy a new hat.

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I now know my dreams will come to pass. I don't know how to draw but i want to be and artist and a painter. I am motivated. Am going for my brush and paints.

@blackjew Do it!! And thank you for commenting. Good luck :)

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Well said, most people just look at your work and assume it’s a talent and don’t realize the work you’ve put in.

I aim to correct that illusion, @chadizms. :) Thanks for checking it out!

Dope post bro! Can you please check out my latest piece and tell me how I can improve :) @pluse https://steemit.com/art/@pluse/renata-chaotic-an-original-piece-by-pluse

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i guess i was born with the artistic talent....tanx 4 sharing dz post n video

@oneminja great art skills.
Since childhood everyone is telling me i have some different artistic knowledge and i am soo good in it.
But after joining steemit i found so really great work and yours is one of them.
I hope i learn from here 😀😀
Keep illustrating

AMAZING!!! I Literally CANNOT even imagine a tutorial that could possibly be more educational and informative than this!!! I am a makeup artist and hairdresser of 30+ years (started my own successful business at 20). I have always had tremendous natural talent for what I call 3 dimensional art... sculpting, cutting & styling hair based on actually shaping the head, and the face with makeup etc, but on paper it's always been a struggle for me, though the pieces I've done (which took me months to fine tune -- VERY FRUSTRATING) do tend to amaze people (I feel so bold to brag that way, but all true! Really!) Anyway, long story short here... got very sick for over a decade... all but bed-ridden, and finally with a diagnosis, surgery and 5 more years coming back to recovery and REALLY ready to be a productive, working, income-earning, full & complete human being again, but, alas, hair is a younger stronger woman's game... so... what to do? How to make a living and a positive difference again with all of this beauty wisdom living and breathing inside of me??? So I've picked back up my pencils and have been putting myself through a crash course (no income for 15 years now means no money to take classes obviously) on portraiture with the idea of people sending me their photo and consigning me to draw their portrait that absolutely puts them on the paper just as they are, but with the makeup and hair as I would do it for them, or reccomend... showing their most beautiful self highlighted to the utmost! Then, if they like, maybe to be used as kind of a map, a lesson via video chat and teach them how to bring out their best! So for the last 2 weeks I've had my nose to the grindstone and even as the perfectionist I tend to be, I have come a long long way!!! Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, Meg Ryan and even myself, all FINALLY recognizable and stunning and at their current age! But too many hours to get them right, too much frustration, and so many drafts needed to get them down... too much to be successful or profitable. It's that dang 3rd dimension, proportion, and how light just plays so differently with shadows to translate on to the paper! My mantra has always been, "WE MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER AND CONSIDER THAT THE HEAD IS ROUND!" I just still couldn't translate it to the paper as I saw it in my minds eye! Then, lasr night, i found your Rapid Fire Nose Tutorial! I watched it, and practiced with you at least 40 times, and I finally nailed Meryl Streep's nose! Whew!!! Today, I drew 6 random people's noses from watching them on TV in minutes in front of my boyfriend... and to his amazement because he could see and recognize that I captured them... amazed because noses have been my nemesis till watching and practicing with you for hours last night, that is! Darlene Nguyen (SOOO sorry if I just mutilated your last name! I just saw it for a moment and rushed to jot it down) YOU have literally CHANGED MY LIFE!!! You just unlocked every mystery that I could not get and now I GET IT!!!! I will watch this and EVERY single video you ever put out over and over and over!!! I thank you beyond words... I'm almost weeping right now with joy!!! You cannot imagine, after being a burden (or feeling like one) to my family that took me in over 10 years ago, to NOW, TONIGHT, no longer feeling hopeful, now I KNOW that I CAN AND WILL do this AND be successful at it!!! I can taste it now!!! I also know where my first extra $175 I make doing portraits will go!!! I will be a "Patreon" (sp?) as soon as possible!!

This is the first comment I've EVER left on any youtube video! In fact, I just now had to figure out how to do it so I could say all of this to You! You are an amazing teacher and a fun and Lively individual to watch! I cannot wait for everything now!!! My life is about to unfold the way I want it to again FINALLY!!! Thank you!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! Beyond what words can say!!!

Oh... last thing... please tell me what was the white stuff in the tube with a blue stripe that you used to erase the guys jaw was??? PLEASE!?! I MUST KNOW!?!

I will be watching to hopefully see your reply, but in the mean time... please know that you have won a thousand Karma points in heaven with me tonight and last night!!! YOU SOOO ROCK!!

Thoroughly enjoyed your video! A brilliant buildup of your portfolio over time. Shared your post with a friend who owns Addicted Art Gallery

Wow that looks pretty amazing. You write very well man. This is really interesting followed you to read such article and videos. Haha :)

no drawing or painting is ugly, it is up to you on how you express or tell your story behind that. but then, good drawing can make you proud.

Your artworks and your words inspire me much. Thank you !!

Drawing was the most complicated task to me.I don't wanna remember my school life.

@jaber-hossain. Haha I can understand that. That was Chemistry for me. I don't wanna remember my chemistry lessons.. Oh wait. I don't remember them. ;) Thanks for checking out the post!

Chemistry wasn't so bad but drawing ??? Why that was happend to me?? I never wanted to be an artist though!!!!!!!

I'm stopping by my Friend! It's the green guy LOL! It is such a blessing to be on this journey with you! This post is much more entertaining and much more fun than you would find on television. Your talent is not of this dimension my Friend! Learning to draw is very intimidating but you are giving me the motivation and courage! Your video with your soundtrack is so AWESOME! Thank you for including the visine LOL! I hope all is well and I more than look forward to continuing the journey with you! I'm VERY proudly resteeming, commenting, upvoting and following! All the VERY best! Your Devoted Friend and Fan! Have a well deserved PHENOMENAL Weekend my Friend! Positive Energy and Great Karma! @extraterrestrial :)

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