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in #life2 years ago (edited)

       #thoughtfuldailypost ~ I've been seeing this tag quite often lately that was started by @wesphilbin. What caught my attention is the fact that thoughtful or thoughtfulness has always been one of my favorite words. So I thought I'd give it a go.


      I'm a big fan of people who promote thought. Being able to think is everything. To sit in silence and contemplate the purpose of life. To meditate. To be one with your environment. You can't truly be connected to your surroundings if you can't think.

      As a child I would find a spot in my yard where, when laying on my back, I could only see the sky in my field of view. I'd stare at the beautiful blueness of it. At any cloud that drifted through. I'd think a lot about what was beyond that blue.

      If you do this, you get the sensation that you are falling up. I would grip the grass with my fists in an attempt to anchor myself to the ground. I used to get the same sensation while I slept. But that story is for another time. If I decide to tell it.

      The purpose of this post is simply to encourage people to think. Especially children. Critical thinking is essential to becoming a well-rounded person who's free from group-think. Being a free, independent person depends on it.

      Take some time out of your day to sit quietly. Think about your surroundings. Think about your life. You'll be better off if you do.


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Thank you, Snook!


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I need to use my brain? Now I got all tired 😜 lol

I think this was a Great thoughtfuldailypost my friend and I agree on the importance of taking a break, and being outside just opens the minds and soul. Let The imagination Flow and think of all The beautiful things around us 😊
I can almost se the younger you laying in the grass and Thinking of The clouds looking like animals or space ships... Lol
Well written my friend and Thank you for sharing. Cheers! 🤗🌹💖

You know me well Saffy. I used to imagine spaceships landing. Hugs My friend!

Love this thoughtful memory and message! 🤗 I imagine you lying there entranced with the wonders of what was beyond the blue.

Letting the hustle of our lives fall away to soak in the bounty of the world around us is so important. Often, my girls and I will head to a quiet park and relax in the peace after playing. (Though sometimes I hear little snores when one of them falls asleep.)

Lying down so that I can drift away into the sky is something I still do and my clothes have the grass stains to prove it. 😄 I swear I can feel the Earth spin the longer I'm there and there have been so many times where I've lost sense of where I am. (I used to do this on break when I worked at the office but the sounds of traffic near the bench I was on kept me grounded. 😜)

So that's what you were doing on that bench. I wouldn't be surprised if we actually were feeling the movement of Earth.


I am glad you finally decided to jump on board as it were :)

This is a wonderful addition to my #thoughtfuldailypost initiative... being focused, thoughtful, mindful... one with ourselves and surroundings. This made me think of my younger days, when I would climb the roof of my Mother's house, lay flat, and look at the sky...

No One looks up anymore...

There is a certain fascination, of looking up at a clear night sky, and thinking, "are we really alone?"... of course, I can remember my teenage year's... experimenting with LSD and laying in a shallow creek while looking up... the feeling of floating, even though really... you weren't really floating. I digress :)

The purpose of this post is simply to encourage people to think. Especially children. Critical thinking is essential to becoming a well-rounded person who's free from group-think. Being a free, independent person depends on it.

Yes!! No Playstation... no Smart Phone... imagination!! Critical thinking indeed... Thank you for deciding to give my initiative a try... I am glad you did, and what a wonderful post...


Thank you for the wonderful comment Wes! And double thanks for encouraging people to think. It's always nice to meet other sky watchers. I had to smile when you mentioned your teenage years. The thing that always amazed me about psychedelics is how psychically connected I would become to others. We could read each other's mind. This would only happen with certain people, too.

I love this take on a different perspective, of falling up and thinking deep. Wonderful!

Thank you. I highly recommend it. I'm happy to report that, as an adult, I still get that sensation.

I do the same thing, except swinging on a swing set. I look up and imagine I could let go and fly into the sky, and keep flying. ;)

Critical thinking is essential, I totally agree, but these days any kids who shows that kind of a trail is easily termed depressed or moody, on the bright side? Geek.

Yes. People who think a lot tend to be quiet. We often would rather observe than be active participants. I had a family member once tell me "You're anti-social." It broke my heart that someone I care about could have such a negative perception of me based on a misunderstanding.

Fortunately, my years as an observer of people have made me quite good at distinguishing thoughtfulness from depression.

backyards as children were so wonderful. The quiet. The trees. The sky.

when we go camping now I bring things to do but never do them. I just sit and listen to the leaves and look at all the green and think........ or not...... but just FEEL the world around me.

Nature has so much to offer and quiet is a gift many are so afraid of.

Thank You for this!

"quiet is a gift many are so afraid of."
So true. We all know people who can't stand when things are quiet. They always have a tv or radio on. Not surprising that we are a bunch of thinkers here. ;)