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After nearly three weeks of travelling in three different countries I have finally arrived at my destination – my new home in Jönköping in the middle of Sweden.

The train that brought me to Jönköping earlier today

This was the first thing I saw, when I stepped off the train:

The view on the lake Vättern

My first minutes in a new town felt great:

I took a stroll in the city centre, to get acquainted with the new place.

The first building that made an impression on me was this church Sofiakyrkan:

When I went inside the church, it was just me there, all alone. There was a thermos wish freshly brewed coffee and a few cookies with a note “Welcome to the Sofia church! Please have a cup of coffee”. So I did:

And then this man came in, went to the organ and started playing!! It felt like a private concert, with just me in the audience!

More photos of the inside of the beautiful church:

After the lovely music break in the church, reinforced by cookies and caffeine, I continued my exploration of the city. Here are some views of the streets that I saw on my way to the university:

And then I was in front of the reason I moved to this city:

The Jönköping University

My school, where I will be pursuing an MBA in International Financial Analysis:

Jönköping International Business School

My house is situated on the edge of the beautiful city park:

On my way to the house I could enjoy this panoramic view over the central Jönköping:

More pictures and stories of my student life in Jönköping will follow in the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned!

The photos in this post are my own and were taken with my smartphone camera, Nokia 7 Plus with ZEISS optics

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Dude! It looks awesome there! Woah, the clouds are insane. PLEASE take a time-lapse one day when you know you won't touch your phone for an hour or 3 =P (leaving it on charge would be best) There is an Android app called Time Spirit. Bit buggy and annoying ad stuff (don't sign in =P). Set it to maybe 6 or 12 seconds intervals. Trust me you will love the end result! Post it via Dlive so we can all enjoy it then =)

Also, those biscuits. Marie Biscuits? Looks yum!

Glad you arrived safe and sound. =) Looking forward to hear about your adventures there.


Thank you for the tip, mate! I’m gonna try this app one day. I saw your ‘Good Morning Malaysia’ time-lapse, it looked amazing! Today the sky is all-blue, not a single cloud up there. I took a panorama shot of the city from a hill. Gonna post it tomorrow for the #cityscapephotography challenge.

By the way, I live on top of a steep hill. Every walk home feels like a major cardio workout. I’m losing litres of sweat every time I climb up here. And hopefully a few grams of fat as well. :D


Sweat is fat crying! I say make it rain! Hahaha. The sky and clouds there look amazing so I can only imagine how beautiful it will be. Saw the panorama and now wondering how some place can be so different. Looks like you are settling in a bit. Hope you live in a nice place. Sooner than later you will get used to your daily hike. =)


Indeed, my place is super lovely. It’s a residential area with small private villas. From the looks of it, it’s where the middle-upper class folks live. Every house is pretty, uniquely designed and has its own fruit garden in the back. Lots of apple trees and berry bushes. I am renting a small apartment in a house owned by an elderly couple. Have my own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, a small living space with a sofa and TV, and bedroom. It’s actually bigger and better-equipped than my last place in Gävle, while the rent is almost exactly the same I paid back there. I really had a very good luck scoring this place. It feels like a small step-up for me, compared to my previous housing situation.

Now I just have to get to know other people in town, find some fellow Blockchain enthusiasts, and then life will feel pretty exciting, for sure. :)

Lovely post @oleg326756. That looks like a really pretty town.

But I'm confused. I thought you were moving to Portugal! 😂

When do you studies start?


I thought I was moving to Portugal too, haha! :D I guess I got side-tracked and confused during my recent travels. ;)

Here’s the real explanation though:

My studies begin next Monday, so I have this week to explore the city and learn to find my way around it.


Thanks for the link to the post describing your change of plans @oleg326756. I must have missed that one.

Congratulations on getting onto the course it sounds like you've got all your studies nicely aligned.

Good luck finding accommodation and I look forward to hearing more about your adventure. 😊

Hi, nice post, I felt I was there with you. I am shocked that I did not see any people in your pictures, not even in the train station. I live in New York, so here it is very, very crowded.


Yes, I can really relate to your surprise, @starjewel. I used to live in Moscow in the past, so when I first moved to Sweden to study twelve years I was seriously concerned about where did all the people go?! It felt so desolate after the busy hustle and bustle of the large city. And now I get easily tressed when I visit Stockholm with just a million people living there, haha!

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What amazing architecture that church has. They seem to always be fun to look at. That place seems to really welcome anyone who just wonders in. I hope your new adventure in life takes you to some really amazing places.


Thank you, my friend! Yes, the church is in the architectural style that I like. It reminded me of my favourite church in Lund, where I used to live. And it’s almost as pretty on the inside as that church were. Only this one is bigger. It would be interesting to visit it during an actual service, I think.

So you just moved to Jonkoping for studies? cool!!

I remember being there years ago with my tent at the water with a gigantic storm that had a chance to produce big big big winds over the water slashing my tent. Leaving the tent we just went to a bar to be warm and shelter from the storm. Thats my jonkoping experience! hahahaha

glad to see that it is actually super nice!


Haha, what a story! I’m glad you lived to tell it. :) Hopefully the next time you visit Jönköping, it will be much more pleasant weather here. But, just in case, book an indoors accommodation next time. ;)

Seems like you can easily get distracted from your studies by staying at such a beautuful place.

Btw, if you're going to be posting more about your travels around Sweden, or any location, do share with us on the @Steemitworldmap.

You can find out more about it on Just click on the 'code' at the bottom of the map and follow the instructions or check out the FAQ to get your post on the map. Hope to see you soon!


Thank you for the tip, @livinguktaiwan. Indeed, I should share my travel posts on @Steemitworldmap more.

Not only this place is beautiful by itself, it’s also filled with beautiful people. Which can be even more distracting, haha! :D

Jonkoping is amazingly beautiful. All the best in your new home, and with your studies.
You might want to consider using the steemitworldmap tag for your post.


Thank you, Vincent! Good idea, I could certainly use that tag more than I do.

Good to have you back Oleg!

What a beautiful bright church! The churches here are mostly so dark. Coffee and cookies? What a treat! They knew you would be coming and wanted to welcome you :D

This is an awesome place to live. Beautiful city, amazing views, lots of trees, water.. perfect! I'm sure you'll be happy there.

Looking forward for the updates from your student life!


Thank you, Martina! It does seem and feel like a very lovely town. I cannot wait to meet my classmates and teachers and get to hang out with other students of the university. The first week of my programme (starting next Monday) will be dedicated mostly to orientation and socialising activities and I want to make use of those to make new friends. This week I will be exploring Jönköping on my own to get a better feel of it.

(and regarding the coffee and cookies waiting for me in the church upon arrival: I knew the God had a plan for me!!) :D

Åh herreguuuud, ratflol < torkar tårarna!! :P da daaa upp för den mysteriska rulltrappa..da DaAA... O.o
welcome back & hope you hade a splendid time 🐲🐉💗i think.. the rest of the pics and texts are good buut, heay im still stuck on the escalator, so what do i know :P lol

Exciting times! You must visit Gränna and Vadstena too now that you are by the lake! 🙏🏼


Thank you for the tip, @mariakollerstrom! I’ll try to check out those places.