Easter Time Y'all

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Welcome To

Market Friday

Easter Edition!!

Well Market Friday seems to be the time to buy all of your Easter accoutrements so your house can look like this! LOL

I took this shot very early in the morning and I think, although it is a bit much for my tastes, it is cool that the stuff was able to be left out all night without being disturbed!


I suppose if you are going to have a post filled with cute bunnies, this Market Friday would be the one.


Be sure not to forget your egg coloring kits!


Its is cheap fun and who doesn't like hard boiled eggs?? Well they are just ok to me, I think I eat them every Easter.


Not too shabby!


I tried to put an artistic tree on this one. ;)


Of course even Oreos have to get in the Easter scene...


I honestly was surprised at how many aisles Walmart actually devoted to Easter things. I mean it was literally aisle after aisle!


I hope everyone has a marvelous Easter weekend! I know for me I will be house shopping to get me moved out of here and push forwards towards warmer climes and a brighter future. Thanks as always to @dswigle for hosting Market Friday!

Thanks for stopping by!

All words and images are mine and can be also found on my various social media sites. Now I must add that some of the shots I steal from my son Ben @silver314 , but I feed him so he can sue me lol.


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Oh lucky you.. I was in Walmart (mexico) today and they have NOTHING special for Easter , no chocolate eggs, no Easter baskets,no chocolate bunnies...I was disappointed! I know so sad story :D I can only dream about Oreo Easter Edition :D
Happy Easter!! :)

Oh that is crazy! I wonder why they dont...surely the Mexicans are as big on Easter as us in the US I would think!! Happy Easter!

Cute stuff toys.

It is the bunny rabbits that i wanted, I never had a meal of those @old-guy-photos :P

Oh yeah I like chocolate too!!! I got to watch having too much! It will run my sugar!!!

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Happy Market Friday @old-guy-photos!

You already colored those eggs? Well, I guess it is Friday already. I do love to color the eggs and I am not sure which I like the tie-dyed or the glitter eggs. How about you? Which one did you decide was best?

I get little kids this year from the neighborhood. I am organizing a coloring party and then an egg rolling contest. I went to the store earlier and bought cute little prizes! There are 15 kids. It should be a hoot!

But, hey! This is about you and your post. I think I almost hijacked it. Sorry.

Looks like the Easter Bunny threw up all over that yard..lol!

Oh, @deerjay!! Peter Rabbit will be leaving you nothing but bunny pellets for that thought! LOL But, yes!!! You are right! LOL I am so ready for Easter, I think I might have decorated too early and it has taken forever to get here. Easter Bread tomorrow! Yay! My once a year effort at it. Braided bread with eggs in it. Colored eggs. :)

Was that at the Walgreens or another pharmacy? They seem to have some of the best selections of Easter things. I need to get my jelly belly jellybeans. I can 't have Easter without them!

I hope that you and the family are all ready and will be ready for sunrise service at the crack of light on Sunday. I sent the churches taxi service a note to pull your sorry self out of bed for it. I know how much you wanted to go!

Wishing you a Happy Easter!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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Happy Easter @old-guy-photos!! I can make out the tree on the egg!
Looks like the Easter Bunny threw up all over that yard..lol!

That is like their style! LOL Here is their Halloween!


Hop, hop. We will be coloring our eggs later. I am with you. I do not like to eat that many hardboiled eggs instead. We will be doing quail eggs. They are a whole other basket ... so to speak. They almost decorate themselves:) Loved your eggs:)

Nice to see a few bunnies and eggs there i haven't had a Easter for 10 years they don't have that here in Thailand i do miss that chocolate :(

Cute bun rabbits. It is a time of lots of eggs and chocolate. I remember those Paas egg-dye kits well. Though mine never turned out as nice as yours. Especially the tree, never thought of that one. And I'm a forester. Yeeg. Hope you have success in the house hunt, and your Easter is a nice one. Cheers on a weekend in April.

Nice Easter things such as cute bunnies and coloring eggs photography.

overkill on the decorations lol