The Evil Ones

in life •  2 months ago

How do you identify the evil ones? 

That prey unto the good

How do you rate them as evil? 

On what standard do you place them? 

For us humans, all that stand against our intentions and goals are termed evil. 

What if what they want is exactly the opposite of our progress. 

That means we are their enemy if we don't open our chest for a free bullet shoot-out

That is why the world, in itself

Is a warfront

A battle ground where civilians get slain by stray arrows. 

Where the unarmed

Hits the ground so often

Being too civilian in a world of arrow and bullets could cost us much more than we bargain for. 

Because even when you wish all the soldiers good

Not all wish you same. 

Many will still yearn earnestly to dip an arrow in to the depths of your pure soul

Innocence is good

Purity is awesome

But be wise as snake, yet gentle as a dove. 

The world is not for the faint hearted

It is for the right hearted

Love your Neighbour as your self

But don't forget to stay alive.

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Love your Neighbour as your self

But don't forget to stay alive.

Hahaha, sometimes loving our neighbour might also cost ones life. I think we all need the wisdom to identify and do the right thing at the right time, as you have stated.


Yes bro. Thanks for reading.

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You summed this up perfectly, we only know ourselves and for the fact that we won't do evil does not mean others wont throw us under the bus.

I find this quite interesting though

But be wise as snake, yet gentle as a dove.

Thank you for another thought provoking post.

Sister ogoo.. Upvote our comments fa.. We're your loyal follower

You just hit it. No gentleness on earth. Lol

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the world is for those who dare to try :)