If You Want Success, You Have To Change Yourself And Your Life

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Do you know it? Always the same. Every day. And you finally need a change. But you are caught in a monotonous process. It has become a habit. It only bores you now. It is a state of standing still.

Or sometimes there are situations in which we can't control our lives, and when we look at these situations in which we were thrown, we see that we didn't really want that. But it is up to us to overcome irreversible situations and turn them into advantages. We can begin to think about the positive aspects of our situations. Since we don't always have everything under control, we have to be open to surprises that life offers us. Even if they appear negative at first.

When I became aware of this situations and my monotonous life, I wanted to take steps to improve myself and change some things. But first I had to know where to start, otherwise I couldn't do anything, or not rightly and at the end I would maybe to thrown back into this old habits...
That's why I wanted to mention some tips that I used myself and that others might be able to help.

The first step is always the hardest. There are several reasons why we are in situations where we do not want to be. The first is that one must begin to realize and know oneself (Know Yourself). The second problem is that much of what stops us in our lives is controlled by fear. You have to get your fears under control and even fight them (How You Can Overcome Your Fears). And you have to open yourself to new things. Without this, you can't expect any change in your life!

Open Yourself
Opening yourself up means trying out new things. Things you would never do before. Be it to try something new to eat or to deal with a subject that you have ignored because you didn't want to accept. Such things bring new knowledge and insights. Even if you see later that you don't like it or it doesn't suit you, at least you know what you're dealing with. And you have gathered experience. That is the most important thing about something new. The experience you gain with it will open you and change you.

Taking the responsibility
Every time you elude your responsibility, things will accumulate and in the end it will be more and more difficult to carry them. That's why you should always face your responsibility. Otherwise it will throw you into situations that you can no longer control. Such situations can sometimes be very unpleasant. And the more you elude your responsibilities, the more such situations become. And in the end you are trapped in it. But if you face them, take them in your hand, it can cause changes that can positively surprise you and open new doors for you, that smooth a new path...

Social environment
If you want changes in your life, you have to start changing your social environment. You can't expect a change if you want to chill with your friends every day. Sometimes it's good to chill with friends, but it won't get you anywhere in life. There are also people who consciously stop you in your development. They don't have any success in their own lives and they don't want you to have success. You have to recognize such people and if you want changes and success, you have to avoid these people. Surround yourself with people who tell you what you can do and who motivates you. Stay away from people who tell you that you can't do things. They are like poison.
Find people who are looking for success, who are positive and open to things. They will change you!


New Knowledge
Sometimes it's like we think we know things better than others or they are. This is the case with situations and also with knowledge. And that closes us off from new things. But the world is changing and so what we knew before is being renewed again and again. That's why we have to be open to new things and continue to educate ourselves. That can open you up again and make you more curious and it can give you new approaches which in turn can lead to new ideas. Get involved with things that really interest you. Don't do it because others do it. Do what you are interested in. Because doing things that you love yourself will make you happier and more satisfied! That will make you more self-confident then before!

Self criticism
No man is perfect. Every one of us has his faults! Therefore you should also be open for criticism. And it is even more important to criticize yourself. But in a healthy way!

But you also have to be careful here. There will always be people who will try to act like your friend but try to get you down. These people will try to convince you that what you are doing is not good and will then tell you that it is criticism. That's not criticism what they tell you, that's nagging and resentment and sometimes they do it because they want to ruin your success. Try to recognize such assholes and stay away from them. You can't help them either and don't even try to help them to become a better person. Because then they will start to see you as small and themselves as something better. Such people are like poison.

People who really criticize you also give you enough air to deal with it and want that you understand what they criticize about you and maybe even show you possibilities how you can do things better. There are even people who give you a helping hand in connection with criticism. Helping criticism is always good and can improve your success. Everything else is wasted energy. But in the end you have to know for yourself which criticism you accept and which you declare as void. Criticism is like truth. Different for everyone.

Challenge the Difficult
If you want to achieve something, you must also try to accept challenges and overcome them. Even if a challenge may seem impossible, there will always be a way to overcome it. Nobody, believe me, really nobody has managed a difficult situation the first time! Even if you fail the first time, don't give up! Get up and try it again! The mistakes you make in the challenge must be seen as an experience! Every failure is an experience! Every experience is a step forward on your way and can bring you closer to your goal!
Once you've mastered your first difficult challenge, you'll love the success it brings you! And if you continue with it, you will become addicted to it, because this feeling is awesome, motivating and makes you more courageous and self-confident and even fulfills you!

These are just a few points that I have mentioned and how I see things. These steps or help I give have no order. You first have to become aware of yourself, where the core of your problems lies and what you have to change first. Most of the time these things are connected with each other and you have to start working on yourself and everything else, but not at the same time, but gradually! In the beginning it might look difficult and a lot but you will see that it just only seems like that. It is easier than it looks like!


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A perfect issue indeed. Thank you for this valuable article.

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Yeah I Agree!

Thanks for the article. It enlightens me.

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I find this post valuable and needs a resteem.
More power to you!

I agree there are certain elements that need to change, opportunities is another factor out where I live... money is an issue, and things to do.
But we’re working on it

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i wish you much success @andrewgenaille

Social environment is what I’m working on now. I get bored easily and love to be around people as being alone gets me anxious. Great article, the stepping stones are 100% worth It at the end!

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@jason7282 It's hard to be alone when you're used to having people around you, but if you want to get to know yourself, you should only take time for yourself.

it's always time to change your life. thank you

Simply change your life.

This is a really motivating post. I have just recently shared how to overcome challenges post and I am enlightened more by this. Great write up!


ty @fycee, i am glad to hear/read that :)

Great motivation, just keep on stretching my comfort zone..



Yes, Change is never easy. But accepting the reality no matter how worst your condition may be is the very first step you should take for changing your life steps. Everyday we are getting caught in this RAT'S RACE monotonously. To change this, you must be very specific about the changes you are going to do with your life in future.
Slowly changing or adapting to new things patiently can be the way to do changes. However, change in life whether in career, economically, personality it all totally depends upon you. Changes must have more perks than the situation you are in right now.

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that is true @kiransuwal - thank you for your words

Reconozco que me aburro facilmente gracias por este articulo


you must work on yourself, the key is in you ;)

per cambiare il mondo, il cambiamento deve partire già da noi stessi. fermamente d'accordo!

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I find this post valuable and needs a resteem.
More power to you!

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