How You Can Overcome Your Fears

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You, me, they and all of us have many fears. We all have shortcomings. Besides, nobody is perfect and it is only natural to have fears.


The only unnatural thing is that these fears prevent you from enjoying life. If there is such a thing, know that this is not the fear itself, because you cannot enjoy this life. However, you can reverse this situation. Instead of letting your fears lead your life, you can make to use them. Instead of looking for solutions to what you fear and waiting for a miracle, you can decide to act now. I know firsthand that this is not so easy. That's why I've made a step-by-step description below. It's not easy, but it's not impossible.

Without comparing yourself to others, without trying to respond to the expectations of the people around you, you can turn inward and awaken the power there. You just take the first step and start without thinking much. You will see the rest coming by itself. Even if you will feel the burning fire of fear in your face, just wipe it away. As long as you do something about it, you will get away from the burning effect of the fire. Who knows, maybe you will see that what made you fear all this time is only something you have created in your head.

Let's see how you can deal with these fears.

In fact, many fears, including the things I mentioned at the beginning, are based on three main reasons:

  • Being rejected / ignored by others
  • Losing control
  • Fear of the unknown

Below, with the nine steps, I'll go more into the main reasons. You can pick your favorite and use it whenever you need it in everyday life. If you don't like it or something that doesn't fit, just ignore it. But the answers to the real answers and reasons lie within yourself...

How can you overcome your fears?

  1. Be aware of your fear. This step is more important than any other. Because if you don't recognize your fear, no other steps will work. But maybe the fear you feel is like a plate in front of you. If your fear is not clear and obvious, stop, think and realize what it is. And when you do, celebrate yourself. Because you have taken the first step to overcome your fear and get rid of it.

  2. When you see your fear, stop it. Take a deep breath. Feel it Define it if you can. Is it big? Is it small? Is it far away? Is it near? Or do you feel the breath of fear on your neck? Does it want to destroy you? Does it want to help you? Take a deep breath. Keep yourself open for the answers to these questions.

  3. Put yourself in the position of a traveler exploring a new country. Give your full attention to the fear and focus on it. Instead of thinking about what fear should be, feel curious about what it really is. What triggers this fear? What feelings do you have in your body with it? What thoughts bring it to mind? What do you think you are doing? Look at your fear without doing anything. Your fear is no longer an unknown foreigner in this way.

  4. Tell yourself something reassuring. If you feel like crazy, you have to say something like, "I can do this." Or "That will pass and I will continue with my life". Ask yourself how long your fear has been in your life. Fears generally consist of what we experienced in our youth when we felt a need for love and affirmation. Calming down can be like a unique drug.

  5. Automatically focus on thoughts that come to mind. None of the anxious thoughts are rational, and it doesn't help you. Even if you don't know what will happen soon, the fear thoughts in your head will try to convince you that bad things will happen. However, there will be good developments that will make you happy beyond your dreams. So concentrate on your breath instead of concentrating on those negatively feared thoughts. When you sit, stand up, move. And when you are up, deal with the next step.

  6. Focus on what you want and try to connect with it. For the change to take place, the desire to escape from the old and anxious state must be stronger than the habits. Remember constantly the desire for concentration and why it is important.

  7. Compare the consequences of the experience with your fears and the consequences of the exit of your fears from your head. Ask yourself what is better and what you want more. The choice is yours.

  8. Here your conscious and virtuous decision is very important. Now you are one step away from your fears. Instead of fear you have made a decision based on your true desires and needs. If you did it, estimate your own success. Now enjoy the freedom from the fear that will lead you to a... No! You had made yourself your own victim! With the thoughts of fear!

  9. You may not be completely free of fear. That will probably never be a human being in life. But every time you face against your fears, you will be freed from your fears. When you encounter your fear again, think: Every encounter offers you the opportunity to be a step more open and loving, because fears can close people and sometimes cause aggression. When your fear reappears, you should meet him as a guest. Remember that he cannot keep you from your desires and needs. And let him go his way on his ways.

This isn't a guide or a magic spell I'll give you on your way. It's just an aid. It usually only takes 1-2 minutes. But the process, which one can reach with it, can be enormous. It also gets easier and shorter with each repetition.

But very important is that you have to be open. Open for new things. Open to your fears and what is most important: Open to yourself! Because when you become open to yourself, you also become more self-confident. If you become more self-confident, you will also become aware of your fear more quickly. With this you will realize that fear is only an illusion, which has evoked only by yourself, in your head...


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Great stuff!

I think Fear is one of, if not the, biggest instrument that the elites control us with.
Therefore, learning to be aware of it and overcome it is absolutely crucial.


Ignorance is what they use, in media, marketing, all things new world order. But what could possibly over power them? Awareness of course. Coming to steem to read, reply and write increases awareness in at least yourself, fulfilling your lifes purpose. Ignorance is always in fear of Awareness. Who always wins? Allegories everywhere.

thanks for this information this is very helpful keep it up sir.

Хороший пост! Этого людям не хватает везде страхи)))сковали обычного человека))))но я думаю тут не в страхе дело а в самом человеке. Если он слаб духом то не один пост ему не поможет,только тот кто силен духом может забыть про страх. а так автор молодец. Нашел интересную тему,может кому то и поможет)))


thank you yfnfkb, my inducement with this article was to give a help and/or to motivate people with fears

To overcome fear, first of all we should have a firm control over our minds. Because it's all in the mind - the fear, anxieties, restlessness, worries. When we learn the art of keeping our mind stable, nothing in the world scares us then.


thats true @freebirdkhushboo, we create our demons ourselves and then we try to defeat them... thats... in a point of view is that funny and sad in the same time.

Dealing with fear is a part of living. It's not a thing that can be avoided, tho many attempts to push it aside and not acknowledge it's presence. There is no shame in been afraid, its only a shame when you are stopped by your fears. I like the part the author encouraged readers to feel and define it. If you actually follow that instructions you would soon come to realize our fears are mostly exaggerated by the mind, due to past unassuring experiences which is the cause of high momentum of negativity moving forward in life.

Fear is the ultimate dream killer!

Thank you for the article. I read it twice.

Great points there Oender!

Fear is part of human existence.
Don't worry, fear will end when death comes.
Don't fear death because its the remedy.

Fear will come and go. There are moment and moments of fear we can't avoid and we can't predict when its gonna happen.

To overcome fear based on my faith, knowledge and experience is to face fear whenever it arrives.

Great content, with a lot of useful tips!

great thanks for the infomate @oendertuerk

Great article! very helpful thanks for this.

Thanks @oendertuerk for this great post. I use to fear the unknown in time past but I got over it. Your steps are definitely inspiring and adrenaline-laced. However, the one I deemed too effective and which works wonders for me is the part whereby whenever I feel fear springing up from within, I will just take a really deep breath and exhale and I will feel just fine afterwards. It is Simple yet effective. Fear only limits someone from enjoying life and the earliest people realise this, the better. I remain my humble self @comclick

Interesting topic, so important that much has been written about it. Certainly fears paralyze to the point of not allowing many people to enjoy life fully. Offering strategies to do so is the best help we can offer. I once read a phrase that remained in my memory; Do what you are afraid of. It is not easy but fascinating to try. Thanks for sharing.

if we lie a lot that means we fear something and lying can save us from that. i think it could be a point to overcome our fear. nice article ...

It's true, I m an Indian and in our Indian culture, we tell to all that, Jo darr gaya , samjo marr gaya,means if you scared, you will die.

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so true...

Thank you for this valuable article. Your posts mostly inform us important issues. Following you gain useful knowladge.

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great post! I can relate much with this because there’s something I’ve been fear of lately.

We must compare ourself to ourself not to anyone else.... so that we acheive anything in life

I never thought of these phrases before.
You just nailed it all!! @oendertuerk


post is excellent. Beautiful and vital. I am surprised how such a post so little scored. It should have at least 10,000 likes and many subscribers. People you do not like a good post? When you give your voice bad posts and good past the eye miss. Like a subscription from me))) Ator cross

Being aware that you are the creator of all things itself allows you to gain full control of your emotions through self discovery. Remembering who you were always intended by yourself to be. No one knows you better than yourself. People and events in your life are meant to be aware of, to show you the duality that exists in life. Unite your minds eye and see through the shadows. Know what you have always known. I am awareness, I think this therefor I am.

Excellent post!


We fear the unknown. The most obvious unknown is death, no one came back from death telling us face to face how was it over there. I did face it when my father died and I had to bury him with my bare hand. That is how I finally overcame on part of my fears. Trust me, I learned that there are more than the unknown like the endless abyss. So we have to struggle, maybe until we die. The more I know, the lesser I realise I knew.

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my sincere condolences - and yes, you are right

And the irony is, deep down inside almost all the people know that fear and worry is nothing but a waste of time and still most of the people fail to live a meaningful life.

Wow. You have a fantastic perspective. This is a great read with powerful information, I'm glad I found it this morning! Continue with the great work and make today a good day with positive thinking :)

Also if you stick to 'faking it till you make it' that can also help.

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