Share Sunglasses and Specs To Unlock SBD

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How do I participate?

Step 1 - Find a pair of Sunglasses or Specs.

Step 2 - Get a piece of paper and write @o07

Step 3 - Take a photo of the item + piece of paper.

Step 4 - Upload this image to my post in the comments.

Step 5 - Make sure you Upvote this contest post to be eligible.

What happens next?

Once the author payout finishes in 7 days all entries will collated.

The winner will be selected by a randomized site so everyone has a chance.

What's the prize?

50% of the SBD's generated from this author post will awarded to the winner.

Do I need to resteem to enter?

Resteem of this post is not required for entry but any additional players we can get involved will increase the overall pot of SBD for the winner of the giveaway!

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Any sharing of my contests is always appreciated

Follow @o07 and @footytips for giveaways!

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These are my favourite sunglasses.

I thought I'd share a funny face with my glasses ;) Turns out I'm doing a face my grandma Serre used to do all the time XD


Cool contests!!!



MY pair of Sunglasses, very timely for the coming Summer....

Not really sunglasses or specs, but something between. Those Gunnar glasses are perfect for both PC and a cloudy day or even on a night drive to help your eyes don't get hurt by the powerful lights of other cars :)


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Wow.! Nice..😎


Hahaha! Really? Do you have your entry?

Hi! Here's my entry..

My favorite pair, hope they give me luck!

This seems to be a nice contest ! Up voted and resteemed !

So fingers crossed for my first entry here.

Hey, buddy, I'm showing you my ticket. Good luck, everybody.


I wear the black ones most of the time and the clear frames at the computer or to read. Yes, I'm old!



I wrote a post about your daily contests. I just love them so much and want more people to participate in them each day. Fun, fun!!

I see Hesenberg and Jessie : )


What a great show that was :)

Just found your contests! IMG_20180303_111232318.jpg

fan of your contests, very funny, here my entrance


Hello, everybody, good luck.