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So it says your clock speed is too low? You could overclock but that could damage your computer. I'm afraid you may need a PC upgrade to efficiently run it. 3D programs require quite a bit of CPU processing for certain simulations and modeling, while cycles rendering and other simulations need quite a bit of GPU processing (Nvidia CUDA if I remember correctly). Also depending on how complex your scenes will be you may need more ram too. I'm not saying you need a top of the line PC, but you may need to make some upgrades.


Thanks a lot for this. How do I upgrade my system. Is it possible to get a processor

It is but you would need to see what kind of motherboard you have and see what chipsets/processors are compatible with it. Certain motherboards only accept certain kinds of pin setups. Also make sure your processor IS NOT soldered to your motherboard, otherwise you can't upgrade it. Also make sure the motherboard is fast enough for higher speeds. Also check your power supply to see if it is big enough to power the new chipsets.