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RE: Dear Friends, Fans, and Followers: Where Will You Be?

in #life2 years ago

I look forward to the day when the vast majority of high earning posts aren't about the platform itself or the politics of the platform. Then it will be a much different (more mainstream) place.

Imagine going to Facebook, and the posts with the most likes have nothing to do with cats, but instead are all about Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook policies.


Yeah I tuned in to Youtube the other day to watch their latest board meeting.

I used to do that when I held FB stock, but not anymore.

I was joking. I would never tune into Youtube just to watch their latest board meeting. And if that was Youtube's most 'popular' content, it would have been a one time adventure into nothingness.

Dude, if Hive is going to pull the same stunt and ignore everyone when they say it's wasted potential, like Steem did, there's no place to go.

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