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Probably one of the hardest days of my life has since passed. I've not slept.

More often than not, I'll write in character and put on a big show. Today I can only be me. Whatever I'm about to write is unknown to me now. I hope I don't get too carried away.

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Wrap my head around this.

I cannot.

These business decisions of Justin's are perplexing to say the least. I'm baffled. The guy says one thing and does the other. At this point I've nearly convinced myself he's just another rich kid, trolling us here, for shits and giggles, and this is all simply one giant publicity stunt.

When you witnesses and wealthy folk got together to make a tough decision, I'm confident it was just that. A tough decision. In a former life, I was a professional. I've been in these meetings. I know how hard it can be to compromise. I wasn't involved but I can picture many of you having difficulties agreeing and coming to terms with a plan that maybe wasn't exactly how you would have wanted it. Enough time though and it's unanimous. There's no going back.

Of course.

I wasn't too pleased with your decision.

Do I need to feel like I must say that quietly now? What's done is done. I knew within about an hour of biting my tongue and processing my thoughts, me saying something wouldn't change anything.

I would have preferred and suggested more communication before making a tactical move.

Justin responded. He said "March 6th" and that was seemingly enough, for now.

People were happy, for some strange reason, and so was he because he knew he bought himself some time. It was painfully obvious to me. I would have declined March 6th and pressed for talks to begin then and there. I would not have taken 'no' for an answer.

Lack of communication. That's always a recipe for disaster.

A simple conversation was basically what everyone wanted. As divided as this great nation of ours can be at times, I'm certain talks, discussing these issues, figuring things out with words, professionally, in a timely manner; that's what we wanted no matter what side of the coin your face is on.

Would have, could have, should have.

It's in the past.

Again. What's done, is done.

So now what? I've been alone with my thoughts for quite awhile here, in Canada. The middle of nowhere.

I don't have people I can talk to about this stuff, in life. I annoyed my entire Facebook clan by constantly writing about this place and sharing links. Not many folks were interested. A lot of us who are here today — for whatever reason — we found this place and jumped right in. It was a no-brainer, to us. That's the kind of people we are; not everyone is the same.

Of course we all say great things about the place, when trying to recruit our people.

Then you feel like kind of an asshole, because they arrive, and it's nothing like the brochure.

Half the people are over in discord or wherever, having a great time. This place is quiet. People fall through the cracks, feeling unwelcome. And then, of course, the drama filled internal memos. Steem this, Steem that. Always problems. Too many chiefs. Not enough Indians.

I get it though. I care enough to want to speak my mind as well, so I'm doing it right now, because I can.

Didn't start writing this so I could tell people what I think they should be doing or suggest we do something different.

I don't know what I'm going to do.

I'm inching closer to four years as a member.

So there's a wealthy individual out there who says he'll do great things for this place. I wanted to believe him.

I'm not easily swayed. I don't like being manipulated. I've yet to find a reason to trust that guy. I wanted to be able to trust that guy.

Trust and respect is earned in my culture. It's not a given. Bridges were already burned before I even got to say hello.

Honesty is incredibly important to me.

I think honesty is important to a lot of people; but isn't it interesting how maybe, somewhere within the words you've read so far, I said something you didn't like, yet I was only being honest, and that's exactly what you wanted.

The human mind unravels. Dealing with things we don't want to accept becomes difficult.

I haven't decided yet.

Where to go from here.

When you folks gather for your meeting with Justin or Tron or this confusing entity... please leave your emotions at the door.

Figure this stuff out. Stop flexing. Find that middle ground. Be professional. Please.

That's my only request. I can't be there. I'm on the sidelines and can only hope things go well.

I can't see myself starting from scratch anywhere else. I've put far too much effort into this world. I won't want to be here if everyone leaves. I already lost hundreds of followers for reasons. People come, people go. They follow the promise of money to failed attempts like whaleshares, leaving people behind, after saying numerous times in their Steem cheerleader posts, "Community number one! I love the people!"

Justin has to prove himself. That will take a lot of work.

You folks have the advantage. Proven yourselves many times, to many people. All you have to do, is do that again.

Don't fuck this up.

Have a nice day.

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"I might finally be able to sleep a bit now. Thanks for the ear/eyes."

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It was a massive call, and I don't envy those involved at all.

I too think that starting from scratch would be tough, and this could well be the signal to go see what's happening outside. Saying that, if the bulk of the active community is up for it, I could be inspired for one more go.

Rest well.

Pack our bags, fill our luggage with our problems and take it all with us? I'd prefer to fix things, carry on. I'll make the decision if I need to make the decision. For now, it seems quiet here, so maybe I will try this sleep thing out. Another tough call.

It's unlikely to happen and I think 2 more forks will be coming shortly. One by the Tron-side to reduce power down times so the exchanges can cough up the staked STEEM, and one from the previous bunch to reduce witness votes/0 stake/etc.

So we will likely get double the coins, although there value is likely to be much lower than current valuations.

I'd like to be wrong.

Having one of those that's not what I want to hear moments.... LOL!

The doctor said the same yesterday :)

You should get a second opinion. Where's everyone? Discord again?

I see 30 people sitting in silence in the PAL discord, none of them are top 21-50 witnesses though.

Well whatever. Community. I'm going to bed.

And yeah I already put my votes in for those witnesses.

I just powered up another 800 STEEM, roughly. I can't help this place any more. That's the best I can do.

Things were going OK before all this although Unfortunately the threat was always there. Whatever happens I will soldier on and I just hope that the ones I put my thrust in to sort out this shit will make all OK. I will say however that these loop holes in the governance will need to be closed for me to feel safe again.

Figure this stuff out. Stop flexing. Find that middle ground. Be professional.

I have a bad feeling it won't happen though. I imagine Justin sun is gonna walk into the room draped with an entourage of half naked boys and girls while smoking a cigar, he will stub it out on the floor, urinate make it rain with tron tokens and walk out the door.

That's just fucked up.. HA!

Figure this stuff out. Stop flexing. Find that middle ground. Be professional. Please.

You would think. If only they hear us. But sometimes we need a certain balance of trust in the future, otherwise we go crazy.

"Not like the brochure" LMFAO definitely not like the brochure!! This place is a tough sell to the confused outside world with a front lawn full of burning potatoes extinguishing the sun but gotta love the community's enthusiasm nonetheless. What is done is done and it's probably far from over for the next little while, time to ride the waves in your canoe. Where will we go? Who knows but we're about to find out. A middle ground would be great but I think that ship may have sailed already.

I'm thinking you're right about that ship sailing away. Based on things like: facts, history, patterns, trends... yeah I don't that dude cares. Whatever he's doing though, it doesn't make any sense. I think he might be on drugs.

Well at least being on drugs would make sense, maybe the coronavirus got to his brain and he's turning into a zombie. I agree with your statement , him probably not caring about the blockchain or the community, he probably did buy it burn it down and eliminate competition, still wouldn't make sense tho to burn one's own investment...maybe a pump and dump first? Maybe he has no idea what he bought? (I highly doubt that). The whole thing is weird. I have a conspiracy theory about the sale tho...I'll keep that for myself for now.

I have a lot of juicy little conspiracy thoughts I could spin into a nice web. I'm keeping that stuff to myself as well though. I'm not sure how strong my influence is now, after being gone for a few months, but I really don't want to lead anyone over a cliff. Some folks in the past long ago left my blog believing satire so now I'm far more careful.

With your Rick Flair style of writing no amount of follower lose will eventually rise up.

This shit is just getting real and real. Like a pinata waiting to be bashed to smithereens.

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There are 5000 plus cryptos on CMC. Who ever gets the name and the exchanges will survive in my opinion, broken but alive.

The other one will likely not.

Doesn't matter who you like or who you don't like.

Honestly, right now, I need sleep. I don't even know why I wrote this. There probably won't even be a meeting, or talks. Nothing like that.

There have been three days of war drums in PAL

I almost took the plunge during the outages. I don't know if I could handle that many drums though. Is that where you met your new robot friend?

haha, no..

He is watching my discord via friends. I bet you are jealous you don't have a robot! :)

I think I'd prefer maybe a hamster. A hamster with far less attitude.

It's hilarious.