RE: Minnows! I Need To Tell You This Before I Get Drunk Later. It's Important! Your Success Depends On It!

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Minnows! I Need To Tell You This Before I Get Drunk Later. It's Important! Your Success Depends On It!

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Nice! Keep poking around and getting to know solid people. The dedicated ones. I just came across a member here the other day. They have thousands of followers. Probably just did the follow for follow trick with anyone who walked in the door. If someone on the street comes up to you and asks you to follow them down a back lane, do you go?
Streetsmarts. Apply that here if you have any. All those followers, way more than me. They get a small amount of views on their work and worse yet, buying votes to help boost their earnings. If they don't switch up their game, they'll be buying votes forever. Votes are free. I don't pay for piss just because someone is selling it. I can make my own.

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That is the plan my man. To be honest as I get to know more and more about how steemit works, my mind naturally jumps to ways of maximizing returns on posts and strategies to make myself heard. But talking to you and some other insightful people here I've come to the conclusion that there's a lot of bullshit floating around in this platform at the moment. And the game plan should be to search for the gems rather than piss in the pool.

I would rather someone comments on my post, or reads what I write or comment and has a discussion with me and inspires my thought process than just upvotes and helps me get money. I think the monetary return will be a natural byproduct of quality content. So for the moment, until I find my zone, I think I'm gonna float around trying to incite conversation, and see how it goes from there!


Keep up with appearances. Get a nice avatar beside your name. Something so simple will go a long way.

Again. I'm an artist. It's not just about fancy pictures either. Art is many things. I need eyes on that first.

Have fun.