Friday's Happy Happy Fun Time Hour and The Rare Occurrence of a Drive-thru Breakthrough

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I been sitting in this line,

I been thinking of this rhyme,

I been floating on cloud nine,

I been waiting for what's mine,

I been hitting on that fine,

The smoke is tasting like pine,

I been looking at that sign,

Woman there is drinking wine,

Showing me some Calvin Klein,

Everything about that crime,

Switching gears,

Wasting years,

Window time,

Better take a,

This burger's made of,

And now I'll show you,

Moral of the Story

There are two kinds of people in this world.

Line Waiters and Burger Flippers

So the next time you're waiting in line, relax, enjoy the scenery; because that could be you, flipping burgers.

And that's not all!

Enjoy this art:

NoNamesLeftToUse - Almost Human.jpeg
Almost Human

Have a nice day!

Youtube video linked to source.
All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
Another wtf moment presented proudly by @NoNamesLeftToUse The Writer/Artist Himself.

Images © 2018 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.

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So the next time you're waiting in line, relax, enjoy the scenery; because that could be you, flipping burgers.

This is so deep. I read it to mean the person flipping the burger will have to do it for everyone on the line with no choice and you just have to wait for your time which is a much easier job. I like this saying. Its got lessons. Thanks @nonameslefttouse


It's kind of silly, but true. And everywhere I went this morning, I had to wait in line, while surrounded by impatient people. I'm sure those folks working have to wait even longer to get out of there, so I converted my ten minutes of downtime here and there into this mess of a fun post.

Some people's lives feel so busy, they can't slow down when they get the chance. Rush! Rush! Rush! Stuck in their own thoughts. Much better to watch people and compose poetry.


Fun fact: There's seven syllables above each word that rhymes with 'long'. That was no easy feat! Dammit. I just broke my 'f' key. Friday the 13th... Just noticed. So that's why is quiet here today... I better go outside before the roof falls on my head.


I once ran out of gas on a Friday the 13th, otherwise, it's usually a good day!


One bad thing, some bot downvoted me, 3rd time in 3 days from different bots and I don't know why...


Those are tiny accounts that can't do much damage, but I fixed whatever they might have taken away. My voting power is in the crapper though. I've been trying to charge it up today.


Thank you but did I do anything wrong that you could see?


There are a few flag trolls around just trying to annoy people. It's no big deal.


I didn't think they did any damage but it's a shock the first time. Thank you.

Julius Caesar pipe bowl, amirite?


One hitter disguised as a key chain. Living large and in charge.

Watching the 80s burger 🍔 rap (commercial) really got me. I think I’m going to have some soon😋. “Almost human” seems like he wouldn’t mind getting one of those 100% brown beef burgers as well.


That burger flipping acid flashback rap is hilarious. You should play that song for them while they're making your burger; that way they won't screw up.

No one likes waiting in line, think about if you had a job where you had to stand in line for 8 hours a day.

I would rather be flipping blogs with poetry and flipping burgers. Enjoyed the poetry and the video

I am very glad to not be a burger flipper. I would eat them all and be both fired and even fatter. I can’t even say no to those horrible fast food chains ones. I think I might have an addiction... To the lines of course who does not like waiting in a line! You could dance, you could sing, you can drive the person in front of you raving mad till they get out of line!

Are cats the worse thing to be next to in a line? Meow I think we are great to party with! If all lines are not to get into a party then I’m not quite sure why humans would wait in them for. Just skip to the front!

Thanks for breaking down that song which I’m guessing is a rap song. I would click it but I can already tell its been one of those days and I just want silence. Golden silence. Dead fish don’t sing!

So the next time you're waiting in line, relax, enjoy the scenery;

That's a awesome idea


Maybe it'll make the front page!

Your idea is awesome , i really like your idea .
Keep good work of every time .

Thanks for sharing @nonameslettouse
Upvote you .

I love Friday's post and this

So the next time you're waiting in line, relax, enjoy the scenery; because that could be you, flipping burgers.

Is totally true!

Hah, the grass is always greener. Waiting in thanks. Your post reminded me of this song from some time back.

Glad to see it looks like you are officially back now. Rumor has it that the person known as almost human won many races by a head. He was also famous for sticking his neck out.

Last night I had a dream about you. So I decided to scroll through your page and found this little bit of philosophy I missed last month.

So about the dream. I'm not really sure why I want to tell you about it, since you are not really a dream-interpreter type, in addition to the fact that you aren't going to reply to this, so I'm basically talking to myself. It is a slight improvement on talking to myself though, so I'm going forward.

So in the dream there is a bunch of chaotic crap, and then you close it up. Of course I haven't actually seen you, so my subconscious decided to represent you by this pinkish fog (sorry about the pink, my subconscious is apparently gender neutral), with only hands typing on a keyboard. I'm pretty sure that image was stolen from a cartoon of my childhood, but I don't remember what. So anyway. I apparently also think that you have strange hands, which probably has something to do with your profile picture, because your hands were kind of freaky looking. You typed up a message but the words were read aloud somehow via that all-knowing subconscious. It was a nice long paragraph that you ambled through in a pleasant way, and then concluded by telling everyone to fuck off and that you weren't coming back.

I wonder if your freaky hands are going to become some sort of host to my dreams. I can see you now in your pink fog and typing hands providing a little dream-conclusion recap: You went to bed hungry, so you dreamed that you were a brontosaurus eating a entire forest of treetops...and everyone fuck off.

I'll keep you updated on your role as host.

This dog is make of pork
This chicken's really cat
I need to pluck my eye
It's all just yin and yang
Get your booty back online

Yep, you showed up in my dream again last night. You are like a subconscious stalker. I'd take that any day over my plagiarizing stalker I had a few days ago. I can sort of imagine you performing some witchcraft near your computer, ensuring your readers don't forget you by dropping some subconscious reminders. In the alternative, it might have something to do with seeing your name pop up in my blog right before bedtime.

Anyway, so this one wasn't as dramatic. No pink fog. No freaky hands. Just you walking around as a shadowy figure taking pictures of all kinds of stuff - constantly, obsessively. I was just sitting there in that subconscious world where everything is known listening to the click of the camera.