Bleeding Ninja Turtle and the State of the @NoNamesLeftToUse Address

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Is a self-inflicted participation award a good sign of success?
Shady street beggars will often put money out on display.
Do you know why?

Bleeding Ninja Turtle.jpeg
Bleeding Ninja Turtle


I just came here to be a random arts and entertainment blogger.

Rather than sharing another artist's work and talking about it, I produce my own art and write my own words. That's old news to anyone who's been following my blog for awhile.

We all have our reasons to be here, we all have our own way. Being unique does not make me unique on it's own.

I refuse to buy your votes.

How can I call myself successful here if I go around purchasing success?

If an author releases a book, then hires a team to purchase every book in existence, does that make them a top selling author? Maybe on paper. If people found out about how this author became successful, would they rush to the stores to buy their next book?

Personally, I think people would be grossed out by this behavior. They would most likely view that author as more of a fraud than a writer and in the end that author might be forced to retire early.

If I was going around purchasing my rewards, how could I honestly tell my friends, family, my kids, you folks, everyone, "I am a successful, independent, outsider artist on the internet."

I certainly wouldn't be able to say I get paid because people like my work if I was buying likes. Then, while looking into my future, I wonder how I'd ever be accepted in the mainstream art community if they found out I simply purchased my success.

The Entire Time I've Been Here

I thought a vote meant, "I like this."
Steemit isn't the end of the road for me. I simply needed a place to get my foot in the door, a place to settle in and get started.

Two Insanity Productions. You'll see that at the bottom of every article I publish here. It's my brand. Exclusive to Steemit. Everything I do gets released to the public here. When I share my links around the internet to get more eyes on my work, those eyes must come here.

I created a brand and it resides as it's own entity on a blockchain. I'm one of the first people in the world to do such a thing. I'm proud of this accomplishment.

Everything this brand does, every move I make as sole proprietor is recorded and kept forever. Success now means nothing if it doesn't contribute towards the future. Honesty and integrity must be maintained or I'm done and I can kiss that future goodbye.

I don't demand people like my work. I release it to the public and simply hope they do. If people didn't enjoy what I do here, I would have left long ago. So far, every step of the way has been contributing to my future somehow.

Why Does the Shady Beggar Put Money on Display?

Lately, I've been experimenting. I have not voted on my two most recent posts, nor this one, and I'm going to continue like this for a few days.

I'm curious. Will people like my work if doesn't come equipped with money on display? So far, so good.

A shady street beggar will put a hat down and add a few coins. They like to play little mind games with the passersby. People will feel more inclined to give a coin, if they see others have done the same. When a mark comes along and drops a coin, the shady beggar looks around, picks up the coin, and puts it in their pocket. Now it's out of sight.

You see, if the hat was full of coins, the passerby is less likely to help someone who appears as if they don't need it. This is why those hats never fill up.

Some of those people can make over $1000 in one day doing this scam.

On the Other Hand

A street performer is working. A guitar case full of coins on the ground could lead to an over flowing guitar case. People feel more inclined to pay the performer if the performance is good and they see others having fun walking up to help out with a coin or paper bill. All it takes is a crowd of people to see one person drop a coin. Before you know it, people are lining up to help and the case will quickly fill up.

Would you pay a performer if you saw them open a guitar case full of money and leave it on the ground before they started playing? That's what someone who doesn't know how to play the guitar would do. Would that performer feel successful if they setup shop in the park, open their case full of money, and play to an empty field? Are they getting ahead if they are paying for their own imaginary success? If they truly believe they are, they're fucking crazy.

Something to Think About.

All images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
"How does something that is supposed represent value keep it's value when it's no longer valued?"
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© 2017 Two Insanity Productions.
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It is quite the mind opener, that's for sure. There are too many greedy and dishonest people. Some beggars make ya want to kick their teeth in for their dishonesty. A fellow coworker was at a grocery store, watched a guy, who was a regular at one of the freeway off ramps, take off his leg braces and get into a very nice luxury car. At first we all felt bad for him, as he held up a sign saying was a veteran and needed help. That situation alone got me to not pay attention, nor help any of them again.
Same goes with people posting. Supposed to have fun, and share your love of whatever floats your fancy. Not find some lame ass crap online and make it your own post, and expect mass people to vote for you, when you don't even deserve it. I love reading your posts @nonameslefttouse.

Greedy and dishonest people can walk away from the street corner, but here, every instance of it is recorded. It's not even worth attempting unless you enjoy a good bite on the ass.

Years ago I came across a man asking people for change so he could eat. I didn't think he was being honest with me, so I went into a Mcdonalds that was close by and bought him two cheeseburgers. He got angry with me. I was right. He wasn't hungry. Sitting there with food meant he could no longer use that excuse.

Lol, just maybe that was a wakeup call for him. As for on here, I'm glad that there are people who watch for those greedy enough to swindle. Other thing that is annoying is when someone will follow, and ask to be followed in return. I check their posts out first, and if all they do is resteem others, I ignore them. Especially if they have nothing at all in their blog. Even worse is when they ask you to upvote all their posts. How about putting in effort, geez.

Lol, my apologize for ranting on your post :-)

A genuine following leads to success. A statistical following leads to a big shiny number. 2500 followers, 10 votes, 2 views. How's that superficial strategy working out for ya! LOL. Rants are fun, don't worry about it.

I should reiterate my meaning, lol. I have resteemed posts too, but I at least comment on them. Following those who follow me, will benefit both in the long run, but if they are asking me or anyone else to upvote all their posts/comments then I tend to leave them in the dust. I want and hope, to succeed in Steemit, but I will never beg for upvotes, nor beg someone to follow me.

Oh, and can you please upvote my comment?
jk lol :-)

I did the same once. bought a guy a sandwich and he almost threw it back to me in aploplectic rage!

I lived on this planet for a quite some time. Most people are greedy, selfish bunch, if they don't see that there is "something for them" in the process they turn around and leave. But who cares! Be yourself! As far as I can see you are man with strong principles and that is more then good thing. I stop by read and look at your work because I like it, who cares for rewards, mine are crap anyway. Those who like your work will always check in, those that are here just for few coins well....

I care about the rewards. I'd be full of shit if I said I didn't. I also work for them though, and would prefer to earn them honestly. If people like my stuff, good, thanks for the rewards! If they don't, well, better luck next time! I'm not giving anyone a reason to ask me to leave, so I'll stay, carry on, do my thing.

That's a good question about the upvoting our posts thing. I've been wondering about it myself. I no longer upvote my comments because I'm trying to conserve voting power.
Hm, I think I'm more inclined to put money in a musician's case if it's empty because I feel bad for them, but that might just be me. But they have to be playing a song damn it, haha! An empty guitar case with no guitar is not getting any money from me.

I hope my life as an artist never gets shitty enough to the point where people only reward me because they feel sorry for me! LOL!

I'm seeing many at the top, including those who present themselves as good, honest people, upvoting their own posts. If that's socially acceptable, then nobody can shit on me for doing it. For now, I just want to see what happens if I don't. As you can see, this is the lowest payout I've seen in a long time, so far. That could change. At least I'm receiving a genuine response. Nobody came along to kiss my ass! LOL.

It's an odd coincidence that my dreemit's world post is also at twenty bucks and by far the lowest in a long time. Maybe everyone took the afternoon off.

I think your minnows post must have either inspired them to try it, hopefully that's the main reason, or intimidated them into leaving you alone. And I also think it's safe to say that you are not just playing a guitar, but playing a twelve string guitar in that analogy, so no one is giving you pity money .
Also I happen to know that some people are taking a break from voting today, merej99 being one of them

Some folks still got their usual post payouts, so maybe we just SUCK and they're trying really hard to send us a message! :) Who knows anymore... We all kinda helped build this place. Now that the walls are up, so many seem to be getting locked out. That's too bad. Not good for their investments either.

As for that post what was intended to help them... If I've intimidated the ass kisser types to leave me alone, good! I don't want to waste my time dealing with fakes. Can't call me a bad person for that. Life goes on.

Definitely can't call you a bad person for that, it was an excellent post with great advice.

Oh yeah! Howie was on the phone with his Uncle earlier and literally had just mentioned something to him about the aurora borealis when he clicked on the post with the links and saw what you did with the picture., he said Talk about Synchronicity, and that looks fucking awesome"

I'm an uncertified psychic, remember? I predicted a tsunami. Scroll down through my posts. My highest paid post was predicted. That's not synchronicity, that's skill.

Ah, the tip jar! Yes, yes, throw a few coin and greenbacks into the jar and hope some asshole doesn't run off with it. I've been contemplating the practice of giving my post an upvote. I've done it from day one and will probably continue the practice. I draw the line at upvoting my own comments though. That, to me, is bad form.

I've voted my posts up in the past as well. I've just been experimenting. I don't mind making sacrifices to help put my mind at ease. I don't want to feel like a shady beggar. If people still support my work without a pile of money beside it at the start, then I know they aren't voting just because of the money and the problem is solved, experiment over.

As for comments, I'd sooner save some voting power to upvote comments coming my way here, on this blog. It's my fancy way of maximizing curation rewards for everyone who participates, a bonus. I find most people do not return the vote, but I don't take it personally, they probably just forgot. I've been voting up comments since well before my vote even meant the one who left the comment got paid. No point in changing my habits now.

Full self upvoting comments and never giving anything to anyone with a vote is straight up abuse. Luckily, on a blockchain, that behavior is similar to writing, "I'm a fraud," on your forehead and going out in public. Thanks for making it obvious! I guess you don't need my help! You're on your own then! Have a nice day! Enjoy it!

Exactly! I admit that I don't upvote comments regularly. I will if it's well thought out. It also helps me find engaged people to follow. Nice Post doesn't cut it and I'd love to respond with "Your comment SUCKS" but diplomacy usually wins out. :P

If only certain forms of honesty weren't considered rude... What a great world that would be!

Seriously i don't care. I'm having fun. Chatting here and checking my friends blogs helps a lot when you spend a lot of time trading.
But being upvoted for comment feels better lol.

When those working behind the scenes in the crypto world start scamming, you care. :)

nah i'm fine, world around is perfect. :d

Well that's a very interesting and creative point of view. Some people can live in their own imagination, in their own mind. Never really knew about these little mind games that street performers do.

Things are not always as they seem on the surface.

That is true.

I like what you stand for, and I agree, if you put out good content people will reward you for it. Good luck to you and in your future. @jbcoin

In a perfect world, the good stuff would be rewarded fairly every time.

very interesting !! great job keep your hard work ! :)

In a weird way it is exactly like a bleeding ninja turtle

I'm not sure when but within the last week I unchecked the upvote post box and haven't been using it for my posts. The only time I will upvote a comment of my own is when I want it to come to the top of the comments.

Like when I've been posting this on the shitty pseudo intellectual metaphysical drug induced crap that @craig-rant (not his real name) keeps posting.

I always ad some "word art" to go along with it.

I'll save the upvotes for people who deserve it.

Like you.

I missed this comment. It happens.

After experimenting, I've been kicking myself in the ass for not voting, because I seem to get more attention when there is a bit of money on display. The analogy of depending on a good performance then kicks in and I feel this approach is honest.

That's why you slide that "integrity" tag in there. ;-)

Good stuff, I'll just add that, in Steemit, it's better to vote on a good post that hasn't made much money yet, because you'll get a better curation award. If I see a post overflowing with money, I'll often pass it up and look for that hidden gem. So I'm looking for that musician with only a few dollars in the case.

I do this too now. They say "vote for what you think brings value," and often people make the mistake of seeing existing value and adding a vote, which turns out to be a waste. I actually spoke about this in the post before this one.