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I have a confession: I’m a little disappointed in myself because I remember having a really good idea about 8 months ago for what I was going to post this year on vday.

But, I accidentally deleted all of my notes a few months ago and have no clue what I wrote down.

So today is more like a funeral to me than a celebration of love.

It’s a funeral of the awesomeness that this post could have been.

A funeral of a probably good idea that has officially gone to the grave.

Another confession: I don’t usually celebrate Vday anyway, unless it’s a bowl full of maraschino cherries. Which is too many cherries, by the way. You get sick of eating those things about 3 cherries in and then you don’t know what to do with the rest of the bowl.

Which is why I stopped celebrating all together.

How are you spending your valentines day?

I’m actually spending mine on an airplane.

I hope the flight attendants are extra loving!

I know I’ll have to remember to be extra kind to everyone I meet today.

Hope you all have a great day!


You can be kind
But Germans are:

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it is a myth Germans dont have humor :D

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That kind of things happen, don't be sad about it, maybe you will remember your ideas again and use it next year :)