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We are, YOU and I, born with ALL of the knowledge necessary to function as a happy and joyful human being.
We lack no knowledge of being human. Whereas in the "animal kingdom" folks may refer to such as instinct, I say, YES!, that's exactly it. You see, we humans are creatures of Nature the same as any other, and all necessary survival knowledge is inscribed in our DNA.
Of course, we must move beyond the idea that we homo sapiens are superior, or better than, or in-charge-of all of the other creatures and fauna of Nature. We are not. We are the same<<<<<<<<<<<Realize this; embrace it and your life can change for the better!
This writer agrees that we are NOT born with the knowledge of school subjects nor societal rules and dictates. Those things are not natural to earth-nature-existence and so must need be learned if required or one is disposed to engage in such schooling. It IS a choice, though of course, we are taught very early on that it is required.
So peoples, that's pretty much gonna be the gist of posts here: just hacking life and mostly the ideas that we're indoctrinated in which in many - if not most - cases are false.
Happy reading!
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