GETTING REBIRTH: Perspective about LIFE CHANGED after facing a NEAR-DEATH Experience

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Hi, @nirmal here back again.

First of all, this is my third post in Steemit Platform, and its about a serious matter of discussion. If you don't like reading serious stuffs you can quit RIGHT NOW.

Secondly, this isn't about me. It is about one of my friends, whose identity I cannot directly mention here due to Steemit Permanent Publishing Reasons (The Blockchain Remembers and keeps record of everything, Right?). So, the things I am going to mention is actually perceived by him. But, I am going to write it and express in my own words.

So, Here I begin...

It is an irony that some people keeps talking about Life, when they haven't met with the monstrous call of Death even once; and some people lose all hopes and keeps talking about Death, when they are already living in this world.

Isn't a life valuable?

We keep on saying about Life and Death when we haven't met with Death, even close to it. Recently one of my friend Prakash (name changed) met with an accident that CHANGED HIS PERSPECTIVE ABOUT LIFE, ONCE AND FOREVER.

It was pretty close, and, he had to suffer from it badly, and finally, he recovered after almost two months. Right now, he is doing fine.

What Happened?

4th April 2017. Prakash (name changed), 18, was going to school with his uncle in their motorbike. His uncle was driving. Suddenly, a truck jumped into the road from the side (perpendicular to the road), and occupied 3/4th of the road. It was so sudden that the collision was instant, without giving them much chance to move aside.

The bike skidded for maybe 50 meters. The last thing he remembered was him shouting 'Uncle' and he blacked out.

For once, sometime after, he gained sense. He could not move any part of his body (He could not even feel whether all parts were safe). But, somehow, he managed to open his eyes for once. He saw the truck, nearby, standing. He felt as he was being rushed to hospital. And somewhere in the middle, he lost senses again.

He suffered deep injuries in Hands, Legs, and Head. After the treatment, he was at bed rest for a month straight. It took him another month to walk properly, and recover fully. His uncle also recovered.

Now, after all this, he finally got to learn a lot about LIFE AND DEATH. In fact, his entire perspective about the life changed completely. Below is what I got to learn from him.

The Changes Perspective about Life:

Like I said, the incident is of Prakash and not my own, so I can't use 'FIRST PERSON' to write it, hence, I am using the 'SECOND PERSON' format to write them.

Value the Things You have got in your Life:

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Always value the things you got in your life. Its a miracle that you got birth like a Normal Human Being. Many don't get that. Many gets born with several physical and mental difficulties. Be glad that you don't have to suffer right from your birth.

The Normal Non-Handicapped Body of Yours is the Perfect Gift of God to You. Do not underestimate that.

Don't Complain about Anything:

Well, we keep on blaming about our fate, about the things we could not achieve in life, about the good things we could not get, about the things that went wrong, about the things that we did not like, and about our pains and sufferings in life.

But we never thank the almighty for blessing us with a life and a physically active human body that we have got.

It is your life. Everyone has their own. Deal with it.

If you are going through this article RIGHT NOW, then, yes, you have got healthy eyes, you can see. If you are able to browse to this Steemit page, you have got hands. If you can type a new post on Steemit, you have got fingers. And most importantly, if you are able to interpret what I am writing here, then you have got a healthy brain inside your skull.

And, even after getting the complete share of humanly features like everybody else, are we using it to its fullest extent?

Knowing your true VALUE in others' life:

There's a saying, 'A friend in need is a friend indeed'. The friends who support you during the hard times are your real companions.

You get to know who are your real friends only in the dark. Something as close as your shadow in your daylight can also leave you into the darkness.

You know, when you are recovering from an accident and you need some help, and you ask for it. You actually get to know who is supportive. You get to understand your 'VALUE' in others' life.

Feeling the 'REAL, PHYSICAL PAIN' in life:

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This is the deepest part. We human beings have this bad habit of exaggerating something we don't even have a true sense of.

One such 'hyped' thing is PAIN.

You only get to feel the REAL PHYSICAL PAIN in life after meeting with an accident.

You get to understand why you can't do some of the things other people does easily. You finally come to know why the things change so much that they are not 'FIT' anymore.

You understand that you cannot run to cross the road and get to the bus. You cannot skip 2-3 stairs which you used to do easily.

And you also get to know why your Parents and Grandparents take so late in climbing stairs, and why your Grandparents avoid getting up to the third floor. You understand why simply getting up or sitting down takes so much time and feels so painful.

Use It or Lose It:

If you have got all bodily assets, then the time is NOW. Take action. Use it now in doing something or you will lose it afterwards.

If you still wait for a miracle to happen, then you can't achieve anything in your life. The miracle which had to happen, has already happened. You are fit and healthy. That's the miracle.

Now the rest is up to you.

When you get aged, you will regret about it, if you don't take any action.

Never be Suicidal:

[Source: Allcupation]

Whatever may be the reason of your sufferings, suicide isn't a solution to that. It does not solve your problem in any way.

Losing someone will hamper your entire family. Ending your suffering, you will be going to ignite sufferings of more people.

So don't back off! Face it instead.

Only when you experience a real accident, you get to know the value of 'LIFE'.

Last Words:

So that's all I have got to learn from Prakash. It actually gave me goosebumps. And it got me deeply motivated. I could not help expressing it here with you friends.

In all my posts, I try to provide a 'value' to the reader. If you feel even 1% motivated by reading this, its my pleasure. I am successful at what I aimed to do.


Thank you for all your support guys in my Introductory Post, where I shared my 5 Years Internet Struggle from Not Having a Mobile / PC, to becoming a Tech Blogger Today. You can read it here if you had missed it.

My second post was about Protecting your Internet Privacy, as you don't know about these 3 Web Spies that tracks your Internet Behavior, no matter how much you hide it.

That's all for now. I have exams incoming from next week. So, I may not be able to post new articles for some time, but I will surely check out your posts and interact with you whenever I get time, I promise that. :)

Stay Blessed! Enjoy your Life! Peace.

[Source: Addiced2Success. Yes that's the attitude we should have about life!]


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Really great post full with life lessons!
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Best of luck in your exams! Thank you for writing this article. I almost died 10 years ago so understand completely. I am grandmother to many Steemers so I just want to say that these life lessons in nirmal's post do not go away with age. Old people can benefit from lifelong maximizing of opportunities to help others whenever possible, also learn new things and master new skills. Value your life no matter what your age!

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True that, as i read on i ching.

Facing death brings us back to the life.

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You are so right about that! I was also in an accident a few days ago. Thankfully it was not so serious but it was enough to make me think about these concepts. The important thing is not to expect anything from the future. The future hasn't happened yet and we don't know if will be here tomorrow. The important thing is to value what we have today. Things we take for granted.

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