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RE: An Artistic Breakdown: Strangled

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Steem is probably the last crypto bastion for me as well, if this place folds then I'll be more than "a tad disappointed" that a great concept can be so savagely twisted. Was hoping to bring a load of music producers over and have been gearing up for some time.

It's difficult to say "yea it's great, you have a chance to connect with a new audience, develop your own monetisable blog and website here"... Then they saw bid bots, no interaction, steem centric posts... To name a few things. Then the "T" word and now, they won't touch it with a barge pole...

But I'll still stick it out because, despite all that crap, there's never a dull moment (not that I've seen anyway).


I received a comment one day, long ago. An artist with all kinds of ties to established platforms. They said I should go over there, I'd be a hit. I told them no, you should go show those people what I'm doing here. The response was, OMG! You're right!

I'm paraphrasing a bit but it's on the goddamn chain somewhere. That was back when this place was rocking, shortly before some folks thought it would be wise to start selling votes. I'll stop that thought there though, because I become triggered, and that problem is gone anyway.

The true potential was pissed away. The true potential is still there. Maybe.

The potential is still there but we need to get through this storm and then hopefully people will start to realise that if enough voters come together, it can make a difference. Having said that, stake still talks unfortunately and even us at 30k SP, we aren't exactly "big fry".

I seem to remember a while ago that there was a dolphin council? Or did I just make that up?

Even if there was a dolphin council, I most likely wouldn't be involved.