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I haven't had much of a chance to update recently because things have been full on at work. Now that I've got a few minutes to breathe, here's the latest:

Work has been incredible. I've been there three months as of June 4th, and now sit just over half-way to hitting my six month probationary marker. What does that mean for me? It means the job becomes permanent, which is the final thing standing between me and finally losing this Sword of Damocles hanging over my head.

On the 16th of May, I was granted a promotion - basically an induction into an internal program where they show us the ropes for varying sides of management, and if we perform well then we're able to apply for a promotion in a field we want to go into. That's where things have picked up and I've been flying by the seat of my pants - having to run around all day supporting a new team of 70+ people as their go-to for help, as well as issuing non-behavioural coaching and doing fetch quests for the managers.

This week coming, I'm getting my toes dipped in the waters of quality assessments, so will be adding that to my repetoir of skills, along with my existing running around and supporting newbies (adding another 70+ not-this-Monday-but-Monday-after), and then another 50+ a few weeks after that. I also have to still do phone work as needed, but I don't mind that.

I also got a pay rise earlier this month. It's not a lot, and it's only because the government finally ended a 5 year pay freeze, but it's something.

In other good news, I have hot water in my shower again. It was previously leaking dramatically, causing all manner of issues (running water noises pissed off the neighbours, and constant steam caused condensation and mould in my bathroom), but with it now repaired, I can finally have hot showers again - amazing how much it has improved my demeanour with one small change!

I haven't been able to crack any of my other goals, such as cleaning my house or getting my debts paid, because my days are so long and mentally exhausting that I can't be bothered doing anything strenuous, and what I earn is basically just enough to cover my mortgage and most of my living expenses - so I'm hoping, come September, that the bank will be kind enough to let me remortgage my house and get a loan on top of it all, so I can get it all paid out at once and finally get myself 100% back on track.

Let's see if the debt collectors will be willing to wait that long.

Well, that's about it on the update front. For all local Steemians, don't forget that we'll be catching up at The Jade on Thursday 28th, from 6pm onwards. I'll be in the city at about 5pm as I finish work at 4:30 and will be there then.

Map below!

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Really glad it's all going well for you, mate.
Lots to discuss this Thursday. It's going to be great. I believe o07 is planning on getting there early, so maybe hang around inside to discourage other punters from filling the place.

I might pop in early depending on what's going on.

I’m aiming for 5pm :)

Sometimes we have to be grateful for small victories. Wouldn't remortgaging your home mean an increase in repayments?

It would, but it would convert my bad debt into good debt.

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I missed this. Good to see some good news flossing in for you. Hope you managed to get rid of that mould in the bathroom now your shower's fixed. You can do without getting sick!

Hope you get back on track with the debts. I hate them and want to get our mortgage debt out of the way. These days I'm not sure even mortgages can be considered a good debt.