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RE: JIHAD | A Journey Towards Nirvana | Episode 5

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Stupendous, @honeychum . Beautifully written. You have an awesome talent of painting pictures with your words, without wasting time on irrelevant descriptions. This is truly a talent. I like the way you keep the pace crisp and yet create an amazing painting of the world you are writing about.
I love the way you have created two very stark atmospheres and juxtaposed them. The poverty, depravity, crime and disillusionment of a region ripped by war and riots is so real. And the affluence and comfort of capitalism is also so accurate.

I like to read a story that pulls me in. The balance and interaction between the plot and the physical sketch is of great value to a story. You strike a great balance , @honeychum.
And your knowledge of urdu is superb. I hail from Lucknow (my place of education/ second home) . I grew up with Urdu all around. 🙂

Great Episode...


Thanks for your alluring words. Your comments are mesmerising. I love Urdu and I try to learn and practice it whenever I get chance. Lucknow is one of my favourite cities and I am lucky to have stayed there for four months. First Dehradun then Delhi and now Lucknow. Three common cities in between! What a coincidence😊😊😊

yeah ! that is truly a sweet coincidence😊😊...

I too love Urdu. Ghalib is a favourite with me.
( चिपक रहा है बदन पर लहू से पैराहन ....
हमारी जेब को अब हाजत-ए-रफू क्या है .... )

And it is great to know that you spent time in Lucknow. Lucknow is a city of memories for me.

Which part of Lucknow did you visit ? If I may ask ! 😊

And you are most welcome, @honeychum . Your stories are a pleasure to read :)

I stayed in Gomti Nagar. I was working with IVRCL at that time. I had a fleet contract with them.
Nice Sher by Ghalib Par

हमारा शोक इ तबियत तो कुछ खुद कह देने की थी . वह शायर थे जो अमर हुए हम क़ाफ़िर हैं ज़बा होंगे?

I am trying to learn Urdu. I love the Nafasat of this language.

And that urdu couplet is beautiful :)

He he that was sponteneous... Thanks:)

😊😊😊. Spontaneous is the best ! 😊

yep, it is. welcome back :)

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