JIHAD | A Journey Towards Nirvana | Episode 5

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Episode 5

Through out day and even while sleeping this one word echoed in Shoaibs mind. All he was thinking about was Jihad. He realized that everyone has a motive and a reason on earth and Jihad is his reason.... JIHAD.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as we start our descent, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position. Make sure your seatbelt is securely fastened and all carry-on luggage is stowed underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins, Thank you. Shoaib opened his eyes. Finally, he was about to reach the land of Demons. He tried looking out of the window of the plane but could not see anything other than the clouds. He slept most of the time during his flight to America, thinking about all those whom he had lost or had left behind in Pakistan.

After the customs clearance, Shoaib came out of the airport and tried looking for Washim khan. Suddenly somebody patted on his shoulder as he turned around he saw a middle-aged man holding a board with his name on it. He was wearing jeans and looked quite moderate. Assalam Waley cum, walleye cum slam said Shoaib. my name is Washim and I was sent your picture, you will be staying with me at my house. Ohh yes I was told about that, yes let's go. both of them went in Washim's car. On the way Washim started praising Shoaib about the courage he had shown by taking this cause in his hand, Mashallah Jihad needs people like you. You are a very brave man. Shoaib did not say anything and he kept quiet.

Washim's house was in a very nice locality. He drove his car into the garage. He had a passage into the house from the garage. They both went in and Washim told him that his family is not in the town and they would be coming the next day.He showed a room to Shoaib upstairs and Washim asked him food but Shoaib just wanted to sleep so he said no and asked Washim about the arrangements required from him. Washim laughed and said that there would be no problem arranging everything and he had already taken care of the most of the required things and waived him good night. Washim, looked around the room,' it has everything,, back there in Kashmir when he would roam around the village and the small town he would see poverty, scarcity, people struggling for survival, struggle against winters, struggle for food, clothes,there would be terror in their eyes always as they were living under the command or it was there 100% loyalty towards religion. They were so poor but yet so satisfied yes they are satisfied with the very less what they have.

Rahim Chacha, when he would go out every week, he would go and see Rahim chacha. Rahim had a small tea stall in the small market. he likes seeing him because he would see honesty and love in his eyes for whoever came to his shop. he would serve tea and would crack jokes and also he would tell fairytales about the mountains. Listening to his stories and listenings to him while sipping tea had always been the best time for him, slowly he came very close to Rahim Chacha and he would treat him like his own son. He met his daughter 13 years old, Ada. she was very beautiful and sacred like quraan sharif. when she would smile it would occur like the whole quaint would stop to enjoy her smile, she was like an angel her teeth look like pearls and skin like silk. she loved Shoaib like her brother and he too would wait all week to go see her. Life had been very harsh with him but yet it has given him few things to carry on, carry on with a belief that he had been sent here on this planet to do something really good for Islaam for his religion. He then would remember the words of Gazi, "Khuda ne tumhe zameen par ek aham maqsad ke Liye bheja hai, or woh maqsad'e' aham hai Islaam ki bandigi. Aaj Islaam Mushkil mein hai. Ek Taraf Isaiah hamare mazhab ko tabah Karne par tuli hai or doosri taraf Yahudi. Ikk taraf yeh Kaafir hindu hamare mazhab ko zamindoz karne ka mansooba dil mein liye baitha hai. (Khuda has summoned you to this world on an important mission and the mission is to serve Islam. Islam is in danger today. On one side stands Christian and on the other side Jew. This Qafir Hindu too wants to sabotage our Islam.) Aaj Allah hamaari Taraf dekh Raha hai, Aaj Allah tumhari Taraf dekh Raha hai ki tum us maqsad e aham ko poora Karo jiske liye usne tumhe yahan bheja hai. (Today Allah is looking at you and at us all. This is the time when we complete the mission we were sent for.)

Tum log anath hue kyu ki allah ne jiss wajahat e khass ko mukkamal karne ke liye tumhe yahan bheja tha woh nahi chahta tha ki koi bhi rishta tumhe uss maqsad ko poora karne ke raaste mein aai. Tumhari zindagi , Tumhari moujudgi sirf allah ki ibbaadat mein , uski tizaarat mein or uske mansubo ki tameel karne ke ewaj mei hai. Islaam ko aaj tumhaara khoon chahiye , khoon khoon do apna , khoon. ( He turned you into Orphan and kept you away from all comforts, just because you were the chosen ones. He did not want you to become lazy or weak. Your life, your presence in this world should be for Allah and to complete his motives. Today Islam needs your blood. Give your blood to Islam. Jihad, Jihad, Jihad.


Stupendous, @honeychum . Beautifully written. You have an awesome talent of painting pictures with your words, without wasting time on irrelevant descriptions. This is truly a talent. I like the way you keep the pace crisp and yet create an amazing painting of the world you are writing about.
I love the way you have created two very stark atmospheres and juxtaposed them. The poverty, depravity, crime and disillusionment of a region ripped by war and riots is so real. And the affluence and comfort of capitalism is also so accurate.

I like to read a story that pulls me in. The balance and interaction between the plot and the physical sketch is of great value to a story. You strike a great balance , @honeychum.
And your knowledge of urdu is superb. I hail from Lucknow (my place of education/ second home) . I grew up with Urdu all around. 🙂

Great Episode...

Thanks for your alluring words. Your comments are mesmerising. I love Urdu and I try to learn and practice it whenever I get chance. Lucknow is one of my favourite cities and I am lucky to have stayed there for four months. First Dehradun then Delhi and now Lucknow. Three common cities in between! What a coincidence😊😊😊

yeah ! that is truly a sweet coincidence😊😊...

I too love Urdu. Ghalib is a favourite with me.
( चिपक रहा है बदन पर लहू से पैराहन ....
हमारी जेब को अब हाजत-ए-रफू क्या है .... )

And it is great to know that you spent time in Lucknow. Lucknow is a city of memories for me.

Which part of Lucknow did you visit ? If I may ask ! 😊

And you are most welcome, @honeychum . Your stories are a pleasure to read :)

I stayed in Gomti Nagar. I was working with IVRCL at that time. I had a fleet contract with them.
Nice Sher by Ghalib Par

हमारा शोक इ तबियत तो कुछ खुद कह देने की थी . वह शायर थे जो अमर हुए हम क़ाफ़िर हैं ज़बा होंगे?

I am trying to learn Urdu. I love the Nafasat of this language.

And that urdu couplet is beautiful :)

He he that was sponteneous... Thanks:)

😊😊😊. Spontaneous is the best ! 😊

yep, it is. welcome back :)

As usual, the story is getting more fierce and exciting. Looks like Shoaib is being brainwashed here. Will be waiting to read what happens next!

episode yg indah!
sesungguhnya jihad itu dapat dilakukan dg korban jiwa, dengan harta, dengan logika dan bila tidak mampu dg semua itu maka jihad dengan ikut berdoa

Great to see another bilingual Steemian!

Thanks for sharing this gripping story with us, it is the first time I come across it.

Namaste :)

Namaste @eric-boucher Thanks for your appreciation buddy.

Much awaited episode. I like your writing style simple yet effective. you know how to capture your readers interest from starting till end.
You better take care of your health also. Waiting For the next.

@shagungupta I am glad that you liked it and I will make it sure that the interval between episodes should not be this long.
I am feeling better than before. Thanks for showing concern. :)

So, finally the 5th episode has been posted since I was waiting for the next episode. I read this episode but tell me why they sent Shoaib to America? For what purpose? I didn't get this point :(

That's the story buddy. Please wait for the next episode:) and thanks for waiting. It got delayed as I fell sick. @ikrahch

Its sad to hear that. How are you feeling now?

A little better. Thanks for asking @ikrahch :)

The heading attracted my attention. Of course the word jihad. It's interestingly writen story and i now have to read other your stories. Much work is waiting hehe

Thanks for stopping by @fortunee I hope that you will like all of my stories. Fingers crossed. Waiting for the final results. :)


Judul itu menarik erhatian ku.tentu saja kata jihad cerita ini di tulis

Jihad berarti perjuangan dalam ceritaku. Perjuangan dengan dirimu sendiri. @saripudin

its a bit slow at start, but deepens and gets interesting with time

Islam is for peace

Thanks, @shahran Keep reading. I am sure you will like it more as it proceeds.

Jihad fi sabi lillah.... bersma @honeychum

ما يهم هو فقط التفسير الصحيح. هذه هي النقطة.

ما يهم هو فقط التفسير الصحيح. هذه هي النقطة.

The story is very magnificence. I enjoyed if I followed you from the first part. It is very interesting.
As for jihad, I see that man must strive for himself before he goes to true jihad.
The fear of the soul is more difficult. It is to follow your religion and shut your eyes and protect your tongue. You will do good, forbid evil, and many valuable things in life.
And jihad to go to Pakistan or to go to a country like Palestine free of children from death and torture. Or to Burma, who were tortured and killed.
Finally I thank you my dear brother @honeychum
I am always waiting for new from you

Thanks @walid.larbi you are correct in your opinion about Jihad. I feel honoured when someone like yourself comments in a positive way. That gives me encouragement to write. Thanks a lot.

Looks like Gazi had successfully brainwashed the innocent Shoaib there.those were some fierce words he just put into the mind of shoaib,perhaps Gazi is taking advantage of shoaib's misery.lets see will Shoaib be able to come out of barrier or not?

@iamanwaar Thanks buddy for showing interest in the story. I hope it will keep entertaining and enlightening everyone.

Your post is a pleasure to read.. Iwill do it again later today to savour the beauty of the way you describe the ideations and emotional spaces of the characters. Thank you for sharing your writing with us.

Thanks mate.:)

Hey, nice post.
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I am here just scrolling the page , but in one article i have got stuck. The story is very magnificence. I have enjoyed it

Thanks buddy

Interesting and curious story I wonder if this is the way it is taught in Islam, or there is another impulse to make Islam a violent religion a mistake.

@jamalgayoni Not only Islam but extremism is in all religions.

Islam is a totalitarian doctrine that binds military power and religious myth, unlike the other main world religions its the only one that was pioneered by a terrorist.

The acts of violence in Islam are unique because they were promoted and condoned by their own prophet, the history of Islam is the history of religion spreading through genocide waged by the sword.


Sorry to say brother but do not spread your virus here, at least on my post. How can you forget Hitler, Mussolini?

Don't be afraid to use the flag .. I did. This is classic hate speech right there. No need to even consider the flag in this case.

I could have flagged this comment but I wanted everyone to see and curse this person for the kind of approach he carries. @trumanity

Sure flag my post.. whahaha the censorship is insane here..

A bit difficult to learn the names, but I'm already understanding more each episode ...

Yes, it takes a little effort to remember names from other cultures. :)

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This is a very good post my friend, I loved it. Understanding jihad must be fully understood by all concerned to avoid going wrong between religious.

Thanks for supporting my story and Genre @jamiliafidan

You are welcome, Spirit continues to my friend :)

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