I'm Not Ragequitting...I'm Just Busy

in life •  8 months ago

With the price of steem hovering near a dollar, it's an easy thing for people to stop putting the work into steemit with the apparent value of the rewards so low. I know it's been almost a week since I've posted.

I wish I could say I'm intentionally avoiding steemit, and no longer care about creating content.

I wish I could say I was salty about the price of crypto in general, and all the invisible money I've lost over the past year has kept me away from the crypto-taint of steemit.

I wish I could say I'm independently wealthy through my own clever means, and no longer need the approval of upvotes on my content.

The facts are less dramatic. I'm just really busy right now. Lots of travel, lots of work-related stuff, and I'm about to head back to Florida from Wisconsin in just a couple days. I also just returned from a family reunion in North Dakota.

Unrelatedly, North Dakota is a big, empty, flat state of nothing in particular.

Since no steemit post is complete without a picture, here's a picture I took while traveling through North Dakota at night, when my eyes were starting to check out for the day and my mind had long since retired for the evening. I admit, you have to look really close to see there's nothing at all for miles around.

The beauty of North Dakota at night.

So. I'm not ragequitting. Yet.

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As a photographer, I can say, I have tried to capture that same scene many times, but here...?
You nailed it just right!

I bow to your superior talent and eye!


I know, right? I'm a professional night-photo taker guy, apparently.


I shall strive to be like the master

The beauty of North Dakota at night.
This is worse than all those friends who'd say, "Say hi to God from me while you're in Nebraska." Dude. The storm chasers, the starry night sky, the empty spaces that allow us to see the stars... my husband is from Nebraska, where "nothing happens but the weather," ha ha. And I'm from a state next door. And you'd be surprised what all is going down under that dark Dakota sky. It's worthy of the darkest @negativer fiction!


"Nothing going on," he said. the blind man who stepped on an endangered baby prairie snake in passing, then crushed a butterfly with no clue he'd done so, and who didn't smell the plum blossoms, and wouldn't appreciate the aroma of silage brewing even if he knew what silage was....

What, you didn't think to use the #photography tag, to attract attention to that beautiful shot? I love how you've shown the rich, dark colors of the foreground juxtaposed against the slightly darker shades of the backgound. That's pure art, @negativer.

Oh, and if you ragequit, I will come after you. So don't even think about it.


I know. I always thought photography was hard, but as it turns out it's quite easy :)

Good luck with your busy endeavours.

I haven't posted in ages. For no particular reason. It just so happened.
Haven't given up or "lost hope" as they say, either.



Same with me. I'm not avoiding posting, but sometimes...you just don't feel like it. I've not lost hope either. Not yet, anyway :)

LOL ... ironically, I am experiencing the same kind of business. Been doing some upvoting but no time to post:)


I was worried about you! For real. I was checking your account and saw no posts, and I had hoped nothing bad had happened. On steemit...how would you ever know what the real story is if someone just dropped off the face of the (steemit) earth?


LOL ... you could always google me. No I am fine ... I hope to get back to posting at least a haiku every day. I working on a novel and bound and determined to get it ready for querying:)

Ragequitting. Well that's a new one on me @negativer. I'm not ragequitting either although I must admit, at times, to feeling a tad bored with it all. 😂

You missed my 1000 Steem Power milestone but, sadly, did not miss my 60 reputation milestone. I am still trudging interminably slowly towards that one. i was planning on celebrating the two together but, alas, it was not to be.

Great summer though. Cracking weather in the UK. Lots of time on the beach. Brillsville! 😁

Hope the family reunion was fun, even if the environmen left a little to be desired. 😂


Sorry for missing the 1k milestone! I will try and note the 60 rep milestone :)

Congrats on the 1k! Hopefully we can all struggle through the intermittent boredom :)


You are forgiven @negativer. 😁

If only the boredom were intermittent. It feels a bit like concrete this morning. Slogging through the replies to comments. Actually I'm accidentally missing out a number of them but don't tell the self-appointed Steemit guardians. 😂

It's pouring with rain here. The first time for months. And I need to go into town. Fortunately it's not too windy so I will be able to take an umbrella.

La, la, la, la, la.

Losing the plot? Me? Nah!

Onwards and upwards. n😁

Great snapshots, both of this moment in your life and of N.D.

Thanks for a good chuckle, Neg... ;)

Safe travels on your way south...




Thanks! Just arrived in FL, and boy is it hot. Unexpected, I know!


Seriously? Florida in August, hot???

Shocking... ;)

I've only been on Steemit a few weeks so for newbies it's a little bit of a downer but I have found great content, met very interesting people and enjoy the social aspect of it so I'm gonna stick around awhile.

And that's a very dramatic photo! Lol


Ya, the most important part is to .. forget about the crypto/money aspect. And just enjoy it on its own merits, or for whatever merits you come up with :)


I agree. I live out in the country and to have this many resources at my fingertips is valuable!
Thank you for your suggestion.

Greeetings buddy! What really matters is the family reunion. No state is empty when people you love live there.


So true :) I did enjoy the family time.

Good time to buy Steem, I say.

Hmm... and drive around in the middle of nowhere. Hope you had a good trip :)


Thanks man. It's either a good time to buy steem...or a bad time. I wish I could time travel.


haha I hear you, buddy.

Lovely picture you got there, man! I can see everything so clearly now! LOL
I've been investing a little bit of fiat into steem lately, trying to take advantage of the low price. I don't think the price of steem was much different when I started in May of 2017, so I'm not worried about it.


I'm on the fence if I want to throw more fiat into steem. I've been burned a lot on other crypto lately, and not sure if I want to dig a deeper grave. I'll...keep thinking about it :)


Yeah, I can sure understand that!

Seems most people have lost hope in steem as well. Lets keep doing what we love doing and let the magic works.


It's wise advice. Let's not look too closely and just do what we do.