How I lived the word progress the last couple of days

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Hi all,

This is my little update on how I've been doing, what I've been facing and experiencing with living the word progress, which I defined and redefined in my post The trick to achieve something is to PROGRESS.


To recap my redefinition of ‘progress’ that I am walking this week:

Progress is making a step forward, getting a bit more done than the previous time - every time I do something, like daily, or hourly, or monthly, etc.. Be it in a project, a chore, a task, an undertaking or an application. It’s the process of building up or creating something BIT BY BIT. It is comparable to taking a single additional step towards getting something done, or creating something - be it in a project, a chore, task, undertaking or action. And it is done in every moment or opportunity I have during a day to get a bit more done, to add-to something in building up towards that moment of completed creation of whatever I am in the process of creating in me or my life.

Part One

It’s been an interesting experience since I started living this word at the beginning of the week. Monday and Tuesday I was working on some of my paintings and I was in both instances going into this rushed energy, this rushed state within me. Wanting to get the painting done right now. I was seeing the end result in my mind, so why isn’t that result yet here as the painting, I was reiterating in my mind to myself. Then, I reminded myself of what progress is and means; that creation doesn’t happen in an instant. That we don’t create something, be it a drawing, a painting, a program, a house, an infrastructure, money, etc. in one moment. Instead it takes time and such ‘creation’ or ‘finished creation’ is made up of small moments of working-on something. For a painting it can be daily adding just a few strokes or colors to it and over time you will have the finished product, the finished creation as the painting.

So, with that reminder, I took a breath and let go of that rushed energy in me of wanting the creation/end result done right now. Instead I added stroke by stroke, and color by color to the painting. Stopped after a couple hours and tended to other responsibilities where I applied the same principle of progress (getting a bit more done every time I work on something, accumulating the small here and there moments of everyday life until the creation / end result is built-up and here). The next day, I continued on the painting, living progress this way and got it done in the late afternoon.

So, it took me 2 days of working on it, adding more to it throughout the day whenever there was free time and an opportunity to do so, and then bit by bit it was completed on the second day. The creation was here after 2 days of working bit by bit on it, accumulating the small changes/moments of working on it until it was completed. The same I did with a mind construct, where throughout the days I would add 1-3 timelines, or identify the characters and patterns of 1 to a couple of timelines, then let it go and resume/do the same when the next timeslot/opportunity to work on it was here.

Part Two

Then also yesterday, wednesday, I realized that I can also live the word in a more directive/productive way: When I don’t feel like doing something, working on something in a day - let’s say I don’t feel like painting, drawing, working on a software project, or working on a mind construct, or opening up a point in writing and self-forgiveness or even a word redefinition, or even an corrective application - instead of ending up not doing it at all, I deploy the word progress here in the following way: I remind me that all I need to do here is make some progress, get some more than to the work/task/responsibility than yesterday/last time. So, then I’d decide to tend to the task, action or responsibility that I didn’t want to because I didn’t feel like it, etc. and I’d get at least some more work done on it. Adding more moments of creation to it. That way I make/made sure I keep the creation process moving and flowing instead of stopping or halting it by just not working on it even a little bit day by day.

So, that’s how I’ve been exploring, practicing, living and with that discovering much more about me in relation to the word progress these last 3 days since starting it.

Hope my little updates inspire you to check out the process of redefining and living words! :)

If you are interested in it; if it sparked your interest even a little bit, then you can learn more about the process of Redefining and Living Words and with that Redefining Yourself, Redefining who you are at:

For now I thank you!

Nebi :)

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