We Are Serious About Each Other

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If you can forgive that pun, I hope you enjoy these pictures of @nat5an and me. They are from one year ago just before a holiday Christmas party. Both of us have made significant strength, endurance and fitness gains since then. We have also leveled up our marriage by continuing not to take ourselves too seriously and grab fun by the horns and ride whenever we find it.





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After 36 years, just when we were beginning to loosen up, he decides to pass on and leave me behind. Close to three months now. It’s healing to remember good times like this.

Aww. I'm sorry. It's a hard road and I (@shawnamawna) am holding space for you.

You guys are adorable <3. It's so important to not take things too seriously, or we'd all lose our minds!


Agreed! You two are also adorable!

Gaww, well thank you :). On a "silly" note, we shared this photo on Facebook and one of our friends commented how funny it is that Donald Duck looks like he's trying to pick a fight with me here. I think I could take him ;P

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You guys are adorable. I love that you train together!

It really is a great addition to our marriage.