Honoring My Body's Limits

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Here's the story: I was truly excited to work out five days this week. I'd been looking forward to this morning's workout in particular because it would involve, for me, heavy squats. I love squatting heavy, but my shoulder kept me up most of the night because, whether I like it or not, my tendon is still healing.

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This is one of those very slow recoveries during which most of what I enjoy is off-limits. When I woke up to my shoulder hitching painfully, I cancelled my workout and worked on mobility instead. It was disappointing, but the right choice.

I won't be healing if I push too hard. This injury stemmed from trying to set a personal record the DAY AFTER being cleared to lift again. I'd been lifting light for six weeks. I lost my patience. Now I've been lifting light for four months. I should have listened to my body then. I'm paying for it now.

I'm grateful for this lesson. It's not one that I wanted. Still, it has helped me slow down and pay attention in ways I wasn't before. I am taking better care of myself, remembering to have days off, and progressing because of it.

How are you taking care of yourself?

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Wow...Goood )))

Yes! I see this daily as a CrossFit coach; athletes pushing past their body's signals to back off in pursuit of an arbitrary standard or goal. In fact, I've been guilty of this myself. I'm just learning how to take care of myself; but, right now, it involves to less wods, more walking, more yoga, diligent mobility exercises and daily meditation.

Mobility is everything for me. I was recently able to make many unexpected gains by spending an extra 20 minutes before and after each workout barbell mashing my thighs. I had no idea I was using my legs incorrectly, but I was, and that was contributing to nightly knee and shoulder pain. Once the muscles loosened, I was able to line up everything where is was supposed to be. I've been diligent with my arm because of scar tissue. I am at 95% wrist mobility in my injured arm which is FAR better than I expected. I have to keep plugging away at doing what feels like being lazy (even though mobility hurts) so I can challenge myself safely in the other ways I enjoy.

I know, it does feel so lazy, but it's so smart. Keep up the good, but painful, work of mobility and reap rewards in longevity.

As someone who has an injured hip - I feel your pain.

This is something that I struggle with - I currently work out 5 days a week but I definitely have to force myself to take those rest days. It's important to remember that rest is when your body repairs and rebuilds, so even rest is work.

I love this reframe of resting as work. It truly is helpful. Thank you!

I have learned to listen to my body too, while I am still relatively young; I can feel the difference how my body responds to certian foods, or lack of sleep. The days of All Nighters are over; LOL I am now lights out by 10pm! My husband wants to equate these changes I feel to recently having a baby, While yes that may be a factor, however, I think its because my body is reaching its mark in me ignoring her signals. Thank you for sharing your healing story with us.

Oh sheesh. All nighters. Now I just want to turn in early and am frustrated when the kids aren't in bed on time. On those rare weekends they are gone, I sleep in until 8AM. It feels decadent. :) I'm glad you are listening to your body.

If only I am not so lazy, getting in 10 sit ups a day is a feat....I have to try harder.

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