My Home search Saga finally ends

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I had been looking out for a change of residence, since last 2 months I started my work of a decent home search which would suit my needs and certain expectations and also fit into my budget. I feel anything that has got to do with our Home is the most taxing work, like a home renovation or a home search. Cause when it comes to a home there are so many emotions involved. It is something where you are going to be all the time so you want it in a manner that best suits you.

For me when we shifted to Muscat the current home was selected by my husband and we all know how much of patience Men have. He told me he visited a lot of places and finally selected this one. Then I asked him which all places did he visit, so he tells me 3 apartments in the same building 😃😃😃. I had nothing left to say...hahahaha.

This time I finally took it on me to do the search and thankfully we managed to get a very good Apartment which is 90% matching to my requirements. Let me tell you, I had a big checklist and my husband had almost given up. I must have seen close to around 20 Homes or may be more in all the different areas of the city before narrowing down on this one and I am quite happy with what I have finalized on. The moment I had entered in this place I felt very good vibes and it was like inviting me to be there. The place had very good energy. The budget was a little overboard but then the Home was so welcoming that we decided to just go with it.


What were my expectations?
The home we selected has a huge living room. I wanted that since we have many guest on and off at home. We have an end to end glass wall in the living room which gives a complete view of the city. There is a big balcony area, which I wanted it the most so that I can keep some plants in the balcony area and also when the weather is nice we can use it for socializing. All the bedrooms are spacious and very well ventilated facing the east direction. I always prefer a bedroom in the East direction so that the morning sun rays can brighten up the space. The building has a swimming pool and gym. My husband never goes to a gym but suddenly he has decided to visit the gym, I was wondering why but then I saw there were some pretty fitness instructors out there so no doubt he would want to....hehehe....In a way good for me, he needs to reduce. I do not drive so the other advantage I have here is a supermarket just down the building.
Overall the Building has a very good appearance and good vibes.

The things that did not go as per my expectations are; the kitchen is small and the other I always wanted a sea facing home but then that was completely going out of my budget and the ones that I saw with a Sea view, the other things were messed up.

This was the best combination I could get for what I wanted so I am happy and in all a very good deal for me.
2 Days back we shifted to our new place and I am getting such good feeling being in this new home, the setting of the home is almost done, just some final touches left which we plan to complete in the next 2 days and then our house is ready.

Thank you for visiting my blog

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You didn't want to buy a house?


My dear I am living in another country and it will be for few years so not a wise decision to buy a new house and invest. In my own country for sure I will only want my own home

I just wanna say congrates for your new home and you found your choice


Thank you very much @techxegama beautiful and creative,.. Nice one

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the characteristic of healthy home, and happy family who live complete all the needs for your family, always happy @nainaztengra,☺️

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Congratulations for this achievement! Certainly choosing the home should be a blessing. Worse is the effort. I hope I can have mine! Blessings


Thank you very much for your good wishes @mela88

Best of luck and congrats for your new home .

I hope that you find a new home @nainaztengra I myself is problematic about our house. Currently it goes down in flood when rain comes in l.


Thank you @cryptopie. I can understand your concern. Houses in low line areas always get impacted in rains. My childhood home had the same issues.

awesome blog sir..

It is very nice to know about your house and you have built a beautiful and gorgeous house and have bought it that I have been very happy to hear and I want to do it as well that I want to make a total base and house This means that the people who live in the house and the message is not the boundary wall, the happiness of all the people is often the same.


Plz chek my new post in my blog ...thanks

Congrats on your new home! Since you listened to your intuition and this place has almost everything you wanted, I am sure you will have many happy moments in it. Good for you that you did not let him choose again :D


Thank you dear Petra for your good wishes

Muscat is a really hot place :(
Thank God we have AC and Chillers now :)

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I'm so glad you found something that works. It's such a big decision! Glad you listened to yourself to find the right place. :)

Yes, when we want to shift into new home then that is an important movement and we have to take care of many aspects because as you said most of the time we stay at home so whatever aspects we hold for our house it should match for the peace.

And yes, sometimes it's difficult task because we have to search for many days or we have to visit many places which truly becomes an hectic schedule, and sometimes after striving hard, we don't get the result what we wanted.

Yes, when we tend to choose an house, then the aspect of view and scenery becomes an important aspect because everyday we can get an peaceful and breathtaking view to explore and we can start our day freshly.

And good to hear that you liked your new home and i want to wish you good luck. Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Oh yes Chiranjeev, it was a hectic affair, but I am so very glad for what I have concluded with that all efforts look worthwhile. Many thanx for your good wishes


Welcome. 🙂